Objects of Vertu – 25th January 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
422 A circular lidded tortoiseshell box with turquoise set lid, a square velvet covered trinket box with silver-plated photo mount to hinged lid housing a photo of a seaside town, an Indian polished steel, boxwood and ivory inlaid card case, an Egyptian carved hardstone seal in the form of a scarab, assorted bone, ivory and horn needles, crochet hooks, cribbage pegs etc and other items (2 boxes) 25 35
424 Assorted Victorian and later items including a papier mache spectacles case, a collection of pens, an ivory handled cake fork, a miniature millefori glass paperweight, button hooks, tartan ware steel penknife, WVS medal and other items (1 box) 30 50
425 Assorted Victorian and later items including a large silver-plated skirt lifter, hat pins, a silver-plated lades spectacle case with belt fitting, a silver-plated vesta case, a carved tortoiseshell hair ornament, spectacles and other items (2 boxes) 50 80
431 A collection of items to include a Jeff Banks gentleman’s wrist watch, an Oriental teapot, a copper scoop, WWII medals plus other items 30 40
433 Chinese hardstone and agate carved items including a lidded box and a violin 25 35
436 A novelty pencil in the form of a miniature pipe, a brass pipe tamper, a silver-plated and gilt folding cup and leather case, a Chinese carved hardstone scent bottle, a Continental silver mounted snuff box and a chrome-plated cigarette box (6 items) 30 50
447 A brass screw lid with a finial in the form of a startled cat on hexagonal base with screw fitting, 4.5cm high 10 20
463 A quantity of Commonwealth coins, a lady’s gold-cased wristwatch, a small Indian inlaid box, a millefori set circular gold-plated box, a silver-topped glass bowl, a thimble, coins, cuff links, a Continental silver and enamel brooch and other items 20 40
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