Textiles, Clothing and Luggage – 16th November 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
2 A collection of six 19th century and later fans to include an ivory and silk fan with hand-painted floral leaf, a pierced floral inlaid bone handled fan with hand-coloured leaf depicting Spanish dancers plus four other examples 40 60
8 Eighteen vintage pure silk ties (1 box) 30 40
28 A 19th century swan feather fan, hand-painted with birds surrounded by flowers and leaves, with profusely carved ivory handle, 32.5cmH x 22.5cmW 100 150
34 A collection of vintage handbags to include a tapestry example with  purse, a black silk clutch bag with bead decoration, a black silk evening bag with clasp decorated with glass beads, a circular beaded purse with silver clasp together with two coloured glass hairpins and a beaded choker necklace 30 50
106 A black-tipped turquoise ostrich feather, a fur collar, a cream silk grosgrain evening bag with gilt clasp bearing a label CRF, a silk ‘flapper’ cap with lace and ribbon trim, another similar cap and a white ostrich feather rosette-style head dress (1 box) 20 30
146 Assorted vintage textiles to include a red and black silk piano shawl with hand-knotted tassels and hand-embroidered wool design, a cream plain mesh veil with extensive tambour embroidery, silk evening shawls, lady’s gloves, lace and fabric remnants plus other items together with a vintage Austin Reed of London dress box 25 35
184 A pair of vintage French door curtains decorated with coaching scenes together with a matching window curtain (1 box) 20 40
216 Two early 20th century feather-filled quilts 30 40
226 A ‘Globe Trotter’ leather suitcase containing a quantity of assorted table linens including damask tablecloths, napkins, a cream drawstring pouch with handmade lace edging, place settings etc 20 30
298 A leather-bound document case 30 40
301 A large vintage brown metal-bound steamer trunk with fitted interior 30 50
307 A collection of walking canes and parasols 40 60
316 A small early 20th century tan leather Gladstone bag with brass button lock and leather handle, approximately 19cmH x 42cmW x 21cmD 30 40
317 An early 20th century lady’s three-quarter length fur jacket 20 40
333 A pair of black leather riding boots and two vintage riding hats and a pair of rubber riding boots 20 30
343 An early 20th century tan leather suitcase with brass locks and leather handles, monogrammed to top H.M.C, approximately 18cmH x 55cmW x 37cmD 50 60
347 An early 20th century tan leather suitcase retailed and stamped Harrods, London fitted with brass Legge’s locks, part fitted interior and leather handle, approximately 18cmH x 61cmW x 39cmD 50 60
348 A vintage green metal-bound steamer trunk with fitted interior 30 50
351 A briefcase with ERII cypher, another bag, a mirror and two wooden boxes 20 30
369 An early 20th century ‘Featherweight’ steamer trunk with labels for ‘Jemiramis Hotel, Cairo’ and monogrammed C.M.B. and fitted with brass locks 30 40
371 A simulated crocodile handbag retailed by Liberty’s 80 120
385 A vintage ‘Drew of Piccadilly Circus’ leather-bound steamer trunk, the top with 1930s Swiss pictorial luggage labels, mounted with brass lock, padded interior and monogrammed E.P.S. together with two suitcases with  brass lock and luggage labels for The Orient Line, Southern Railway, Appledore etc 30 50
404 A Victorian cotton lady’s slip with machine ground lace insert to bodice, deep flounce and scalloped edge, a fine cotton slip with lace and ribbon trim to neckline and a cotton lawn hand-stitched slip with lace trim and dotted Swiss front panel (3 items) 20 30
411 A mid 20th century Hartman ‘Belting Leather’ suitcase with reinforced leather corners, fitted with brass yale lock and fitting, the interior fitted with two compartment sheets 50 70
484 A vintage Butler Wilson beaded handbag stitched with multi-coloured glass beaded panels and tassels, with jewelled set fastener and interior zip pocket 20 40
496 A Victorian white swan feather lady’s evening fan with white painted wooden spines decorated with silver gilt scrolling flowers 20 30
502 A 19th century walking cane, the tapering shaft surmounted with a stag antler carved bird handle, 87cmL 20 30
503 An Indian silver-handled foliate carved cane with silver collar, 90cmL 65 75
504 A 19th century walking cane with monogrammed silver horses’ hoof handle, 92cmL 65 75
506 A 19th century rosewood walking cane with reeded knop handle and floral engraved brass ferrule stamped collar marked ‘Boseruh’, the lattice carved shaft with leather strap, 89cmL 50 60
520 An early 20th century silk scarf depicting winners of the Derby horse race 40 60
615 A vintage leather and Hessian wicker-bound trunk from a vintage car 20 40
641 A large vintage wicker trunk with iron lock and rope hadnles 20 30
658 An early 20th century umbrella, the cane shaft with silver swan’s head handle, dated London 1910, with pink glass edges and chased floral scrolls, 90cmL together with a mid-20th century cane and canvas parasol, 82cmL 30 50
663 A 20th century goat’s hide together with two Jersey cow part hides (3 items) 20 30
665 A pair of full length paisley lined curtains 40 60
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