Collectables – 17th August 2013

Lot Number Description Low Estimate (£) High Estimate (£)
1 A collection of miniature spirits and liqueurs to include Glenlivet Whisky, Cointreau and ‘Spirit of Service’ 100 per cent proof, bottled exclusively for ARA Services (1 box) 10 20
10 An assortment of 20 Lledo cars, boxed, to include RNLI Lifeboat plus others (1 box) 20 30
14 A collection of tea related collectables to include ‘PG Tips’ chimp, Tetley mugs, boxed figures etc (2 boxes) 10 20
30 Miscellaneous items to include ‘OO’ gauge model railway, rolling stock and a collection of boxed Robertson golly figures (1 box) 20 30
39 Assorted stamp albums and postcards, both British and international (1 box) 20 30
40 A box of vintage binoculars, cameras, surveyor’s tape measures plus other items (1 box) 30 40
49 A collection of assorted cameras and other items to include a Coronet ‘Rapide’ bellows camera, a Crown box camera, two Halina 35mm cameras, a leather-cased pair of Elgee Cadet 8×25 binoculars, two boxed sets of glass stereoscope slides plus other optical equipment (1 box) 30 50
70 An early 20th century cast iron ‘Sprinkler Stop Valve’ information sign 30 50
73 An assortment of 20 Lledo cars, boxed, to include Harrods vehicles plus others (1 box) 20 30
77 A vintage ‘St Julien’ tobacco enamel advertising sign  130 150
83 A doll’s house formed from a wooden crate together with assorted dolls in national costume and items of furniture plus a similar crate housing two dolls in Indian costume 20 30
86 A vintage 1937 American number plate for New York together with a reproduction Bovril advertising sign (2 items) 20 30
87 A vintage ‘Magnet’ Biskall wholemeal food enamel advertising sign together with an enamel Bus Stop Fare Stage sign (2 items) 20 40
88 An early 20th century wooden advertising sign ‘Licensed to Sell Tobacco & Snuff’ possibly from a tavern 50 60
97 A ‘Craven A’ enamel advertising sign 30 50
100 Four graduated French red and white enamel lidded kitchen pots – ‘Farine’, ‘Chicoree’, ‘Cafe’ and ‘Sucre’ (1 box) 20 30
104 A vintage tin ‘Argosy’ magazine advertising sign 30 40
105 A vintage ‘Burgoynes Australian Wine’ enamel advertising sign 60 80
113 A pair of decorated wall plaques depicting Nelson and Napoleon  10 20
123 Three framed magazines, ‘The Passing Show’, all dated for 1933 30 50
208 A large collection of 20th century souvenir programmes to include concerts, musicals, theatre and ballet productions, sporting events including the Isle of Man TT Races and commemorative issues including Concorde and The Red Arrows, some signed, plus postcards and pictures (2 boxes) 15 25
231 A collection of seven assorted glass paperweights (1 box) 25 35
247 A Black Forest carved bear catching a salmon 20 30
259 An African Ashanti tribal fertility figurine 25 30
260 A 20th century ceramic Tom and Jerry money box by Metro Goldwyn Meyer 20 40
262 A copper book plate, a railway plaque and two printing plates 15 30
264 Three vintage Masonic sashes for The Independent Order of Rechabites Salford Unity, one belonging to the Past District Chief Ruler, the Past Chief Ruler and the Secretary 30 50
267 A mid-20th century leather-look hatbox fitted with brass lock and leather handles and mesh moth ball holder  10 20
269 An assortment of 20 Lledo cars, boxed, to include Co-Op Milk limited edition plus others (1 box) 20 30
272 A 1930s/1940s oak-cased banjo barometer, the silvered dial with Winter and Summer readings and Arabic numerals, with thermometer above  30 50
279 Two early 20th century wooden-bound Hessian steamer trunks, both with leather handles  15 25
286 Two Ashanti tribal cast metal masks  30 40
287 An assortment of 20 Lledo cars, boxed, to include Prince William, Oxo plus others (1 box) 20 30
291 A leather Gladstone bag together with a vintage leather suitcase (2 items) 20 40
294 A cased Kodascope film projector with accessories 20 30
295 Railway interest, a Presentation Certificate for Mr Leonard Sears by the London District South Eastern & Chatham Railway, June 1914, framed and glazed, together with a hand-signed and painted album to Mr L Sears from his friends and members of staff of all departments of the S.E.C.R. on his promotion to the position of Assistant Divisional Commercial Manager of the Southern Railway  40 50
