Pictures and Prints – 19th October 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
256 Circle of John Brett (1831 – 1902)  Coastal scene Oil on canvas  Signed lower right and dated 1879  29cm x 49cm  housed in gilt frame with gesso detail 150 200
257 20th Century British Cottages by a lake Oil on board  Unsigned  With another painting en verso of figures in a street  Also unsigned 19 cm x 29 cm Housed in gilt gesso frame 20 30
258 Elsie Hall  Still life of fruit  Oil on canvas  Signed lower left and dated 1905 33cm x 51cm  Housed in gilt frame with gesso detail 40 60
259 A 20th century  Abstract  Oil on board  Monogrammed to lower left DGJ 46cm x 67cm Housed in a pine frame 15 25
260 John and Charles Walker, 19th century hand-coloured map of Sussex from the ‘British Atlas’ published by Longman Hurst, Rees & Co, Paternoster Row, framed and glazed, 32cm x 40.5cm 20 30
261 David King Wilson ‘Drovers and Ghost Gums’ Acrylic on board Signed lower right and dated 1990 44cm x 34cm Label to verso 40 60
262 David King Wilson ‘The Seven Sisters’ Oil on board Signed lower right and dated 1990 55cms x 40cms Label to verso Framed 60 100
263 Donald Hamilton Fraser 1929-2009, RA Dancer adjusting her tu-tu Silk screen print Limited edition 166/295 Signed lower right 73cm x 48cm Framed and glazed 300 500
264 Reverend S Shaw ‘View of Elford from the south-east’ Watercolour Signed lower left and dated 1797 25cm x 40cm Framed and glazed 80 100
265 Felix Kelly 1914-1944 ‘Old Cater Ryder Building at 1 King William’s Street, London EC4’ Limited edition print Signed lower right 39.5cm x 51cm Framed and glazed 120 150
266 William Herbert Allen 1863-1943 Harvest scene at sunset Watercolour 24cm x 35cm Signed lower left and dated 1906 Unframed 50 100
267 20th Century British Country village with fields and hills to background Watercolour Indistinctly signed lower right 29cm x 26cm Framed and glazed 15 20
268 Donald Hamilton Frazer 1929-2009, RA ‘Dancer with Sash’, Silk-screen print Limited edition 143/225  Signed in pencil to lower right margin 63cm x 52cm Framed and glazed 150 250
269 After Frederick Walker 1840-1875 Young boy with a dead bird Signed to lower margin  Housed in a gilt frame 20 30
270 Antoine Bouvard (1870-1956, French) ‘The Gondola’  Oil on canvas Signed lower right 49cm x 63cm Framed 4000 6000
271 Legh Mulhall Kilpin 1853-1919 ‘Sorrell’ Unsigned 37cm x 54cm Framed 100 150
272 W H Barrow Huntsman and hounds at Battle Abbey Watercolour 18.5cm x 30cm Signed lower right Housed in a gilt frame 200 250
273 E M Booth Grey horse cantering Oil on canvas Signed lower right 66.5cm x 40cm Unframed 30 50
274 19th century Continental Figures by a lake with castle and hills to background Watercolour 12.5cm x 16cm 20 30
275 D Rivers  Fly fisherman Oil on canvas Signed lower left 30cm x 50cm Housed in ornate gilt frame 80 120
276 19th century Estuary scene with fishing boats, figures, horse and cart to shore and buildings to background Oil on panel Unsigned 21.5cm x 29.5cm Housed in a gilt frame 60 80
277 K Chong (Oriental) Junks with city and mountains to background Oil on canvas Signed 44.5cm x 60cm Housed in a silvered frame 15 25
278 Glynn Thomas (b.1946) ‘Byron’s Pool’ Limited edition print 50/100 Signed lower right 28cm x 20cm Housed in a gilt metal frame 40 60
279 Glynn Thomas (b.1946) ‘St. Just in Roseland’ Limited edition print 54/100 Signed lower right 18.5cm x 30cm Housed in a gilt wood frame 40 50
280 20th Century Jordanian Flowers in a bowl Oil on canvas Signed in Arabic to lower right 64cm x 53cm Unframed Art Gallery label to verso 20 30
281 David Da Costa (20th century Jordanian) Three musicians and instruments Screen print Limited edition 84/120 Signed lower right 45cm x 62cm Framed and glazed Gallery label to verso 30 40
