Pictures and Prints – 25th January 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
3 A Reeves ‘Tree’, pencil drawing, signed to lower right and housed in an aluminium frame 15 20
4 A pair of prints entitled ‘A Courtyard, Dorking’ and ‘ A Corner of Old Dorking’, both signed by the artist George H Downing, framed and glazed 30 50
5 B. Markland, oil on canvas of a tree-lined avenue with figures and buildings, signed to lower right and housed in a pine frame 15 25
6 An early 20th century print ‘His First Christmas’ from the original painting by Arthur J Elsley together with a 19th century engraving entitled ‘Kathleen Mavourneen 10 20
12 A mid-20th century pencil and charcoal picture depicting a sparrow hawk and prey, indistinctly signed top lower left and dated 1949 20 40
13 J. P. Hammersley, ‘Bridge over Cradley Brook Wood’, Engraving, Limited Edition 1/16, Monogrammed to margin and signed label to verso, Dated 1987-1988 15 20
14 An early 20th century engraving depicting an 18th century seated female with muff, signed in pencil to lower margin Sydney E Wilson and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
15 A pair of 19th century watercolour and feather pictures depicting South American birds, a Zacatero and a Calandrea, unsigned and housed in gilt ebonised frames 20 40
20 A late 19th/early 20th century watercolour depicting a three-mast steam ship and fishing boats, indistinctly monogrammed to lower right and housed in a stained oak frame 20 30
21 Lilian Tyler, still life watercolour of pansies in bowl, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
22 A late 19th century Pears print ‘You DId It’ depicting a young girl and her dog, housed in an oak frame 10 20
23 N.G. Wykes, watercolour and gouache, ‘Wild Grasses’, signed and dated 1935 to lower right and housed in an ebonised frame 20 30
24 A 20th century watercolour, seascape, depicting flowers to the fore and rocks to the background, possibly monogrammed J G to lower left and with inscription to verso 10 20
27 An early 20th century pink shagreen photograph frame together with assorted black and white photographs housed in a variety of frames (1 box) 20 30
31 Edwin Harris, watercolour, landscape, framed and glazed 15 20
32 M Oliver Rae, ‘Exeter College, Oxford’, an etching, signed, 14cm x 18.5cm, framed and glazed 10 15
34 A 19th century engraving depicting Lieutenant General Sir Alexander Campbell, K.C.B., the Colonel of the 80th Regiment of Foot, housed in an ornate gilt frame 15 20
35 A 20th century print after Peter Robson ‘Better Days’ depicting buildings and fields, from the original gouache, housed in a gilt frame 10 20
36 Gary Collins, Australian artist, signed watercolour, ‘Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia’ 50 60
37 Patricia Walker, ‘Knickerbocker Glory’, mixed media, unsigned with Mercury Gallery label to verso. 15 20
38 A late 19th century engraving, over painted in watercolours, depicting huntsmen stalking a deer at the water’s edge, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 15 20
45 Francis B Tigne (c.1885-1926) ‘The Citadel at Rye’ with horse, cart and figures to foreground, watercolour, signed lower right, framed and glazed 25 45
46 A 20th century pen and ink drawing of a period family house in Beckley, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in a mahogany frame 10 20
47 Rowland Hilder, limited edition print ‘The Road to the Farm’, signed 30 50
48  Marjorie C Bates, four coloured engravings depicting ‘Shakespeare’s Birth Place’, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, ‘Stanley Place’ and ‘The Old Rectory, Cheese Hill’ housed in simulated rosewood frames 10 20
52 J.C.Harrison, limited edition print 356/500 of partridges in flight, signed in pencil to lower margin and housed in a mahogany frame 15 20
53 An early 20th century Continental watercolour depicting a sea wall with figures and mountains to background, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
54 A large Chinese embroidered panel of a woman with a deity and a deer, framed 40 60
55 A large gilt framed 20th century print together with a circular carved oak picture frame 10 20
56 An early 20th century Venetian scene, watercolour, depicting gondola, figures walking and buildings, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 15 20
57 A mid-20th century Oriental watercolour depicting flowers and bees with character marks and cyphers 10 20
60 20th century Jordanian, flowers in a bowl, oil on canvas, signed in Arabic to lower right 64cm x 53cm, unframed, Art Gallery label to verso 15 20
61 Donald Maxwell (1877-1936), ‘Lympne’, a hand-coloured print, signed to lower right, inscription to verso reads: ‘Gift from Ken Bronwin after the death of his mother and the break-up of the family home.’ 30 40
62 M. Knox (20th century), an alpine scene, oil on canvas, signed, 17cm x 24cm, housed in an ornate gilt frame 10 20
63 A 19th century engraving depicting a canal with barges, village and church to background, indistinctly signed to lower margin and housed in a gilt frame 20 30
64 Jean Oxley, watercolour of a hillside village, signed to lower right and dated ’91, housed in a wooden frame 10 20
