Militaria – 19th October 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
771 A shaped rectangular brass-bound leather case fitted with various buckles and straps, circa 1900, approximately 32cmH x 15cmW x 11cmD 40 60
772 Boer War interest, Prisoner of War walking stick, the tapering fruitwood haft finely carved ‘Gemaakt Door, Krygs Gevangene, St. Helena 1901, Joor General P.A. Cronje van O Johnsonsen, K.G.V.’ surmounted with a knop handle, 83cm long 500 600
773 A 1930s/1940s flying helmet by Ariakit in tan leather with chamois lining, size 7, complete with Gosport tube telecom headset and flying goggles 75 100
774 A mid-20th century grey painted brass gimble compass by ‘Sestrel’ stamped 5381 to base, housed in its original fitted wooden case, 13.5cmDia 50 70
775 Military interest, a pair of brass Trench Art candlesticks of Middle Eastern design, the base overlaid in white metal ‘Damascus 1st Oct 1918, 26cmH.  Emir Said, the Governor of Damascus surrendered the town on the above date to Major Arthur Olden and T.E.Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and the Arab Forces 40 60
776 A WWII American silk Propaganda flier printed with the American flag and bearing the words ‘Dear Friend, I am an Allied fighter, I did not want to come here to do any harm to you who are my friends.  I only want to do harm to the Japanese and chase them away from this country as quickly as possible.  If you assist me, my Government will sufficiently reward you when the Japanese are driven away’, repeated in 17 languages, to be dropped from the air, approximately 44cmL x 30cmW 10 20
777 Military interest, a pair of WWI trench art vases of pinched waisted form, with bands of flower heads and leaves between pinched, hammered bands, dated April 1917 and Feb 1908, approximately 23cmH 60 80
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