282 Jabbar Salman (b1936, Iraqi) Nomads Oil on canvas Signed lower right and indistinctly dated 36cm x 33cm Framed 100 150
283 Jabbar Salman (b.1936, Iraqi) Nomads walking Oil on canvas Signed lower left and indistinctly dated 33.5cm x 42.5cm Framed 100 200
284 20th Century Continental Street scene with figures Oil on canvas Unsigned 30cm x 41cm Framed 15 25
285 Oscar Droege (1898-1982, German) ‘Oaks’ Original woodcut in colour Signed and dated lower margin in pencil 36cm x 24cm Framed 50 70
286 20th century British Country house with vintage car to foreground and tree-lined background Watercolour Unsigned Housed in an oak frame 15 20
287 C Beyer Still life of apples, grapes, pears and plums Oil on board Signed and dated lower right 1908 21.5cm x 28.5cm Housed in a gilt frame 50 80
288 19th century British Victorian lady in mourning dress with lace bonnet, holding a book Oil on canvas Unsigned 65cm x 51cm Housed in a gilt frame 80 120
289 A George I small hand-coloured map of Cornwall, ‘The Road from Exeter to Truro in Cornwall’, 18.5cm x 12cm, framed and glazed 25 35
290 ‘Tex’ Sketch of a gentleman Ink, pencil and crayon Signed Framed and glazed 25 35
291 Evelyn Chester (1875-1925) Still life Oil on board Housed in a gilt wood frame 40 50
292 A large 19th century linen-backed map of Ireland entitled: ‘Ireland, Civil and Ecclesiastical’ by the Rev. Daniel Augustus Beaufort L.L.D. Member of the Royal Irish Academy, London’, published by Js Wyld (successor to Mr Faden), cartographer to the Queen, Charing Cross East, 1838, 110cm x 92cm, mounted on a blind fitting 60 80
293 Y W Lau, Landscape of a man in a punt Oil on canvas Signed (Hong Kong Chinese) 39.5cm x 50cm 30 40
294 Figures in a mid-Eastern street scene Oil on canvas Signed 49cm x 24cm 40 50
295 Pat Tucker ATD (Bromley artist and teacher) A street in Chelsea, London with figures and a ‘Bally’ shoe shop Signed 21cm x 30cm 20 30
296 Brian Reall (photographer and member of The Admiralty Camera Club) ‘Harvesting’  Watercolour Signed and dated 1949  21cm x 32cm 20 30
297 * Lawrence  (20th century British) Sailing boats near shoreline Oil on canvas Signed lower right 29cm x 39cm Framed 30 40
298 Hermann Pikull (20th century, German) Three mast ship in full sail Oil on canvas Signed lower right and dated 1959 to verso 49cm x 59cm Framed and glazed 100 120
299 After Shiko Munakata (1903-1975, Japanese) Nude female with flowers Photographic lithograph 38cm x 28cm Framed and glazed 80 120
300 Frederick Landseer Griggs (1876-1938) ‘Newark’ Watercolour Signed lower left 22cm x 29cm 80 120
301 D Thorneycroft-Grinyer (20th century British) ‘Lismore Lighthouse’ Watercolour Signed lower right and dated 1975 30cm x 47cm Label to verso Framed and glazed 50 60
302 Douglas (20th century, British) Pair of seascapes Oil on canvas Each signed lower right and dated ’91 34cm x 45cm One with inscription to verso Framed 50 80
303 Margaret Theyre (1897-1977) ‘Pensive Tabby Cat’ Watercolour and gouache Unsigned 49cm x 38cm Framed and glazed Details to verso 100 120
304 Leslie Kent R.B.A. (1890-1980) ‘Hope’s Nose from near Teignmouth, Devon’ Oil on board Signed lower right 24cm x 34cm Details to verso Framed 200 250
305 Early 20th century Village scene with river, fishermen and bridge to background Watercolour Unsigned 17cm x 24.5cm Housed in an oak frame 10 20
306 E. Belda (20th century Continental) Waterside villa with boat and cliffs to background Oil on canvas 16.5cm x 21.5cm Unsigned Housed in a mahogany frame NB: Plaque bearing name E Belda 15 25
307 Hans Gabali (20th century American) Ships in full sail Three miniature oil on boards Each signed 18cm x 13cm 7.5cm x 10cm 7.5cm x 10cm Each with miniature easel 100 200
