Ceramics – 16th November 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
1 Two Beleek shell vases. a collection of Victorian and later commemorative mugs and an Art Deco woodpecker jug 30 50
11 A set of 12 Victorian floral-decorated fireplace tiles (1 box) 15 20
18 A collection of Victorian and later ceramics to include a 19th century floral cheese dish, a 19th century meat plate, a Brankscome pottery polar bear plus other ceramics and brassware (1 box) 30 50
24 A Swedish vase, a West German vase, a paint-drizzled vase and a Burleigh ware jug decorated with the Pied Piper and Rats (a/f) 30 40
35 An Italian majolica circular plaque, in the Della Robbia style, moulded in relief with Mary and Child surrounded by cherubs with a garland of fruit and pine cones, inscribed S.A.C.A. 288, Made in, Italy, 42cmDia 60 80
39 Three late 18th/early 19th century Meissen bowls plus two side plates and similar pierced bowl, hand-painted with floral sprays and insects, two early 19th century Derby Imari patterned plates together with two Victorian Copeland Spode crescent-shaped plates decorated with blue and pink flowers and gilt rims 30 40
43 A collection of Wedgwood Robert Horne ‘Hunting Scene’ boxed ceramics to include a bowl, a bud vase, a Hampton box, a mug and a butter base (1 box) 35 45
44 A collection of eight 20th century porcelain figures dressed in 18th and 19th century military uniforms (1 box) 20 30
52 A Victorian and later 30-piece Cauldon part tea service decorated with flowers and birds (1 box) 20 30
66 A mid-20th century Royal Doulton ‘Athlone’ pattern coffee set (1 box) 20 30
75 A Continental white porcelain coffee set with blue and gilt decoration comprised of a coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers (1 box) 10 15
76 A collection of various Prinknash ceramics together with a black Wedgwood flower-shaped bowl (1 box) 20 30
77 Nine Lilliput Lane cottages including ‘Belle Isle’, ‘Hops House’ and ‘New Forest Teas’ plus others (1 box) 20 30
78 Royal Crown Derby-style Imari patterned teaware comprised of cake plates, cups, saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl and side plates (1 box) 30 40
80 A Wedgwood part tea set with blue and gilt decoration to rim comprised of plates, cups, saucers, cream jug, sugar bowl and two cake plates (1 box) 30 40
89 A Continental porcelain tea set, transfer decorated with flowers and gilt rims, marked P K Silesia to base, comprised of a teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cups and saucers (1 box) 40 60
97 Assorted ceramics to include two German chargers depicting sailing boats and a windmill scene, Royal Worcester, a Shelley plate, Lladro and Nao figures plus other items (1 box) 20 40
105 Assorted ceramics to include a dish in the form of a tree stump with rabbits to base, a blue and white jug, a hand-painted planter, porcelain tea ware and an Oriental plate (1 box) 30 40
108 A large quantity of West German tea and dinnerware decorated with flowers and lattice pattern, including a sandwich plate, dinner plates, cups, saucers, sugar bowl etc (2 boxes) 30 40
109 A ‘Delphine’ Art Deco part tea set comprised of cups, saucers and a sugar bowl together with a similar style Crown Staffordshire teapot, cup, saucers, sugar bowl and two plates (1 box) 50 70
116 A quantity of Royal Doulton pottery items comprised of a green glazed teapot decorated in relief with flowers, a vase, harvest ware jug, teapot and ashtray, an ‘Aegean’ pattern blue ground vase, a set of three Victorian black glazed graduated pottery jugs and other items (1 box) 35 45
117 A New Chelsea ‘Lily’ patterned part tea set (1 box) 20 30
119 A Paragon ‘Country Lane’ patterned tea and coffee service (1 box) 20 30
126 A pair of Royal Doulton vases (a/f), a Victorian child’s pottery tea set, Victorian and later ceramics decorated in the Imari palette, a lettuce dish and stand and other items (1 box) 25 35
127 A collection of Scandinavian studio pottery to include a green glazed Landert vase, a Porsgauna green striped vase, a Nagersund hand-painted blue and brown mottled bowl, a green glazed pottery jug decorated with female figures and a leaf decorated bowl together with a Belgian A. Dubois heron decorated bowl (1 box) 60 80
