Objects of Vertu – 14th December 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
29 A brass screw lid with a finial in the form of a startled cat on hexagonal base with screw fitting, 4.5cm high – Part of a single owner collection 20 30
31 Three early 20th century American brass Billikens in the form of a vesta, 4.25cm high, paperweight, 4.25cm high and glass mounted paper clip, 6cm high, each dated Oct 6. 08 – Part of a single owner collection 60 100
42 A French Art Deco ‘Le Kid’ brass, gold plated and ceramic atomiser, the ceramic body printed with a Venetian gondalier, with sprung release mechanism, 5.75cm long retracted – Part of a single owner collection 25 35
550 A novelty pencil in the form of a miniature pipe, a brass pipe tamper, a silver plated and gilt folding cup and leather case, a Chinese carved hardstone scent bottle, a Continental silver-mounted snuff box and a chrome-plated cigarette box (6 items) 50 70
573 Assorted miscellaneous items including a Victorian carved ivory lidded circular box, a 19th century agate and gold plated hinged box, a silver thimble, a miniature silver double handled trophy cup, a pair of novelty steel sewing scissors in the form of a stork, a WW1 Queen Mary tobacco box and other items (1 box) 70 90
594 A crucifix housed in an oval frame having a convex glass 15 20
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