Silver – 19th October 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
542 A George III silver caddy spoon, London 1802 by John James Whiting, with old English thread pattern handle and leaf shaped bowl, 10.5 cm long, 0.41ozt 150 200
543 A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs, by George Burrows, with chased decoration and repair, 15 cm long, 1 ozt 15 25
544 A George IV silver fiddle pattern condiment spoon, London 1825, a silver salt spoon, London 1926 and a silver mustard spoon, London 1881, combined weight 0.77 ozt and a silver-plated butter knife 15 25
545 Assorted silver items comprised of a silver pepperette, Birmingham 1903, another silver pepperette, London 1916, a pair of silver old English pattern sauce ladles, London 1813 and one other similar silver sauce ladle, each engraved with scrolling interlocking initials ‘RH’, and three silver old English bead pattern tea spoons, London 1862,  each engraved with scrolling interlocking initials ‘AER’, 8 items, 5.65 ozt gross 75 85
546 A large silver cigarette case with engine turned decoration and inscription dated 1947, three other silver cigarette cases and a silver vesta case, Birmingham 1902, combined weight 16ozt, 497.6g 150 250
547 A pair of small silver four-section wire toast racks, raised on bun feet, Birmingham 1918, 7cm long, 2.18 ozt, 68g 40 60
548 Three small silver picture frames, Birmingham 1907, Birmingham 1901, Birmingham 1915; two silver-backed brushes, Birmingham 1903; a silver handled and backed hair brush, Birmingham 1904; a silver vanity mirror, Birmingham 1909 (7 items) 30 40
549 A cased set of Coalport yellow ground coffee cans and saucers with silver holders and spoons, Birmingham 1922, combined silver weight 7.1ozt, 221.1g 150 200
550 Six Victorian silver spoons, all similar, London 1893, by John Aldwinckle & Thomas Slater, ratstail Hanoverian pattern, each approximately 13.5cmL, total weight 153.3g, 4.93ozt 40 60
551 A Victorian silver-covered table bell, Birmingham 1890, the cover pierced and chased with floral pattern, approximately 8cmH, cover only 71.2g, 2.29ozt 40 60
552 A Georgian silver sugar caster, London 1826, by William Bateman, pot-bellied on circular domed foot, decorated in floral repousse with pierced lid with finial, approximately 8cmH overall, 73.7g, 2.37ozt 30 40
553 A George II silver mug, London 1759, of baluster form on spreading rim foot with repousse floral panels, scroll handle and engraved dedication on front panel, 12.3cmH, 344.0g, 11.06ozt 100 150
554 Four silver napkin rings, combined weight 1.68ozt, 52.3g, a cased silver-backed hair brush and comb by Mappin & Webb, an Indian filigree pepperette, a silver-plated club table lighter in the form of an oil lamp and other items 25 35
555 A Victorian silver picture frame, London 1891, approximately 16.5cm x 12.3cm 20 30
556 A pair of William IV silver sugar tongs, London 1830, possibly William Bateman, 15cmL, 46.4g, 1.49ozt. A silver marrow scoop, a Georgian silver butter knife, London 1800, ivory handle, 18.5cmL overall, a pair of silver-plated grape shears, approximately 17.7cmL, with original case (4 items) 30 50
557 A glass and silver club table lighter, the lobed glass body with silver parasol cap, Birmingham 1915, 8cmH 30 40
558 A Victorian silver brandy warmer complete with trivet and burner, London 1891, by Daniel & John Welby, ebony handle, including trivet 10.2cmH, weight 4.2ozt, 130.6g 50 60
559 A silver-mounted circular butter dish, Birmingham 1943, with wavy rim, raised on ball feet, 1.83ozt, 56.9g, with frosted glass dish, 14cmDia 10 20
560 A small Edwardian silver hip flask, London 1902, 9cm, miniature WWII medals on a bar including the 1939-45 Star and the Atlantic Star and other items 25 35
561 A cased mid-20th century Aynsley pink ground coffee set with gilt Greek key border, with green crown mark to base, in silver holders, Birmingham 1946, combined silver weight 3.79ozt, 117.8g 100 150
562 A 1930s engine-turned silver perpetual desk calendar by W.J.Myatt & Co., Birmingham 1930 with month and date apertures and brass winders, on a wooden plinth base, Patent No 9964, approximately 8cmH x 12.5cmW, excluding plinth 30 50
563 A small silver pierced pedestal bon-bon dish, Birmingham 1922, 5.5cm high, 0.71ozt, 22.1g and a silver menu holder on circular leaded base 15 20