65 Early 20th century, figure walking on a pathway with windmill to background, watercolour, unsigned, 22cm x 28cm, housed in a gilt frame 10 20
71 An oil on board, still life of daffodils 10 20
72 J. Williamson-Bell, ‘Crab’, artist’s proof embossed print, signed to lower margin with gallery label to verso 15 20
73 A watercolour of flowers, indistinctly signed, possibly Johns 20 30
74 E.A.Swan 20th century watercolour of tall ships in full sail signed to lower left and housed in a gilt frame 20 30
79 Luisa Dominguez, a designer for the late Norman Hartnell, signed lithograph entitled ‘Raphaella’ 20/350 50 60
80 A 19th century Continental hand-coloured map depicting North Africa and the Mediterranean sea housed in a gilt frame 20 30
81 Three 20th century colour prints depicting the surrender of General Cronje, Field Marshall Lord Roberts and a war map of South Africa 30 40
82 A 20th century watercolour depicting the Thames looking towards Westminster and Big Ben signed RENNIE to lower right 20 30
83 M. Fahey, ‘Chrysanths on the brick’, pastel, signed to lower right and dated ’87, inscribed to verso 20 30
87 An early 20th century colour print depicting a Venetian scene, signed C Kiwihara in pencil to lower margin 10 20
88 A 20th century colour print of the Cunard White Star liner The Queen Mary, from the original by William McDowell 15 20
89 A 20th century oil on board of a Continental street scene with cafe, bar and figures, monogrammed L.K. 15 20
90 M. Fahey ‘ End of Summer’ still life pastel depicting dying flowers, inscription to verso and dated 1999 20 30
95 Edward J Cherry, F.R.S.A., four original artist’s proof etchings entitled ‘Peter Pan’, ‘St. Margaret’s’, ‘Embankment’ and ‘Edinburgh Castle’, all with labels to verso and signed to lower margins (1 box) 20 40
97 An early 20th century colour print entitled ‘All that was left of them’ originally by Woodville 1902, housed in an oak frame 20 30
98 A pair of early 20th century oils on canvas ‘Abingerhamer’ and ‘Mickleham’, both of village life, both indistinctly signed to lower left, both unframed 15 20
103 A 20th century coloured print depicting the Battle of Tel-El-Kebir, housed in a gilt frame 20 30
104 A 19th century oil on board, still life of flowers and fruit, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in an ebonised frame 30 40
105 A Chamberlin, oil on canvas depicting fields, trees and skyline with inscription to verso 10 20
109 Robin Armstrong, limited edition print of a trout taking a fly, numbered 495/500, signed lower left, framed and glazed together with a hand-coloured print entitled ‘Durham Cathedral’, framed and glazed (2 items) 10 20
110 A late 19th/early 20th century crystoleum depicting a mother and child 30 50
111 An early 20th century advertising print for W. Morris, Our Hatter, Broad St., Worcester depicting Lord Roberts entering Pretoria with date calendar to border and housed in an ornate gilt frame 20 30
115 M.Fahey, pastel depicting a forest pond with figure to background, signed to lower right and dated ’98 20 30
116 A framed and glazed cross-stitch and bead-work rectangular panel depicting the six wives of Henry VIII 10 20
117 A 20th century colour print ‘Saving Guns at Colenso’, original by Stanley Berkeley 20 30
118 William Neill (20th century, Scottish), a pair of signed limited edition prints of waterfowl entitled ‘Balranald’, numbered 159/200 and ‘Faoileag-an-Sgadain’ numbered 152/200, each framed and glazed and originally retailed by Roger Green Fine Art, High Halden, Ashford, Kent 15 20
121 B. Markland, oil on canvas, ‘Brighton Beach’, fishermen with landing jetty, signed to lower right and inscribed to verso 20 30
122 A 19th century hand-coloured engraving of the shipwreck ‘The Mary White Broad’ 20 30
123 An oil on canvas depicting a panoramic view of fields, label to verso ”Our Heritage” by Ruth Brigden together with an oil on board of a landscape with houses, signed lower left Ruth Newman plus an abstract by the same artist, ”Homage to a Sailor”, label to verso (3 items) 20 30
124 19th century, an estuary scene with fishing boats, figures, horse and cart to shore and buildings to background, oil on panel, unsigned, 21.5cm x 29.5cm, housed in a gilt frame 10 20
125 An early 20th century Oriental print ‘Beauty’ depicting a female and a monkey flanked by cyphers, originally designed by Harunobo, with label to verso 20 30
126 A Minotto, watercolour of a Venetian scene, gondola on canal between elegant buildings, signed to lower left and housed in a chequer-strung frame 15 20
131 Moira Huntley, watercolour of houses and trees, signed 10 20
132 Leonard Cheshire 20th century colour print ‘Lancaster’ from the original by Robert Taylor, signed in pencil to lower margin 30 40
137 An early 20th century watercolour ‘A Misty Day’, possibly Dutch, depicting figures on a hillside track, signed Gozzard to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 15 20
138 In the manner of George Cattermole (1800-1868), ‘Hay Barge’, watercolour, framed and glazed, with information to verso 30 50
