Silver – 22nd February 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
348 A cased set of six silver teaspoons with apostle finials, Sheffield 1926, 1.68ozt., 52.3g 15 20
351 A collection of six silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knives, five silver handled button hooks, two silver handles and a silver handled shoe horn, a silver and mother of pearl paper knife, a silver propelling cocktail twizzler, a small silver propelling pencil and six silver thimbles 60 80
352 A collection of six silver propelling pencils including two Sampson Mordan & Co examples, four others and three other propelling pencils 60 80
355 A boxed set of six silver George III ‘Old English’ pattern teaspoons, London 1805 by Peter Ann and William Bateman, each engraved with the initial ‘M’, 1.99ozt, 61.9g 20 30
356 A Victorian double ended and silver mounted ruby glass scent bottle (a/f) 30 40
360 A silver charm bracelet with additional charms, a silver thimble, a novelty silver trowel bookmark with agate handle, a silver propelling pencil, a silver cocktail stick and a collection of silver and other badges 60 100
372 Silver photo frames, silver backed brush, silver card holder, silver topped glass jar and other items (1 box) 40 60
380 A cased set of silver coloured metal Oriental-style spoons, the faux bamboo stems with pagoda, fan, lantern, Buddha  finials and flower head bowls, marked ‘Sterling’ together with a cased silver-handled cheese knife 15 25
384 Three pieces of scrap silver coloured metal, unmarked, 4.46ozt, 138.6g 20 40
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