Objects of Vertu – 19th October 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
523 A set of six Ashanti silver-coloured metal cast models of tribal musicians, combined weight 4.17ozt, 129.9g 100 150
524 An Edwardian silver square section 8” ruler with retractable sealing wax and seal top end, London 1908, a silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knife, Sheffield 1913, a silver strainer (handle lacking), London 1904, and other items, weighable silver, 1.83ozt, 56.9g 100 200
525 A silver Baker’s Patent ‘Pathfinder’ place finder, the eight individually numbered pegs are held by gilded fingers, which open like a fan when the hinged case is opened, engraved with a crest of a lion with a sun and moon, London 1904, 5cm long 80 120
526 A tortoiseshell and silver gilt mounted cigarette case, Birmingham 1926, 8.25cm x 7.5cm 40 60
527 A silver propelling pencil of hexagonal form with agate set seal top, another propelling pencil, a silver athletic’s medal, Birmingham 1931, a miniature silver vanity mirror, Birmingham 1906, and a silver folding fruit knife, Sheffield 1903 (5 items) 50 80
528 A 19th century ivory tusk vase, carved in relief depicting elephants and tree between arched and circular bands,10cmH 50 100
529 A Victorian miniature silver chamber stick, London 1891, a miniature silver presentation cup and plinth, a small Edwardian silver and tortoiseshell mounted pin cushion, London 1908, a Victorian stamp box, Birmingham 1901, a mother of pearl salt with silver pedestal base, London 1908, a silver-topped jar and a silver book mark, Glasgow 1929, combined weight of weighable silver, 1.05ozt, 32.6g 150 200
530 A 19th century carved ivory cribbage board, decorated with roses, 20.5cm x 6.5cm 80 120
531 A 19th century carved ivory octagonal spinning dice, numbered 1-8, 10cmH 30 50
532 A silver gemstone set vesta case with hammered finish, intertwined engraved initials, with import mark, a small circular silver-mounted velvet pin-cushion, a silver cigarette case, a silver pocket fruit knife and sheath and a silver-cased pencil, weighable silver, 4.09ozt, 127.3g 40 60
533 A mother-of-pearl handled twin blade folding pocket knife and two others (3 items) 20 30
534 A Bakelite-handled triple blade Sheffield pocket knife 15 25
535 A hand-made 1920s brass-handled folding pocket knife 15 25
536 An early 20th century naively carved  ivory handle with later magnifying glass fitting 40 60
537 A 9 carat gold circular powder compact, Birmingham 1921, 32.7g gross, with engine turned decoration, on a yellow metal chain, 5.9g 250 280
538 An early 20th century ornate silver-plated pierced and chased nurse’s belt 10 15
539 An Edwardian rectangular silver and guillochè enamel pill box, Birmingham 1909 and two other small boxes 70 90
540 A silver propelling pen and pencil with hardstone set finial and chased decoration, a silver-handled butter knife, a silver-handled nail file, a small silver whistle and other items 80 120
541 An early 20th century gold propelling pencil by S. Mordan & Co., inscribed with initials ‘A.F.R.’, 8.5cm long, 15.2g gross (including pencil) 80 120
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