Toys – 22nd February 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
31 A late 19th century bisque headed doll impressed D.P.C 161-14 with painted features and upper teeth on a jointed composite body 30 40
39 A large quantity of lead fantasy figures (1 box) 15 20
67 An Armand Marseille 996 bisque headed doll with sleeping eyes, two upper teeth and composite jointed body together with another lacking head 30 50
87 A collection of vintage model railway carriages and accessories to include Hornby and Tri-Ang (1 box) 20 30
185 A collection of 20th century doll’s house furniture 10 15
268 A mid-20th century wooden framed Georgian-style doll’s house 30 50
471 A 20th century child’s doll’s house with open back 10 20
472 An assortment of 20th century children’s toys 10 15
580 An early 20th century Alf Appleton of Brighton mahogany shove ha’penny game with inlaid bone circular discs 20 30
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