145 A Losel Ware bowl decorated with Asiatic pheasants, a Royal Doulton teapot and three items of Wedgwood jasperware, a small Bing & Grundel blue and white vase, a porcelain sandwich tray, three oval meat plates and other ceramics (1 box) 25 30
154 A Wedgwood ‘Mayfield’ part dinner/tea set comprised of coffee pots, meat plates, dinner plates, tureen, gravy boats etc together with a Bristol part dinner service (1 box) 30 40
157 An extensive 19th century Davenport ironstone dinner service, hand-painted with floral sprays in gilt, blue and red, comprised of tureens, meat plates, serving bowls, dinner and side plates etc (6 boxes) 200 300
167 Assorted ceramics to include a Beswick dapple grey foal, a pin doll, plates, ornaments, Staffordshire-style greyhounds etc (1 box) 30 40
170 A 20th century eggshell porcelain coffee set decorated with bamboo with character marks to base (1 box) 15 25
180 A collection of assorted studio pottery to include a Louise Darby vase, an Anita Harris vase decorated with ‘The Puzzled Penguin from Picardy’, a flared rim bowl impressed BL, a Leach Studio vase, a hand-painted bowl depicting a bird with impressed mark to base plus two other items (7 items) 50 60
182 Two boxes of assorted ‘Old Willow’ pattern dinner and tea ware by various makers to include tureens, meat plates etc 20 40
197 A late 19th/early 20th century floral decorated part tea set together with a Clarence Ware part tea set 15 20
199 A Royal Albert gilt part tea set decorated with roses (1 box) 20 30
204 Assorted ceramics comprised of a ‘Mayfair’ pattern bone china coffee set, a modern Chinese famille rose teapot, a blanc-de-chine porcelain figure (a/f) a large Denby pottery vase and other items (2 boxes) 20 30
212 A good quantity of Royal Doulton ‘Edenfield’ pattern dinnerware from the Expressions collection, decorated with wild flowers and berries (3 boxes) 30 40
214 Assorted ceramics to include Spode ‘Chelsea’ pattern teaware, glass and ceramic jelly moulds and a white coffee set with gold rim decoration comprised of a coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream jug, cups and saucers by ‘Thomas of Germany’ (1 box) 20 30
223 A 20th century Oriental octagonal ginger jar together with a collection of ceramics to include collector’s plates, figures etc (1 box) 20 30
224 A large quantity of collector’s plates by Royal Albert etc complete with boxes and certificates 30 40
227 A 20th century Rosslau blue and white part tea service decorated with floral planted urns with gilt borders (1 box) 20 30
235 A 19th century Staffordshire ‘Toby’ cruet comprised of salt, mustard and two peppers 40 60
237 A large thrown stoneware jug with tenmoku glaze, circa 1976, monogrammed to base, for display only 30 50
238 A French ceramic water jug in the form of a duck amongst reeds, maker’s marks to base, stamped ‘St Clemency’ 15 20
243 A Fabienne Joavin Oriental-style cylindrical vase decorated with fish and the inscription Liu Shanghai’, monogrammed signature and dated 9/8/98 70 100
244 Three Wade pottery badgers dressed in overalls 25 35
246 A pair of 19th century porcelain two-branch figural candelabra, the floral decorated sconces surmounted on stylized tree stumps, the male with sheep and basket, the female with goat and flower bouquet, both on rocky bases, each 19cmH 60 100
249 A pair of late 19th century parian figures depicting two classic maidens in draped gowns, one with a dagger, the other with bird and flowers, both on floral decorated oval plinths, one 34cm high, the other 33.5cm high 30 50
250 A late 18th century Chamberlains Worcester white ground cabbage leaf moulded jug with gilt mask spout and blue and white transfer printed floral sprays, indistinct monogram to front, 19.5cmH 100 150
251 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery figure of a shepherd and dog with sheep and lambs on a stylized grassy base, 13cmH 20 40
254 An Arabia of Finland parian vase of cylindrical form designed by Gunvor olin-Gronquist, decorated with relief moulded wild flowers, 21cmH 20 30
