Toys – 16th November 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
53 An Armand Marseille Koppelsdorf bisque-headed doll with blue glass sleeping eyes, with open mouth and two upper teeth and blonde hair, with composition bent limbed body, to back of head stamped A.M. Koppelsdorf, Germany 1330 A7M, 50cmL 60 80
58 An Armand Marsaille bisque-headed doll, known as ‘Eleanor’, with associated clothes etc 60 100
98 A quantity of vintage games to include playing cards, a wooden war game, ‘Check-a-Peg’, numbered wooden blocks in a frame, boards etc together with a tin containing clay pipe parts (1 box) 30 40
185 A collection of die-cast and friction-driven vehicles to include a Dinky Routemaster Bus No 289, a Tonka Jeep, a Corgi Morris Minor No 204, a Volkswagon Beetle Police car plus others, all boxed (11 items) 40 60
188 Assorted die-cast vehicles to include Matchbox, Hasbro etc (1 box) 20 30
210 A complete vintage set of bone and ebony Double 9 dominoes, a Staunton chess set, Sir Charles chess board, two dice shakers and a cased mah-jong set (1 box) 20 30
218 Assorted Meccano items together with construction plans etc (2 boxes) 20 30
230 An assortment of games including chess sets, Monopoly, playing cards etc (1 box) 20 30
236 A vintage Marx tinplate ‘Skycruiser’ Strato Airlines aeroplane together with a boxed Joustra tinplate Mercedes C111 Police car and a boxed BPP friction-driven Porsche Carrera 6 (1 box) 40 60
389 A 20th century timber-framed doll’s house complete with furniture and accessories 120 150
390 A vintage dapple grey rocking horse with horse hair mane and tail 50 100
409 A 1940s/1950s motorised model launch reputedly built by an ex-R.A.F. Squadron Leader from parts from a Dakota aircraft, approximately 124cmL 80 120
433 Three modern bisque porcelain collector’s dolls in various costumes 10 20
458 A collection of die-cast vehicles to include a Dinky Ford Capri No 143, a ‘By Special Request’ Jaguar Mark X No 238, a Corgi Porsche Targa Police car No 509, a Matchbox Safari Land Rover No 12 plus others, all boxed (12 items) 60 100
459 A boxed Dinky ‘Kega Major’ luxury coach number 954, a boxed Dinky Mercedes-Benz 600, number 128 plus a boxed Corgi Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor with shovel number 69 (3 items) 70 100
460 A collection of die-cast vehicles to include a Corgi Bond Bug 700 ES No 389, a Corgi Commer Police van with flashing light No 464, a Corgi Ford Thames ‘Airbourne’ Caravan No 420, a Dinky McLaren M8A CAN AM No 223, a Dinky Opel Commodore No 179, a Dinky U.S.A. Police car No 251 and a Corgi Citroen Safari Alpine Rescue car No 513, all boxed (7 items) 200 300
461 A collection of die-cast vehicles to include a Matchbox SuperKings Ford LST Articulated Tipper No K-18, a Corgi Mercedes-Benz 240D No 285, a Corgi Citroen Dyanne No 287, a Corgi Mazda B1600 No 493 plus other vehicles, all boxed (9 items) 50 70
462 A quantity of die-cast vehicles to include a Britain’s Fiat tractor No 9528, a Corgi 780 Combine Harvester No 1111, a Corgi Aerial Rescue Truck No 1143, a Dinky Rover 3500 Police car No 264 and a Dinky Volvo Police car No 243 (5 items) 50 70
463 A BBC Radio Times limited edition ‘Thunderbirds’ commemorative set, boxed 40 50
488 A boxed Corgi die-cast ‘Monkeemobile’ number 277 60 80
553 A quantity of Action Man toys 10 20
554 A football table 10 15
584 A vintage pine rocking horse, a pine ride-on tractor and a 1950s tin ‘Mojo’ horse (3 items) 30 50
620 A scratch-built farm and accessories 20 30
621 A Tri-Ang fort 20 30
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