304 A vintage Korting reel-to-reel tape recorder with spare reel together with a vintage Olympia ‘Splendid 33’ typewriter  20 40
314 A vintage spinning wheel  20 40
315 A vintage Tonbridge brick mould  40 60
321 A boxed Edwardian shock treatment machine by Schall & Sons 20 30
323 A boxed industrial thermometer and a boxed parallel rule  10 20
324 A Decca portable wind-up gramophone housed in a red case  30 50
327 A Columbia portable wind-up gramophone 20 40
331 An African rosewood figural carved walking cane 30 40
334 A vintage black Bakelite chrome dial telephone 50 60
335 An early 20th century wool-work panel depicting a sacrificial scene  15 20
336 A vintage ‘Scientific & Projections Ltd Boy’s Calorimeter No 89’ together with an oak-cased ‘Vi-Tan’ suntan machine 20 40
338 A large Allcock & Co chrome sea fishing reel, an Alvey sea fishing reel together with Penn & Mitchell sea fishing reels (4 items) 20 30
340 A collection of five vintage boat and sea fishing rods  15 25
341 A vintage stole, hat, bag and beads (1 box) 15 25
347 A 1960s conical-shaped fire extinguisher together with a vintage motorcycle helmet  20 30
353 A vintage ‘His Master’s Voice’ blue-cased gramophone complete with chrome record holder, winder and needles  50 70
359 A vintage ‘His Master’s Voice’ mahogany-cased gramophone 30 40
362 A mahogany cased artist’s workbox  20 30
387 A carved Ashanti head, an elephant and a mask (3 items) 15 25
389 An Oriental hardwood tea caddy carved with a dragon together with a similarly decorated tray (2 items) 20 30
403 A Prinz Astronomical telescope complete with accessories. Untested and sold as spares  30 50
415 A box containing an album of 15 UK pre-decimalisation (1970 and earlier) First Day Covers and European stamps as well as loose stamps and related items  10 20
416 Assorted mainly 20th century British coins and cased sets together with a stamp album  10 15
417 Assorted Victorian stamps from 1887 onwards, First Day covers and Post Office advertising items (1 box) 20 30
419 A large collection of Victorian and later stamps of the World to include a part filled ‘Strand’ stamp album, First Day Covers, letters etc 30 50
420 A part set of 19th century plain and stained ivory chess pieces 30 50
422 A collection of ivory and bone gaming pieces, picks and bobbins  30 50
423 A collection of mainly 20th century coins and bank notes including Australian, Syrian, Singapore, Srilanka, Columbia, Portugal and other currency (1 box) 20 30
424 A Paragon President Roosevelt ashtray  30 40
426 A cold painted bronze on a marble plinth of a man bowling 30 40
427 A Royal Doulton figure ‘The Cobbler’ HN1706 50 70
434 A 20th century Charles I reproduction seal, depicting a seated King Charles with sceptre and orb flanked by Royal Crests and statuary, housed in a glazed case, seal 14cm diameter 10 20
441 A collection of 19th century and later cards and games to include bone and ebony dominoes, a mahogany cased bone spelling alphabet, a miniature draught board and pieces, card games, plus other items  40 60
481 A box of assorted maps and Bygone Kent magazines  10 20
494 A vintage Singer sewing machine 10 20
503 A Courage Brewery wooden beer crate 15 20
516 A collection of assorted fishing rods and reels, a 5 metre roach pole together with a collection of vintage golf clubs 10 20
552 A vintage gramophone ‘The Windsor’ de luxe portable model together with a ‘Regentone BSR’ portable record player  30 40
553 A collection of vintage film projectors to include Pathescope, Matahari, Bronie 8 plus two others and a Kinay 8 editing machine  30 50
600 A Walker’s of Newcastle 9ft, three piece split cane fly rod, with sleeve, a Waterloo ‘Domino’ 9ft, three piece split cane fly rod, with sleeve, a Bernard and Son 9ft and 9ft 4ins, three piece split cane fly rod with alternative top sections, with sleeve, a Capella 7ft 6ins, two section split cane fishing rod, with sleeve and a 5ft 6ins, four section split cane fly rod (5 items) 50 60
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