256 A Gustavsberg waisted vase circa 1950s, decorated by Stig Lindberg from the Grazia series, decorated with solid silver overlaid with wild flowers and plants on a white ground with insect, 22cmH 60 100
257 A pair of Victorian hand-painted and printed jugs of Etruscan design with mask head decoration applied to the spouts and handles (one a/f) 25 35
259 A 19th century Wedgwood terracotta jug with glazed interior, date mark for 1850, 15cmH together with an ‘F & R Pratt & Co’ terracotta jug decorated with gilt rim and handle and linked-ring banding, 12cmH 20 30
260 A 19th century James Dudson jasperware coffee pot, the tapering body with applied classical maidens, grapes and vines, with tree trunk spout and rope twist handle, impressed marks to inner lid, 23cmH 30 50
261 A Royal Copenhagen figure group depicting a cockerel and hen on a circular base, possibly signed Christian Thomson, 14cmH 50 60
264 A Royal Doulton jardiniere with stylised flower decoration 20 30
266 Two Rye Pottery collector’s plates ‘The Mill’ and ‘St. Mary’s Church’, both monogrammed RW and dated ’86 20 30
269 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery figural spill vase depicting Red Riding Hood and Wolf against a tree and foliage, 19cmH 15 25
270 A large Lladro porcelain figure of a surgeon holding a baby (a/f) and a 19th century Staffordshire pottery figure of Dick Turpin (2 items) 20 30
272 A late 19th century Royal Doulton salt-glazed ‘Jack’ jug retailed by Phillips of Oxford Street, London 40 50
273 Sixteen pieces of Goss crested china, all with London crests, including St.Marylebone, Chelsea, Harrow, St. Pancreas, Fulham, Kensington and Hammersmith (1 box) 30 40
274 A Continental porcelain figurine of three figures at a table and another of a walking pair 25 45
288 Two 19th century parian figures, the female with floral head dress and wreath, the male with basket of flowers, resting on a wall, both on circular plinth bases, both 34cm high 30 50
290 A Royal Doulton Series Ware ‘The Night Watchman’ jug and bowl 30 50
311 A large 20th century hand-painted ceramic jug decorated with roses, signed ‘Rhoding Rose’ to base 30 40
315 A large gilt decorated plaster model of a lion 20 30
325 A Victorian pottery pink floral decorated wash basin, jug and chamber pot 20 30
362 A modern large painted pottery urn 40 60
363 A large 20th century terracotta urn 50 60
383 A Victorian ‘Oriental Ivory’ pattern wash basin and bowl decorated with scrolling swags and floral sprays together with a floral decorated meat platter 20 30
386 A collection of Victorian ceramics to include a wash basin and two jugs, three chamber pots and a stoneware bed warmer 20 30
457 A Capodimonte figure of a tramp on a bench together with a similar figure ‘Solitude’ by Naturecraft (2 items) 10 20
464 A Coalport bone china limited edition 528/1500, plate to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the sailing of The Mayflower, 1620-1970 complete with certificate and box 30 40
465 A large 19th century pottery tray, transfer printed with flowers and leaves stamped ‘Oriental Ivory, Cyprus’ to base 30 50
466 A pair of 1940s Wedgwood chargers decorated with flowers and foliage in reds and blues, each 41cmDia 50 70
477 A pair of 19th century Vienna porcelain figures of a male with a hare and goose in pouch to side, the female with basket of fruit and garland of grapes and vines to hair, both on rocky tree stump bases, each 14cmH 50 70
478 A Coalport porcelain figurine ‘Julie’ part of the ‘Ladies Fashion’ series, hand-decorated and modelled by Martin Evans 20 30
479 A Royal Doulton figurine of Princess Diana together with a Royal Doulton figurine of Cinderella 30 40
480 A Crown Staffordshire bird figure by J.T. Jones and a Royal Worcester Blue Tit figure 30 40
481 A mid-20th century Continental porcelain figure of a child ballerina with semi-raised hands and title mark ‘W’ below a crown, 15cmH 30 50
482 A 1930s figure of a boy and a dog possibly designed by M. Hummel for Goebels 20 30
618 A large green glazed ceramic planter decorated with dragons, 49cmH x 52cmDia 30 50
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