Collectables -16th November 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
22 A 20th century Turkish Meerschaum pipe together with four other boxed pipes (1 box) 35 50
32 An early 20th century and later album containing a collection of Valentine and greetings cards 30 40
65 A large 20th century North African rimmed bowl, hand-painted with scrolling and geometric designs, divided by white metal filigree strapwork panels and rim, 39cmDia 20 30
67 A collection of assorted postcards housed in a Victorian album 50 80
86 A collection of 1950s and later trophies, small silver-plated trophy cups and presentation plaques (1 box) 15 20
95 A large quantity of cigarette cards to include examples of Player & Sons ‘Kings and Queens of England’, W.D. & H.O. Wills ‘Gardening Hints’ and Park Drive Champions’ series (1 box) 30 50
102 An Ogden’s ‘St Julien Tobacco’ enamel wall sign, circa 1930s, with white lettering against a woodgrain-effect ground, 40.5cmH x 218cmW 100 120
110 A good collection of assorted advertising tin boxes and bottles to include Weetabix, Peak Freans, Lyon’s Tea, Chivers etc plus a quantity of theatre programmes (1 box) 30 50
113 ‘Batey’s Sparkling Suprema’ enamel advertising sign 50 70
114 A vintage enamel pictorial advertising sign for ‘The People’ newspaper 40 60
131 A mid-20th century enamel A.R.P. Mains Gas Control Valve warning sign together with a vintage enamel information sign 40 60
143 A metal double-sided ‘Cheshire County Council’ bus stop sign, 40cm X 33.5cm 20 30
156 Two boxes of assorted postcards 40 50
239 A cased Malaysian Atlas beetle 20 30
242 A collection of five cased beetles to include a Malaysian frog beetle, a Thai jewel beetle and an Asian rhinoceros beetle 20 30
284 Ethnographic interest – A Kamanabit village, Papua New Guinea ancestral carved wooden figure and another from the Munik Lakes, 25cm high 60 100
294 A cased collection of assorted beetles and insects of the world 30 50
318 An official 2012 Olympic limited edition ‘Wenlock’ mascot with label 20 30
319 A cinema foyer C3PO life-size advertising display 20 30
334 A collection of 19th and 20th century stoneware flagons and bottles to include a D. Lyle codd bottle, Style Winch Ltd beer bottle, a J Woodcock  Co., Hastings codd bottle plus other items 20 30
339 An early 20th century ‘Verity’s AC Fan’ by Aston of Birmingham 40 60
346 An early 20th century ‘Dora’ accordion 40 50
352 A collection of Victorian drawings, possibly from a scrap book and an original Kate Greenaway book together with a good collection of 1960s/1970s handicrafts magazines and patterns covering knitting, crochet, cross-stitch etc, and an assortment of embroidery templates plus assorted books to include a bound copy of Beethoven’s Sonatas (2 boxes) 20 30
370 A Deluxe Collector’s edition ‘The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour’ DVD box set together with an Apple Records 17 CD box set 30 40
373 A silver-plated ‘Imperial Supreme’ euphonium, maker to the HM Forces, Birmingham, England No 17982 complete with case 40 50
380 A 19th century bamboo and leather riding crop, a Victorian cane and lead cosh together with a 20th century turned hardwood truncheon (3 items) 30 50
381 A mid-20th century ‘His Master’s Voice’ portable wind-up gramophone complete with needles 15 25
384 A Carlsberg football mini fridge. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
392 A scratch-built model of a stagecoach in a display case 30 40
416 A vintage Lister complete with two liquid measures 30 50
423 An original Daily Express 09/05/45 newspaper, other reprinted papers and a leather-bound Daily Sketch book 20 30
445 A small black painted metal-cased electric magic lantern, 26cm high 10 20
449 Ethnographic interest – a carved wooden Maringei headrest, Papua New Guinea, in the form of a wooden crocodile, 60cmL 50 70
473 A collection of mainly British 19th and 20th century coins housed in a vintage metal cash tin and ‘The Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd’ money box 20 30
513 An ivory five piece dressing table brush and mirror set, inlaid with shagreen, other ivory and bone items and a small quantity of costume jewellery 40 60
515 A quantity of pin badges to include police, military, nursing etc (42 items) 30 40
637 A large enamel red and white railway signal 30 50
645 A vintage B.P. Motor Spirit petrol can plus one other (2 items) 15 25
662 A large 20th century ‘Lac d’Annecy’ relief decorated advertising board 40 50
664 A 20th century ‘Mont Blanc Visit French Alps’ relief decorated advertising board 40 50
786 Two framed collections of Player’s ‘Motor Cars’ cigarette cards 30 40
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