308 M Crouse Bodiam Castle Watercolour Signed lower left Framed and glazed NB: Title incorrectly written as Bodian 40 60
309 ‘The Exchange’ and ‘The Horse Guards’ Etchings Indistinctly signed lower right 20cm x 13cm and 18cm x 12cm Housed in gilt frames 10 20
310 R. Margetts ‘Boats at Medley’  Watercolour Signed lower right with label to verso 38cm x 55cm Housed in a white painted frame 20 30
311 M Oliver Rae, ‘Exeter College, Oxford’,  Etching, Signed,  14cm x 18.5cm Framed and glazed 10 15
312 Terry McKivragan, (20th Century British) ‘Henley Regatta’ Limited edition print 190/850 Signed, 16cm x 39cm Framed and glazed  together with D C Coull City street scene with figures Signed and dated 1960 22cm x 34cm Framed and glazed (2 items) 15 25
313 R. Styles ‘Tranquility, Sissinghurst ‘  Oil on board Signed lower right and inscribed to back of frame 40cm x 49.5cm 30 50
314 Monica Barry ‘Crummock Water’ Watercolour Signed lower right, titled and dated October to lower margin 37cm x 53cm 30 50
315 Early 20th century Still life oil of fruit, berries and grapes in and around a silver tazza Oil on canvas Monogrammed D.M.C. and dated 1908 to lower right 44cm x 29cm 40 60
316 Catherine Wiles Poppy fields with trees and cottage to background Watercolour Signed lower left  26cm x 37cm 40 60
317 C.B.Summers ‘Military Canal at Appledore ‘ Watercolour, Monogrammed lower left with artist label to verso 24cm x 34cm 50 60
318 A Lankin Still life of roses and vase Oil on canvas Signed lower right and housed in a gilt frame 24cm x 19cm 10 20
319 ‘Italia newly augmented by J Speede and are to bee sold in Pops-head aley by George Humble, 1626’, hand-coloured map, the border with vignettes orf Italian cities and Italian characters to the border, 39cm x 52cm, framed and glazed 600 700
320 20th century School master in full robes with classical building to distance Oil on canvas Housed in a gilt frame 40 60
321 20th century 18th century military officer in full uniform, Oil on canvas  Unsigned Housed in an ornate gilt frame 80 120
322 Boats in an estuary Pastel Indistinctly signed lower right 44cm x 62.5cm 20 30
323 H C Wilcock Two pictures, one depicting a thatched cottage with figures, the other a tree-lined lane with figures, Watercolours Both signed  lower right 15 25
324 An early 20th century Possibly Portsmouth harbour with sailing ships and buildings to background Engraving 20 30
325 Barratt ‘At Gruot Dracknstein’ Oil onboard Signed and dated 1959 to lower right  46cm x 78cm 80 120
326 20th century Galleon on rough seas Oil on canvas Indistinctly signed lower right Housed in a gilt frame 30 40
327 Barton Huntsmen around a table Oil on canvas Signed lower left  Housed in a gilt frame 50 60
328 Early 20th century Figure walking on a pathway with windmill to background Watercolour Unsigned 22cm x 28cm Housed in a gilt frame 10 20
329 Henry Matthew Brock (1875-1960) ‘Willows’  Watercolour Signed and dated October 1905 30 50
330 V. Lines ‘ The Oldest House in Kent, near Folkestone’ Oil on canvas Signed, titled and dated 1923 Framed 50 100
331 Sylvia P Gainsford (20th century, British) Pair of illustrations of a rabbit and a mouse Pencil and watercolour Each signed lower left 19cm x 11cm Framed and glazed NB: Sylvia Gainsford is a book and greeting’s card illustrator 80 100
332 Antonio Nappo (20th century Italian) Circular illustration of cherubs harvesting grapes Gouache Signed ‘Pompeii – A Nappo 13cm diameter Unframed 20 30
333 T.K.Green (Continental) Figure in courtyard Watercolour Signed lower left 35cm x 25cm Housed in a gilt frame 20 30
334 19th century British Epsom Races from Leaving Home, The Start and Retiring Home Newspaper plates One with newspaper stamp lower left, originally drawn by C.Guys and J. Gilbert and engraved by Orrin Smith & W.J.Linton, 37cm x 26cm 20 30
