Silver – 14th December 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
2 A 1920’s circular silver rimmed cut glass fruit bowl, Birmingham 1929, maker’s mark ‘D&B’, 10.5cm high, 20.5cm diameter – Part of a single owner collection 15 25
88 An Art Deco cylindrical silver cigarette dispenser with engine turned decoration, Birmingham 1933, 11cm high 70 90
90 A set of six silver Art Deco teaspoons, Sheffield 1939, 2.15ozt, cased, and a set of silver handled Art Deco fruit knives Sheffield 1938, cased – Part of a single owner collection 30 40
541 A silver gilt Masonic medal and other medals, hardstone and agate beads, a silver and enamel egg pendant, a silver thimble, Victorian and later jewellery and assorted boxes 30 50
544 A set of 12 cased silver gilt medallions depicting The Arms of H R H The Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson 50 70
555 Assorted silver cutlery, 22.3ozt and silver-handled items 200 250
570 A Finnish silver leaf brooch by Sten and Laine with 1977 date mark, set with green agate and four other silver brooches (5 items) 20 30
571 Two pairs of Victorian silver Queens pattern dessert spoons and forks, London 1875, by George W Adams and two silver teaspoons, combined weight 9.21ozt, 286.6g. 70 90
589 A collection of silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knives, button hooks, a propelling pencil and other items 100 200
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