Collectables – 19th October 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
718 A late 19th century ring-turned fruitwood cosh/truncheon with central iron swivel, approximately 41cm long 60 80
719 A 19th century bamboo and leather riding crop, a Victorian cane and lead cosh together with a 20th century turned hardwood truncheon (3 items) 60 100
720 A late Victorian conche shell lamp, carved, depicting the Three Graces on clouds flanked by flowers and leaves, raised on three bronze dolphins, 28cmH 20 40
721 A 19th century ‘Davy’ type 6 miner’s lamp, 24cm high 30 50
722 An early 20th century two-piece blue enamel ‘News of the World’ advertising sign, 165cmW x 15cmH and 155cmW x 15cmH 80 120
723 An early 20th century white and blue enamel ‘Daily Telegraph’ advertising sign, 76cmW x 9cmH 40 60
724 An early 20th century white and blue enamel ‘Sunday Telegraph’ advertising sign, 76cmW x 9cmH 40 60
725 An early 20th century white and blue enamel ‘News of the World on Sale Here’ rectangular advertising sign, 76cmH x 30.5cmW 50 70
726 A pair of early 20th century black and white enamel ‘News of the World on Sale Here’ advertising signs plus one other, 51cmH x 30.5cmW 30 50
727 A Victorian tortoiseshell and mother of pearl desk stand fitted with two inkwells, stamp box and pen tray 250 300
728 A small black painted metal-cased electric magic lantern, 26cm high 10 20
729 A cased Meerschaum pipe together with another cased pipe with a silver collar 25 35
730 A mid-20th century ‘Our Colour Dyeing’ tin shop counter advertising sign, approximately 51cmH x 31cmW 25 45
731 A mid-20th century ‘Fresh Air, Fine Cleaning’ tin shop counter advertising sign, 51cmH x 31cmW 25 45
732 A metal double-sided ‘Cheshire County Council’ bus stop sign, 40cm X 33.5cm 30 50
733 A metal double-sided ‘Lyon’s Tea’ advertising sign, 30.5cm x 42cm 30 50
734 A late Victorian long burr walnut and amber stemmed pipe with silver ferrule, Birmingham 1896, maker’s mark B.B.B., inscribed with initials ‘L.B.’, 33.5cmL, cased 150 250
735 An Edwardian Ross of Manchester leather ‘Jack’ jug with silver collar, Sheffield 1906, 19cmH 60 80
736 An HMV Model 1121 valve radio, circa 1950 in a walnut case 40 60
737 An Ogden’s ‘St Julien Tobacco’ enamel wall sign, circa 1930s, with white lettering against a woodgrain-effect ground, 40.5cmH x 218cmW 100 120
738 An Ogden’s ‘St Bruno Flake’ enamel wall sign, circa 1920s/30s, with shaded yellow and red lettering against a navy blue ground, in original wooden frame, 37.5cmH x 129cmW 120 140
739 A 20th century Hessian hop pocket stamped ‘Shepherd Neame Ltd. East Kent, 1973, Ospringe’, 228cmH x 95cmW 20 30
740 A 20th century Hessian hop pocket stamped ‘L.U. Hubble & Son Ltd, East Kent, 1974, Harbledown’, 226cmH x 95cmW 20 30
741 A 20th century Hessian hop pocket stamped ‘L.U. Hubble & Son Ltd., East Kent, 1974, Harbledown G No. 67’, 22cmH x 95cmW 20 30
742 A large 20th century North African rimmed bowl, hand-painted with scrolling and geometric designs, divided by white metal filigree strapwork panels and rim, 39cmDia 30 50
743 A modern printed tin Michelin sign, 75cmH x 75cmW 40 60
744 A late 20th century gilt metal copy of ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’, mounted on an oval mahogany plinth, 13cmH 50 70
745 Ethnographic interest – a carved wooden Maringei headrest, Papua New Guinea, in the form of a wooden crocodile, 60cmL 80 100
746 Ethnographic interest – A Kamanabit village, Papua New Guinea ancestral carved wooden figure and another from the Munik Lakes, 25cm high 100 150
747 Ethonographic interest – A Kina shell necklace from the Gaigarobi village (Sawos people) in Papua New Guinea, 20cm wide 50 60
748 Ethnographic interest – A Cuscus teeth necklace, from Papua New Guinea, 60cm 30 40
749 Ethnographic interest – An Abelam people from Papua New Guinea ivory nose ornament, 17cm long 30 40
750 A late 19th/early 20th century oak-cased gramophone with a green and gilt painted scallop-shaped horn 40 60
751 A 1930s G.E.C. mottled brown Bakelite radio on chrome feet, approximately 45.5cmH x 37.5cmW x 22cmD  Untested and sold as spares 40 60
752 An early 20th century mahogany ‘Tyrela’ gramophone cased, the hinged oval top with boxwood inlay and moulded edge, the trunk with transfer urns and swags, over a pair of inlaid doors with brass drop handles and raised on slender tapering supports, approximately 77cmH x 44cmW x 51cmD 30 40
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