Ceramics and Glass – 21st September 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
51 Assorted ceramics and glass to include a Staffordshire-style spaniel, a Munsterschutz bowl, boxed Royal Worcester dishes, a studio glass bowl indistinctly signed to base, dated ’80, hand-etched vases, Burleigh ware plus other items (3 boxes) 20 30
103 A Chinese famille rose porcelain brush pot (a/f), a quantity of Royal Adderley cornflower pattern teaware, Wedgwood items, blue wine glasses and other items (2 boxes) 20 30
130 A Royal Worcester ‘Bernina’ patterned part tea set including tea cups, saucers, cream jug, sugar bowl etc together with various clay-coloured artisan plates and dishes embossed with leaf design, glass candle holders, a silver-plated salt pig and scoop plus other items (2 boxes) 30 40
164 Assorted glass and ceramics to include a lead crystal flower basket, a Villeroy & Bosch collector’s plate, an Art Deco-style lamp and one other, untested and sold as spares, teapots, candleholders etc (3 boxes) 15 20
166 Assorted ceramics, a Chinese pierced and carved soapstone ornament, a large Victorian hand-painted opaque glass vase and other items including a modern Oriental blue and white pottery jardinere stand (3 boxes) 15 20
173 Assorted glass and ceramics to include a green glazed bowl stamped ‘Slaymaker & Co, Covent Garden, 1638E’ to base, goblets, Royal Doulton ‘Rustic England’ dish with Australian Registration mark to base plus other items (1 box) 20 30
175 A collection of assorted glass and ceramics collector’s bells etc together with a Wedgwood Noah’s Ark collection bone china toucan (1 box) 15 20
180 Assorted ceramics and glassware including a porcelain dressing table set, tea ware and other items (2 boxes) 10 20
188 Assorted ceramics and glassware to include a Sylvac Scottie dog, Cinque Ports Pottery cups and dishes, studio pottery jugs and vases, Poole, Coalport, Beswick ‘Beatrix Potter’ figurines, a pair of T.G Green pink vases, a Dartington Crystal vase plus other items (4 boxes) 30 40
190 Assorted glass and ceramics to include bowls and dishes, silver-plated bon-bon dishes with blue glass liners, Colclough tea cup and saucer, Myott, Ducal etc (1 box) 10 20
195 Assorted ceramics and glass to include casseroles, jugs, tumblers, vases etc including some studio pottery examples (2 boxes) 15 20
216 An oval cut-glass bowl, an opaque glass light shade and a brass light shade together with an Oriental tankard, leaf plates etc (7 items, 1 box) 30 40
479 Assorted ceramics and glass to include Franklin collector’s plates ‘Flowers of the Year’, a Poole Pottery vase, shot glasses, sundae dishes, a Franklin thimble collection, fruit bowls plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
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