Boxes – 22nd March 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
132 A 19th century rosewood and brass inlaid work box with internal fitted tray 30 40
151 A 19th century rosewood workbox and a 19th century rosewood writing slope 40 60
331 A Victorian oak box converted to a jewellery box containing a collection of various beads etc, cameos, seals, butterfly wing jewellery, silver items, buckles etc 25 35
366 An early 20th century red lacquered Oriental jewellery chest, the hinged top decorated with birds and bamboos with internal tray over two short and one long drawer 20 30
414 A small 19th century oak box with hinged lid 20 40
423 A 19th century rosewood writing slope, the brass bound exterior opening to reveal a green leather slope plus pen tray, inkwells and stamp holders 20 30
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