Boxes – 25th January 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
184 A box of early 20th century and later jewellery boxes 20 30
250 A 19th century walnut sarcophagus-shaped tea caddy 30 50
252 A walnut sewing/work box 40 50
254 A rosewood jewellery box with mother of pearl inlay to lid, the gold brocade interior divided into various compartments containing ivory lace-making bobbins 30 40
262 A rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid tea caddy 30 40
305 An early 20th century Gothic-style carved box (a/f) 10 20
306 A late 19th century walnut cross-banded work box with single drawer and bone escutcheon 15 20
395 A Georgian bandware work box (a/f), a burr walnut work box (a/f), a black lacquered casket with enamelled brass mounts, an Art Nouveau jewellery box, a rosewood tea caddy, a parquetry tea caddy and a small oak tray (7 items) 40 60
541 A mid-20th century metal Deed box retailed by ‘The Kensington Trunk Store’ together with a metal shipping trunk 10 20
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