Rugs and Carpets – 25th January 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
571 A 20th century floral decorated red ground carpet 20 30
572 A tan ground Turkamann-style rug with black and white patterned border and central panel, approximately 90cmW x 155cmL 30 40
573 A hand woven rug 20 30
574 A 20th century orange ground geometrically woven rug 30 40
575 An early 20th century Harvey Nichols red ground geometrically woven rug 20 30
576 A cream ground Afghan rug with red and blue patterned border and central panel, approximately 91cmW x 140cmL 30 40
577 A cream ground rectangular woollen rug 20 30
578 A modern oval wool floral patterned rug 10 20
579 A brown ground geometrically woven Persian carpet 40 60
581 A large green ground carpet decorated with floral sprays, vases, and scrolling border 575cm x 298cm 10 20
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