Glassware – 22nd February 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
4 Assorted glassware to include carnival glass, a Murano ashtray, 1960s art glass, paperweights etc  (1 box) 20 30
10 An Art Deco frosted glass decanter with silver gilt decoration to base and stopper together with six matching shot glasses 30 40
11 An assortment of glassware to include Caithness, a glass photograph frame, a Royal Doulton ‘Easter Greetings ‘Bunnykins’, boxed, a Wedgwood Millennium mug, a Royal Doulton cut-glass posy vase etc (1 box) 20 30
63 One box of assorted glassware to include a cranberry glass bell, a silver-collared crystal decanter, two 19th century opalescent glass shades, a frosted glass figural comport plus other glassware 20 30
96 Assorted glassware to include six boxed Dartington ‘LLB’ design goblets, boxed sets of Royal Doulton and Webb’s crystal glasses, a frosted decanter with gilt trim and matching shot glasses plus other items (4 boxes) 20 40
140 Assorted glassware to include candle holders, a dimple decanter, a jug, a green Art Deco-style vase etc (1 box) 20 30
161 Assorted glassware to include tumblers, water jugs, decanters etc (2 boxes) 10 20
170 Assorted glassware to include a tall lead crystal vase, fruit bowls, a wheel engraved decanter, champagne flutes etc (1 box) 10 15
200 A tall amber hand-blown glass vase of ovoid form on a stem and circular base 10 20
206 A 20th century jade coloured art glass oval bowl 15 20
208 A cut glass ship’s decanter together with a silver plated and moulded glass claret jug (2 items) 15 25
230 A 20th century Italian hand-blown blue ground art glass vase 10 20
301 A 20th century blue glass vase on a wrought iron stand 10 20
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