335 19th century British Hunting interest  ‘Coming In At The Death’ Hand-coloured engraving Published 8th April 1800, by H. Humphrey, No 27 St James’ Street, London 30 40
336 A. Jackson (19th century British) Two pictures depicting a pair of working horses in harness Oil on canvas Signed lower right 29cm x 40cm Housed in ornate gilt frames 50 100
337 Chickens and ducks  Oil on board 14cm x 18cm Housed in an ornate gilt frame 50 80
338 Gerard Geyomand ‘Paul Albert Monas at Work’  Oil on canvas  Details en verso 59cm x 49cm Housed in a gilt frame 80 120
339 Ernest Pierce ‘Across the Bay’ Dry paint etching Signed lower right 44.5cm x 29cm 20 30
340 19th century British Religious scene  Oval woolwork and painted silk panel 34cm x 42cm With eglemise mount and housed in a gilt frame 20 30
341 D Edmonds River running through countryside under cloudy skies, mountains to the background, trees and fence to the foreground Watercolour signed lower right and dated ’99 36cm x 51cm 15 20
342 Jane Honner ‘Hokula Farm’ Pencil and pen  21cm x 28.5cm Signed lower right and dated 1988 15 20
343 20th century ‘Sunset over Loch Linnhe, Scotland’ Watercolour Indistinctly signed lower right 23cm x 33cm Housed in a mahogany gilt frame 15 20
344 D Edmonds River scene with trees and mountains to background watercolour Signed lower left 26cm x 36.5cm Housed in a painted pine frame, 15 20
345 Wolfgang Tumpel (German designer) Kunstgewebe museum poster Dated 22 September 1978-7th January 1979 82cm x 58cm 40 60
346 Georg Baselitz (German artist) Stadt Museum poster Dated 25 June – 8 August 1976 82cm x 58cm 40 60
347 A 1978 ‘Sahara’ German film poster 82cm x 58cm 40 60
348 Shaw ‘Pandora’s Box’ Oil on canvas Signed with inscription to verso and dated 1984-86 71cm x 71cm Unframed 30 50
349 Tsutaya Ryuko (1889-1933, Japanese) A Japanese male with tea bowl Gouache Signed lower right 48cm x 32cm 400 500
350 Robert Taylor ‘Spitfire’ signed Douglas Bader and Johnny Johnson First edition print 100 120
351 Robert Taylor ‘Hurricane’, signed Bob Stanford-Tuck First edition print, 80 100
352 Alfred Seifert (1850-1901) A 19th century crystoleum of a young female with floral garland in hair Signed and dated ’97 25cm x 20cm Housed in a gilt frame 120 150
353 Louis Van Staaten (Dutch 1836-1909) Dutch canal scene with barge, and church and windmill to  background Watercolour Signed lower left 65cm x 30cm Housed in an ornate gilt frame 300 400
354 Early 20th century (English school) ‘The Piping Shepherd’ Oil on canvas Unsigned 30 50
355 John Falconer Slater (British,1857-1937) Landscape with cottage to background  Oil on canvas Signed lower left 77cm x 46cm Unframed 300 500
356 Beryl Antonia Yeoman (Australian, 1907-1970) Pen and ink cartoon Captioned ‘ It’s all happened since Callaghan raised the income tax and the retirement pensions’ Signed lower left Housed in an ebonised framed  NB: She was a prolific cartoonist for ‘Punch’ magazine known as ‘Anton’ 100 150
357 Philton Latortue (b.1944, Haitian) A fantasy painting of lions at their wedding breakfast table Acrylic on board Signed 34cm x 44cm 200 250
358 Michael Valestin (b.1962, Haitian) A study of a hen Acrylic on canvas Signed 39.5cm x 49.5cm 200 250
359 Jacques Valmidor (b1955, Haitian) Figures, animals and mythical creatures in a lush landscape, Acrylic on canvas 61cm x 51cm 150 200
360 Jacques Valmidor (b1955, Haitian) Townsfolk with houses and river in distance Acrylic on canvas Signed 51cm x 61cm 150 200
361 After John Sell Cotman (1782-1842) ‘Howden Church’ Original etching from the Bohn Edition 1838 published Norwich Feb 5, 1811 Framed, glazed and mounted 30 40
