Sporting Items – 22nd February 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
48 A small collection of vintage fishing tackle to include an ‘Intrepid’ Black Prince fixed spool reel, a small centre pin reel, floats, weights and spinners (1 box) 10 15
91 Boxing interest, an early 20th century coloured photograph of ‘Ted Kid Lewis’ World Champion Welterweight 1915-1919, with inscription to verso 50 70
142 A Ray Goldsbrough ‘Back to Back’ limited edition print 237/350, ‘Carl Fogarty wins his second World Super Bike Championship on the Ducati 916, 1995’ signed by Carl Fogarty and the artist in pencil to lower margin 50 70
211 A plain walnut ‘Narrow and Deep’ fishing reel, H1261, 3” in original box together with a tin of Milwards ‘Wilco’ lead weights and ‘The Basket Packet’ of fishing hooks 60 80
244 A taxidermy study of a bird of prey 20 30
262 A vintage leather saddle and whip 10 20
390 A quantity of fly fishing items including a good selection of wet and dry flies, reels, spring balance and other equipment, housed in a canvas bag 50 70
412 Golf clubs and bags 10 20
415 A collection of campaign beds and chairs 10 20
416 A vintage folding table tennis table 10 20
426 A table tennis table 20 30
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