Toys – 19th October 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
757 A 19th century wooden doll together with an early 20th century ventriloquist’s doll, a 20th century bisque headed doll plus other dolls (1 box) 50 80
758 Wilfredian League of Gugnuncs, membership booklet and plush figure 40 50
759 An Armand Marsaille bisque-headed doll, known as ‘Eleanor’, with associated clothes etc 100 150
760 A child’s rocking horse with glass eyes, horsehair mane and tail and leather saddle, re-painted, 88cm x 150cm 100 150
761 An Armand Marseille Koppelsdorf bisque-headed doll with blue glass sleeping eyes, with open mouth and two upper teeth and blonde hair, with composition bent limbed body, to back of head stamped A.M. Koppelsdorf, Germany 1330 A7M, 50cmL 80 120
762 A vintage scratch-built model of a Thames barge 60 100
763 A 1940s/1950s motorised model launch reputedly built by an ex-R.A.F. Squadron Leader from parts from a Dakota aircraft, approximately 124cmL 100 150
764 A Markes & Co early tin plate spinning top 10 15
765 A Tri-Ang ‘Minic Motorways’ No. M1511 set 80 100
766 An Exlto collector’s 1.18 scale model Lotus 49 Jim Clark, complete with box 80 100
767 An early 20th century Lotto game and a jig-saw puzzle, both boxed 10 20
768 A vintage game of bar skittles (Devil-amongst-tailors) comprised of green baize table, skittles, stand and pole with swivelled ball and chain 50 60
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