362 Gillian Tapsell ‘Cranbrook Railway Station’ Oil on canvas Signed 80 120
363 S Message (20th century, British) Plover Watercolour Signed and dated ’01 100 200
364 A Y Gross (20th century) ‘Vignes’ Limited edition etching 3/4 Signed and titled lower margin 26cm x 34cm Framed and glazed 20 30
365 Hamish Fletcher ‘Segovia’ Watercolour Signed, titled and dated 1921 lower right 22cm x 23.5cm Framed and glazed 40 60
366 20th century British Snow scene Woodblock 315cm x 28.5cm Framed and glazed 10 20
367 After Lionel Edwards ‘The Flint & Denbigh Vale of Clwyd’ Photographic print Signed in pencil to lower left margin with Fine Art Trade Guild stamp 33.5cm x 49cm Framed and glazed 30 50
368 J. Hoffmann A miniature portrait of a young gentleman with cravat Oil on copper Signed and dated 1800 5cmDia 80 120
369 Richard T Hutchins (20th century) ‘River Rother at Rye’ Watercolour Signed lower right, label to verso 18cm x 25.5cm 30 40
370 A 19th century Rye swing bridge on the South Eastern Railway together with an engraving of Ipres Tower, the Prison at Rye, hand-coloured engraving published 14th May, 1785, S. Hooper, 16cm x 25cm and 15cm x 25cm 30 50
371 John Ryan (Scottish 1921-2009) Reply letter on headed paper discussing a proposed character, Colonel Rottweiller with illustrations Signed and dated 26th Nov, 1989 29.5cm x 20.5cm Framed and glazed  NB: John Ryan was the illustrator of Captain Pugwash whilst living in Rye, 100 150
372 19th century 18th century couple A pair of hand-painted portrait silhouettes 10.5cm x 8.5cm Housed in oval brass and ebonised frames, one with oak leaf and acorn hanging mount, 60 80
373 Louis Neville (Act 1887-1914) Tug boats Watercolour Signed lower right 7.5cm x 22.5cm Framed and glazed 50 70
374 Lennard Lewis (1826-1913) Continental harbour scene Watercolour Signed lower left and dated ’98 24cm x 53cm Framed and glazed 100 150
375 Louis Neville (Act 1887-1914) Boats in port Watercolour Signed lower right and dated 1911 30cm x 59cm Framed and glazed 80 120
376 Louis Neville (Act 1887-1914) Sailing boat in a storm Watercolour Signed lower right and dated 1892 26cm x 44.5cm Framed and glazed 50 70
377 Early 20th century Italian lakeside scene with colonnade and market stalls Watercolour Unsigned 16.5cm x 24cm Framed and glazed 40 60
378 Louis Neville (Act 1887-1914) ‘Harwich’ and ‘Parkstone’ Pair of watercolours Each signed lower right and dated 1903 and 1908 16cm x 35cm Framed and glazed 150 200
379 19th century British ‘Near Winchester’ Oil on board 19cm x 25cm 40 60
380 19th century British River scene with sailing boats, bridge, castle and church in the distance Unsigned 9cm x 19.5cm Framed and glazed 20 30
381 Andrea Biendetti (1851-1946) Venetian canal scene Watercolour Signed lower left 15cm x 25cm Framed 40 60
382 Louis Neville (Act 1887-1914) ‘Dartmouth’ Watercolour Signed lower right and dated 1914 16cm x 34.5cm Framed 70 90
383 Louis Neville (Act 1887-1914) Three mast sailing boat with steam ship in the distance Watercolour Signed lower right and dated 1888 19cm x 35cm Framed and glazed 70 90
384 Louis Neville (Act 1887-1914) Two mast sailing boat Watercolour Signed lower right and dated 1903 17.5cm x 26cm Framed and glazed 60 80
385 Enrico Ursella (Italian 1887-1955) Oil on panel Figures harvesting hay with trees and hills to background Signed to lower right with pencil inscription to verso 29cm x 39cm 300 500
386 Enrico Ursella (Italian 1887-1955) Oil on panel Portrait of a female with head scarf Signed to lower right 39cm x  29cm 200 300
387 18th century British School Oval portrait of a gentleman Oil on board-backed canvas Unsigned 25cm x 20cm Housed in gilt framed 150 200
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