Textiles, Clothing and Luggage – 25th January 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
42 A vintage leather attaché case, ladies handbags and purses, a leather-bound manicure set and a gentleman’s leather belt together with a cuckoo clock, books ends, cricket balls, table lamps, vintage playing cards etc (2 boxes) 20 40
181 Two boxes of assorted vintage textiles and upholsterers’ cord 20 30
230 Two cane swagger sticks, the mounted tops for ‘The Queen’s Royal’ and ‘Cheltenham College’ 20 30
268 A vintage tan leather suitcase with lined pocket interior complete with protective cover together with another similar (2 items) 40 60
269 A gentleman’s black trilby hat by James Locks & Co, London boxed, together with two top hats, boxed 20 30
272 A vintage crocodile skin-style leather suitcase with fabric lined interior and pocket together with a T.R.Larkin leather suitcase (2 items) 30 50
273 A leather briefcase and three other cases 10 20
282 Two gentlemen’s suits 20 30
283 Three gentlemen’s black evening suits, one with tail coat 20 30
284 Two gentlemen’s three-piece suits 20 30
285 A gentleman’s dark grey overcoat by Daks, a similar grey overcoat and a black coat bearing a Crombie label (3 items) 30 40
286 A 20th century ladies knee-length fur coat together with a matching muff and belt 30 40
287 A vintage mourning suit comprised of jacket, waistcoat and trousers 15 20
297 An early 20th century leather suitcase with brass locks and various luggage labels together with a leather-bound Hessian suitcase 20 40
298 An early 20th century leather Gladstone bag 10 20
301 An antler handled walking stick, a carved figural walking stick plus one other together with a wicker shopping basket 10 20
316 A vintage black leather silk-lined suitcase retailed by Asprey of London 30 50
317 Two vintage vellum suitcases with old luggage labels attached together with a leather-bound Hessian suitcase (3 items) 20 30
325 A vintage leather fitted attaché case, a leather music case together with two vanity cases (4 items) 20 30
338 A Louis Vuitton-style leather-bound folding suitcase 20 30
343 A 1950s ‘Stadium’ leather picnic case with contents, a vintage leather suitcase plus one other (3 items) 20 30
348 Three vintage cane handled gentlemen’s umbrellas together with three walking sticks 10 20
350 Six Venetian masks including a ceramic moon mask and papier mache examples (1 box) 10 20
355 An early 20th century leather writing case, a small vellum case and a leather-bound suitcase (3 items) 10 20
357 A vintage green metal-bound steamer trunk with fitted interior 10 20
384 A square vintage leather-bound Hessian trunk with leather carrying handle 20 30
439 An Edwardian ladies lace boudouir cap with miniature pink and blue ribbon roses 10 20
483 Three leather and canvas-bound trunks, a wooden-bound trunk and a metal trunk (5 items) 20 30
516 A mid-20th century iron-bound painted pine trunk 30 40
522 A large mid-20th century wooden and metal bound steamer trunk with brass lock and interior tray 30 40
526 A large mid-20th century metal and wooden painted steamer trunk with brass locks, interior tray and Southern Railway luggage labels to top 30 40
528 A large mid-20th century wooden-bound steamer trunk with brass locks and leather handless 20 30
530 A large late 20th century brass-bound steamer trunk fitted with two fabric lined interior trays 30 50
532 A large md-20th century wooden-bound Hessian steamer trunk fitted with brass locks and interior tray 30 40
534 A vintage wooden-bound steamer trunk with brass locks 10 20
535 A walnut cased Singer sewing machine plus one other 10 20
537 Five red patterned feather-filled scatter cushions (1 box) 10 15
585 A pair of leather hob-nailed army boots, vintage ice skates, a canvas rucksack etc (1 box) 30 40
590 A large quantity of vintage clothing and textiles to include ladies dresses, a gentleman’s black evening coat, a nurse’s apron, hats, gloves etc (10 boxes) 30 40
592 Assorted vintage textiles and furs to include a lady’s black fur coat from Harrods, pelts, a child’s fur cape, a lace jacket, silk embroidered cloth etc (2 boxes) 25 35
594 A 20th century feather-filled quilt together with a small silk carpet 20 30
596 A blue ground geometrically woven throw, a small cream and brown striped rug plus another depicting dogs playing cards (3 items) 10 20
600 Two pairs of fully lined and padded curtains in tan, cream, blue and gold vertical striped cotton, with weighted hems, approximately 42cmW gathered width x 255cmL 30 50
606 Two early 20th century feather-filled quilts 15 25
608 A set of floral patterned full length curtains, four pairs approximately 9’6” L 40 60
611 Two pairs of curtains together with matching pelmets, approximately 9’L 20 30
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