Clocks, Barometers and Scientific Instruments

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
74 An assortment of Victorian and later clocks and clock parts (1 box) 15 25
213 An Edwardian mahogany chequer strung dome top mantel clock, the enamelled dial with Arabic numerals, marked Mappin & Webb, raised on a plinth base with brass bun feet 100 150
238 A 19th century brass four drawer telescope with later leather grip 20 40
252 A 20th century mahogany drop dial wall clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals marked Knight & Gibbins, London 60 80
276 A Belgian black slate clock with a French movement, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals flanked by brass moulded panels depicting classical figures 20 30
293 A 20th century laboratory pressure gauge 20 30
295 A 20th century Swift 950 Series cased microscope 20 30
296 A cased apprentice piece for lubricators for the replica engines of Brunel’s iron ship ‘SS Great Britain’ 40 60
297 A 20th century two-train longcase clock 50 70
306 A vintage ‘Elina’ clock maker watch winding machine 20 30
320 A 20th century gilt wall clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals, flanked by columns and mirrored back surmounted with a ribbon and bow 20 30
324 A pair oif 1930s oak-cased Wellington top clocks, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals 20 30
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