Metalware – 14th December 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
12 A 1930’s ‘Milesmann Copper King’ teapot with porcelain lining, copper outer, black plastic base, handle and knop, with original instructions, 15cm high – Part of a single owner collection 15 20
51 An Art Deco enamel and brass double inkwell decorated in a chinoiserie style with pagodas, trees and figures, 7.5cm high, 19.25cm wide – Part of a single owner collection 50 60
55 An Art Deco chrome plated novelty penguin cocktail shaker, a chrome plated ship-shaped cruet, an ice bucket, photo frame and ashtray together with a pewter preserve pot – Part of a single owner collection 30 50
56 A Belgian Art Deco brass desk stand by P. P. & Co fitted with a double inkwell, the lids decorated with swallows, the triangular base with pen holder, 23.5cm wide – Part of a single owner collection 30 40
109 A copper overmantel 10 20
114 Assorted metalware to include two copper kettles, copper savoury moulds, brass candlesticks, bookends etc (1 box) 20 30
168 Assorted metalware including pastry and tartlet tins, a fish mould, jelly moulds, silver plate, a quantity of cutlery, a pewter teapot etc (1 box) 30 40
193 A collection of assorted brass and copper ware to include fire irons, fire dogs, candlesticks, jugs etc (1 box) 20 30
224 A pair of pricked candlesticks, a fire screen, fire irons, iron and trivet 20 30
228 A mid 20th century brass magazine rack embossed with a galleon 10 20
237 A pair of brass corner fire curbs 15 25
360 A pair of Continental polychrome parian figures of a lady and gentleman 10 20
370 A late 19th/early 20th century gilt brass photograph frame decorated with wreaths, floral swags, classical maidens and acanthus leaves 30 50
406 A vintage alloy boat propeller 10 20
430 An early 20th century brass ewer by Hart, Son, Peard & Co Ltd., inscribed ‘For Use at St. Nicholas Church, Plumstead’ 20 30
434 A large 19th century brass bowl 10 20
444 A 20th century tin model of a knight in armour with shield 40 50
446 A small scale black steel plough 10 20
448 A 19th century brass fire shovel and poker engraved with urn and floral scrolls and ornate handles and lozenge marks, together with a a pair of Georgian-style fire dogs 40 50
469 A cast iron doorstop depicting a shepherd and dog 20 30
474 A collection of brassware to include a four-piece companion set, candlestick, ashtrays etc 20 30
484 A pierced brass fire guard/fender 10 20
487 A vintage Italian brass bugle by B Cazzani & Co., Milan 20 30
488 An early 20th century pierced brass fender 20 30
490 An early 20th century extending brass fender 20 30
554 A set of six silver coffee spoons with enamelled bowls and coffee bean finials, boxed 30 40
633 A large vintage vice 20 30
634 A set of vintage postal scales and weights 25 30
635 A pair of centrally heated chrome towel rails 15 25
647 An Art Nouveau cast iron fire surround 10 20
660 A cast iron Georgian-style fire basket on scrolling supports 30 40
682 A fire hood 10 20
686 A metal filing cabinet 10 15
691 A modern metal three-tier plant holder 15 20
699 A large folding metal dog cage 20 30
701 A collection of vintage enamel buckets, pots, a tray, a coffee pot etc 10 20
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