564 A Victorian silver and cut-glass desk stand by George Jackson & David Fullerton, London 1897, fitted with two cut-glass inkwells and a taper stick, on shaped tray and raised on four feet, 25cmL 180 220
565 A silver cigar ashtray, the circular bowl double cigar rests with scrolling decoration and feet, London 1899, 11cm long, 1.21ozt, 87.7g 25 35
566 A rectangular silver cigarette box with hinged lid and engine turned decoration, Chester 1926 (at fault), 12cm x 9cm x 2.5cm 20 25
567 A rectangular silver cigarette box with chamfered corners and engine turned decoration, Birmingham 1954, 15.5cm x 9cm 50 70
568 A silver sauce boat, Sheffield 1956, with shaped rim, raised on three legs, 4.37ozt; 135.9g, and a silver-plated gravy boat 40 60
569 A silver three-piece cruet, comprised of a salt, pepperette and mustard, each raised on wavy rims on shell feet, Birmingham 1933, combined weight 4ozt, 124.4g 35 45
570 A silver pepper mill of lighthouse form, Birmingham 1929, 8.5cmH 20 30
571 Two Edwardian silver decanter labels ‘Port’ and ‘Sherry’, London 1903, a similar silver ‘Whiskey’ decanter label, Sheffield 1896 and one other silver ‘Port’ decanter label, Birmingham 1982 70 90
572 An oval silver pedestal sugar basket, Birmingham 1970, on stepped foot, 4.5ozt, 140.2g and a small silver trumpet-shaped vase, 13.25cmH 35 45
573 An Arts and Crafts silver pedestal cup, Sheffield 1913, by James Ducon & Son, with hammered finish on circular base, 15.5cmH, 9.23ozt/287.1g 100 150
574 A small silver-topped glass hat pin jar, Birmingham 1913, a three-piece silver-backed brush and mirror set with engine turned decoration, Birmingham 1961, and a rectangular glass hat pin box with silver-plated lid 45 55
575 A 20th century silver salver, London 1920, circular-shaped with scroll border on three hoofed feet, stamped ‘Tiffany & Co, London’, 31cm Dia, 910g, 29ozt 250 300
576 A 20th century silver christening mug, Sheffield, 1952, baluster shape with scroll handle on spreading circular foot, Coronation mark, 8cmH, 107.2g, 3.45ozt 30 40
577 A 20th century silver bon-bon dish, Sheffield 1979, circular with scrolled moulded rim on three scroll feet, by Mappin & Webb, 11cmDia, 97.3g, 3.13ozt. As new in original packing 30 40
578 Two 20th century silver octagonal coasters, Birmingham 1979, by Mappin & Webb, (9cmW max), total weight of both items 94.7g, 3.05ozt. As new, in original packing 30 40
579 A 20th century silver wine taster, London 1979, with stylized handle, by Mappin & Webb, 8cmDia, 129.3g, 4.16ozt. As new in original packing 40 60
580 A 20th century silver butter dish with knife and glass liner, Sheffield, 1979, the dish by Mappin & Webb with moulded border, 10.2cmDia, the knife-maker’s mark ‘H.H.’, 11.3cmL, total weight of dish and knife (excluding glass) 83.1g, 2.67ozt. As new in original packaging 25 35
581 A 20th century silver christening set of napkin ring, egg cup and spoon, the napkin ring, Birmingham 1947, by Adie Brothers, the egg cup, Birmingham 1949, by Adie Brothers, mounted on spreading foot, 5.8cmH, the spoon, Sheffield 1948, maker’s mark CB & S. Total weight of these items 58.5g, 1.88ozt. All in presentation box 20 30
582 A 20th century silver napkin ring, Sheffield 1979, by Mappin & Webb, engraved ‘ASBT’, 84.6g, 2.72ozt, boxed in original packaging 25 35
583 A 20th century silver sugar caster, Birmingham 1964, by Mappin & Webb, tapered body with pierced domed cover surmounted by vase-shaped finial, approximately 16.2cmH, 175.2g, 5.63ozt 55 65
584 A 20th century silver set of six coffee spoons, Sheffield 1979, rat’s tail pattern, by Mappin & Webb, total weight of six items 59.1g, 1.90ozt. In original presentation box 20 30
585 A 20th century silver cigarette box, Birmingham 1938, hinged lid, full wooden lining, by A & J Zimmerman, 11cm x 8.4cm x 4cm 25 35
586 An Edwardian silver and mother of pearl 12 place set of fruit knives and forks, Sheffield 1907, housed in an oak box 80 100
587 A 20th century silver triangular coaster, Birmingham 1979, by Mappin & Webb, 10.5cmW (max), 94.1g, 3.03ozt. As new in original packaging 30 40
588 An Indian silver child’s cup with chased decoration, stamped ‘PAK 94 SIL’ to base, 5.5cm high, 1.87ozt, 58.2g 10 20
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