Clocks and Watches – 17th August 2013

Lot Number Description Low Estimate (£) High Estimate (£)
11 Assorted clocks including a brass-cased timepiece, a walnut and gilt figural clock plus two others (4 items, 1 box) 20 30
38 Two brass-cased carriage clocks, one marked ‘Cresta’ together with a mahogany-cased mantel clock and two others (1 box) 30 50
125 Seven various torsion clocks (1 box) 30 50
138 Various torsion clocks together with four movements and a French clock reclamation kit (1 box) 30 40
162 A large assortment of clock and watch parts to include winding mechanisms, faces, casings, cuckoos etc (2 boxes) 30 40
184 Assorted dome-topped torsion clocks together with a brass-cased similar example (1 box) 30 40
234 A 20th century brass 40 day clock, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals and monogrammed C.B., raised on twin pedestals and housed under a glass dome 20 40
252 A French brass carriage timepiece, the enamel dial with Roman numerals, complete with key  50 70
256 A silver-plated American carriage clock, plate lacking, with column and scrolling designs, second hand and wind-up mechanism, raised on bracket feet  25 35
270 A Vienna regulator-style wall clock 20 40
276 A walnut-cased wall-hung clock, the enamelled dial painted with Roman numerals  30 40
292 A three train weight-driven chiming longcase clock with glazed front door 60 90
350 An oak-cased American bracket clock by Seth Thomas with picture insert, the enamel dial with Roman numerals, complete with key  20 30
371 A 1930s/1940s oak-cased grandmother clock by the Enfield Clock Company, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals, the case with applied lozenge and pie crust decoration 30 50
382 Two wooden-cased 1930s mantel clocks  15 25
399 A Victorian slate architectural mantel clock, the domed top with classical mask decoration above an enamel and gilt dial flanked by corintheum column supports and raised on a plinth base 20 30
405 A 19th century French eight-day hanging wall clock, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and pierced brass hands, signed George Bauch of Clancy, striking on a bell, housed in an ornate pressed brass case, with weights and pendulum, 39 cm H  30 40
574 Assorted longcase clock locks (1 box) 15 20
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