Clocks, Barometers and Scientific Instruments – 19th October 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
402 A 19th century French white marble and spelter striking mantel clock surmounted with a figure of a young boy seated amongst rocks and flowers, the shaped base with enamel dial and Roman numerals, the dial marked ‘Raingo Fres A Paris’, 48 cmH x 40 cmW x 16 cmD 150 250
403 A 19th century wooden-bound brass four drawer telescope, with sliding lens covers, inscribed ‘Hayward, London, Day and Night’, approximately 92cm long when extended 80 120
404 A late 19th century brass-cased mantel clock by A.D.Mougin, with three-quarter galleried top over a hand-painted and enamel dial with Arabic numerals, decorated with 18th century huntsmen and dogs within trees, flanked by four corintheum column supports and raised on an acanthus moulded base and bracket feet, 32cmH 400 500
405 A Victorian mahogany-cased station clock with fusee movement, stamped R.H.L. & Co, the circular dial with Roman numerals and brass bezel 120 180
406 A Victorian walnut-cased regulator-style wall clock, the moulded cornice over a circular 17cm enamel and brass dial with Roman numerals and inner subsidiary dial flanked by ebonised turned pilasters, terminating in urn-shaped finial, 96cmH 100 150
407 A 19th century oak-cased mercury ‘Royal Polytechnic’ barometer by Joseph Davis & Co with 24cm circular register with various meteorological predictions indicated by brass pointers, above a glazed rectangular body section housing Centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometers, with Admiral Fitzroy’s special remarks above, 104cmH 300 500
408 A late 19th century French brass carriage timepiece, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and marked Thurlow, Paris, flanked by four fluted columns surmounted with turned finial and reeded handle, enclosed by five bevelled glass viewing panels and a blind fretwork frieze, complete with velvet-lined travelling case 16cmH 80 120
409 A mid-20th century brass carriage timepiece, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, enclosed by four bevelled glass viewing panels, 11cmH 60 100
410 A 19th century walnut-cased drop dial wall clock, the circular enamel dial with Roman numerals, powered by a single fusee movement, marked E.D.W. d Funnell, Brighton above a shaped glass aperture, flanked by carved scrolling supports, 50cmH x 36cm DIA 130 150
411 An Art Deco Walther & Sohne blue glass clock garniture, the painted dial with Roman numerals and pierced hands, flanked by two kneeling females, on an octagonal shaped base, together with a pair of octagonal flared rim conical vases on circular bases 30 50
412 An Edwardian oak-cased barometer, the foliate carved pediment above an enamel and brass mercury thermometer, flanked by octagonal tapering columns above a 12cm circular enamel register with brass pointer, 77cmH 50 70
413 A Victorian red marble and slate architectural mantel clock , the enamel and brass Greek key decorated dial with Roman numerals, with French movement, flanked by fluted columns above a stepped incised base with marble butterfly inlay, 36cm 80 120
414 An early 19th century walnut-cased stick barometer, the stepped pediment top with ivory register signed ‘Rose Ramsgate’ over a concealed mercury tube and ivory adjuster, 93cmH 300 500
415 An early 20th century Thornton Pickard ‘Special Ruby’ plate camera, lacking lens, with associated plates 20 30
416 A Victorian walnut-cased chiming bracket clock, the arched pediment above a circular enamel and brass dial with Roman numerals, marked J Prior, Hastings, with German movement, surrounded by applied embossed brass foliage, flanked by fluted pilasters above a carved panel and plinth base and block feet, 39cmH 150 200
417 A Victorian mahogany-cased chain-driven American shelf clock, the moulded cornice above a square enamel dial with Roman numerals and printed floral decoration, the movement stamped ‘Forestville M.F.G. Co, Bristol CT, USA’ and door transfer printed with lion mask and floral glass panel, flanked by turned pilasters above a frosted glass panel door and shaped supports, 82cmH 100 150
418 A 1930s Short & Mason oak-cased ‘Stormoguide’ barometer, the painted metal dial with rising/falling aperture, inscribed ‘F.W.Sturt, Scientific Optician, 30, The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells. Made by Short & Mason, Made in England, Copyright 1930’.  To verso an F W Sturt advertising label and handwritten note reading: ” Sturt William Frederick, The Pantiles, building demolished in 1938, shop was a Chemist shop used by Mr W Maddock & a Mr Atterton, then Maddock and Harrow, stood next to Cadena cafe and clock”, 60cmH x 61cmW x 7.5cmD 300 400
419 A 1930s/1940s oak iron-cased clocking in/out clock, the silvered dial with Roman numerals and brass hands, marked ‘British Time Recorder Co Ltd 149 Farringdon Road, London E.C.’ above a brass date aperture, 89cmH x 33.5cmW x 28cmD 100 120
420 A 1930s mahogany-cased eight day chiming wall clock, the silvered dial with Roman numerals over a bevelled glass pendulum aperture with applied acanthus decoration, 67cmH 60 100
421 A 19th century mahogany and boxwood strung banjo barometer, having broken swan neck pediment with urn finial over four silvered gauges, convex mirror and ivory re-adjuster, the brass bezel to central gauge inscribed ‘Fox Hunter’s Steeplechase, Aintree, 24 March 1934,  E.C.P. from A.F.F.N.’ and marked to balance gauge L. Caminada, Manchester, 96cmH 150 250
422 A 19th century walnut-cased chain-driven bracket clock, the silvered dial with Roman numerals, flanked by applied brass scrolling masks surmounted by a silvered boss marked Mark Leo Hudson, Cuckfield, 47cmH 60 80
423 A 19th century walnut eight day striking longcase clock, the hood with scrolling pediment with circular bezel flanked by motifs, the circular brass dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary dial engraved ‘James P Parker, Launceston’, the panel door trunk with canted sides and applied scrolling foliage and plinth base, 208cmH 400 600
424 A 19th century oak longcase 30-hour clock, the hood with moulded cornice and plain frieze, with pillared pin-hinged door revealing a brass dial with Roman numeral marked J. Hedge, Colchester engraved with stylized flowers and leaves, the walnut cross-banded and inlaid case raised on bracket feet,197cmH 300 400
425 A late 19th century circular walnut-cased chain-driven striking wall clock with 22cm enamelled dial with Roman numerals complete with bracket 100 150
426 A 19th century marble and slate architectural mantel clock, the brass and enamel dial with Roman numerals, flanked by shaped orange marble pilasters above a plinth base, 37cmH 80 120
427 An Edwardian inlaid walnut cased mantel clock, the dome top over a circular 13cm enamelled dial with Arabic numerals, raised on a plinth base and brass bun feet, lacking pendulum 80 120
428 A pair of early ‘Dollond of London’ black lacquered leather-bound binoculars and case 40 50
429 A 19th century Dolland of London ‘Day & Night’ four drawer wooden-bound brass marine telescope 40 60
430 A mid-20th century RAF A.M. Bubble Sextant Mark IXA, complete with case and accessories 80 100
431 A set of early 20th century brass apothecary scales by Beckers Son of Rotterdam, housed in a mahogany case with glazed sliding front panel above an adjusting knob and single drawer containing various weights and accessories 40 60
432 A Rej Beck compound achromatic microscope with lacquered brass lenses and fittings with brushed steel body, the wooden case with table of linear magnifying powers to interior 30 40
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