139 J L Chapman, oil on board, ship sending up a flare in stormy seas 60 80
140 A pair of Oriental watercolours depicting birds alighting on flower and bamboo stems, artist’s signature to lower left, both glazed and housed in gilt frames 10 20
141 A 19th century hand-coloured lithograph of Hyde Park, New Grosvenor Gate with gallery label to verso, housed in an ebonised gilt frame 20 40
148 A print of an elephant after David Shepherd, signed in pencil to the mount and two prints, also by David Shepherd of elephants and a rhino, unsigned, all framed and glazed 70 90
149 A 19th century over-coloured photograph of John Morgan Williams, born 1777-1866, from Bridgend, housed in a gilt frame 10 20
150 A late 20th century oil on board of sailing boats at night, signed to lower right Liom and housed in a white painted frame 10 20
151 A hand-coloured etching of Canterbury Cathedral, indistinctly signed to lower right 10 20
151 A small oil on board entitled ‘Pendle Hill, Clitheroe’ 10 20
152 A 20th century watercolour depicting pink and white foxgloves, unsigned, with inscription to verso 15 20
157 C.McGee, oil on canvas, depicting a rural track with trees and building to background, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
158 M. Fahey, ‘Chrysanthemums in pewter ewer with quince’, still life, watercolour, inscribed to verso and dated ’91 15 20
159 20th century oil on canvas, 18th century military officer in full uniform, unsigned, 90cm x 59.9cm, housed in an ornate gilt frame 40 50
160 20th century, school master in full robes with classical building to distance, oil on canvas, unsigned, 90cm x 60cm, housed in a gilt frame 20 30
161 A set of four botanical watercolour studies of flowers on hand-made paper, three signed Lorenz Christensen, entitled ‘Alpen Rose’, ‘Schwalbenwurz Enzian’, ‘Alpenaster U. Kohl Roschen’ and ‘Kohlmeise’ 20 30
166 A collection of five framed embroidered silk panels depicting British flowers by Kensitas 30 50
190 Assorted pictures, prints, photographs and frames to include a hand-coloured etching of Eton College, an Italian study of a girl and a framed etching of a woman by F Bartolozzi (1 box) 20 30
193 Assorted pictures and prints including six Birkett-Foster prints depicting rural scenes, together with hand-coloured and signed engravings etc (1 box) 20 30
198 A large collection of photographs including several depicting school years at Cheltenham College together with an etching of the school, housed in a frame bearing the school badge 10 20
201 Jack Spurling (1870-1933), two pairs of prints of ships in full sail, each signed in pencil, framed and glazed 20 40
210 Assorted pictures and prints to include a watercolour of a river with trees to fore and hills to background signed J. Bywater to lower right, three oils of fruit and flowers in ornate gilt frames plus other pictures 15 20
211 M. Fahey, ‘In Front of the Low Piggery’, pastel depicting summer flowers against brick buildings, inscribed to verso 20 30
277 A set of six framed prints after Monet and Degas 10 20
280 A canvas backed map, hanging rail missing, showing the county of Kent, compiled by C. Greenwood and dedicated to the Nobility, Clergy and Gentry from the actual survey made during 1819 and 1820, published by G. Pringle & Sons, 70, Queen Street, Cheapside 30 40
303 A pair of 19th century colour engravings entitled ‘Guinea Pigs’ and ‘Dancing Dogs’, originally painted by G. Morland, housed in gilt frames 15 20
310 Assorted prints of Canterbury (1 box) 10 15
311 An Oriental print of a carp swimming beneath an overhanging bough, character marks to lower right, together with three framed and glazed similar Oriental prints (4 items) 20 30
318 A set of four limited edition monochrome prints by William Baker of African animals 20 30
344 A 19th century engraving of a blindfolded female,possibly with printed signature Fredi Holly and housed in an oak frame. 10 20
351 A pair of abstract framed prints 10 20
361 A framed watercolour of lilies and an architectural print 10 20
365 Four 19th century coloured botanical book plates housed in maple frames together with six other prints depicting animals 20 30
373 Sarah L Goode, ‘Forest Heights’, artist’s proof, coloured etching, signed to lower margin, unframed 10 20
375 A collection of bird prints and others (1 box) 10 20
376 Assorted pictures and print to include framed engravings and prints together with a framed and glazed woolwork picture 10 20
388 Three 20th century botanical prints taken from book plates depicting pears, peaches and figs housed in yew frames together with three framed prints of flowers and butterflies 20 40
396 Two 19th century engravings one depicting The Battle of Trafalgar, three J. Spurling shipping prints plus two others 20 30
398 Four framed prints taken from book plates depicting tulips and palms 20 40
569 A large vintage canvas wall hung map of France entitled Carte Routiere de France de Dion Bouton Speciale pour Automobiles (possibly showing a race route) 20 30
570 A 19th century colour print depicting fishing boats on rough seas with harbour and hillside castle to background 10 20
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