Glassware – 22nd March 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
1 Five small Mdina glass vases each with mottled white ground and multi-coloured speckling, all engraved with marks to base 30 50
2 Two Mdina glass vases, one of squat tapering ovoid form decorated with yellow spirals on a cloudy brown ground, the other of cylindrical form decorated with pink spirals on a clear ground, both with engraved marks to base, 11.5cm and 15.5cm high 30 50
3 Two Mdina glass vases of conical form with flattened rims, both applied with thick graduated ribbon trailing, one on a spiraling orange ground the other on an amethyst ground with yellow and blue flashes together with a similarly decorated squat flared rimmed orange ground vase, each engraved to base, 21.5cm, 23.5cm and 12.5cm high 60 80
4 A Mdina glass bottle vase with slender neck and flattened rim with globular body in tonal turquoise spirals together with two Mdina flared rim vases of cylindrical form decorated with yellow, orange and white flashes, both with applied Maltese Cross seals, each with engraved marks to base, 23cm, 17cm, 16cm high 60 80
5 A Mdina glass vase of shouldered cuboid form and flared neck with yellow and blue flashes on a spiraling brown ground together with a similar bottle vase of rounded square form plus a similar cylindrical footed bowl, 16cm, 22.5cm and 10cm high 60 80
6 Four Mdina glass paperweights to include two graduated sea horses, a pair of lovebirds and a short tailed bird, each with engraved marks to base 40 50
7 A Perthshire glass concentric millifiori and twisted cane paperweight with central signature cane, two Selkirk limited edition glass paperweights, one engraved ‘Ice Pool’ 58/350 1979 to base, the other monogrammed  DH ‘Ice Mist’ 1991 with paper label plus a Liskeard glass paperweight dated 1973 60 80
8 Seven small Mdina glass vases, all with pink mottled ground and flared rims, each engraved with marks to base 30 50
9 A Mdina glass bottle vase of shouldered square form, with slender neck and flattened rim, decorated with an applied blue ribbon trail over an orange spiral ground, with original label together with a similar low shouldered flared rim vase of cylindrical square form both engraved marks to base, 24cm and 14cm high 50 60
10 A squat Mdina textured vase of shouldered cylindrical form with flattened rim, cased with yellow flashes and spiral toned brown ground together with a similar sleeve vase with bark effect body, both with engraved marks to base, 12.5cm x 20cm high 30 50
11 A pair of Venini style hand blown decanters of mallet shape with red and blue spirals and matched stoppers, 18cm and 17cm high 60 80
12 Five Mdina glass scent bottles, two of triangular globular form, one in mottled pink, the other iridescent with applied purple trailing, both with stopper, one ovoid form with silver flashes on a white and brown ground with stopper, one in mottled white, claret and blue on a clear ground with stopper and one in mottled white and orange on a clear ground with stopper, all with engraved mark to base 60 80
13 Five Mdina glass globular paperweights in blues, yellows, orange, browns and pink together with a Mdina stopper and a similar basket 50 70
14 A collection of eight art glass paperweights to include a Swedish F.M. Konstglas example in the form of a peach with gold inclusions, a Wedgwood Christmas 1975, a Dartington limited edition 276/5000 ‘Orient Express’, an Edinburgh Crystal ‘Edinburgh Castle’, an Isle of Wight heart shaped example plus three indistinctly signed or stamped examples 50 70
15 A collection of eight signed Caithness glass paperweights to include Sundance, Cauldron, Rhythm & Blues, Starlight, Space Beacon, Pebble and two Moon Crystals plus three CG glass paperweights of various sizes (11 items) 80 120
16 A pair of Mdina glass vases of shouldered hexagonal form with flared rims, the pink mottled ground overlaid with applied blue trailing both with engraved mark to base 30 50
17 A Murano Seguso glass standing angel with raised palms and gilt inclusions, 26cm high 50 70
18 A 20th century cut glass bowl of oval form with split tooth rim and green and blue iridescent ground, designed by Graham Muir, signed to base, 13cm high 30 50
19 A 20th century cut glass bowl by Peter Layton of ovoid form with silver and blue trailing and orange, pink, blue and green splashes on a yellow ground, signed to base, 12cm high 60 70
20 Four Mdina glass paperweights of globular form decorated with yellow and white spots, blue and yellow sunburst, mottled amber with etched Maltese Cross and blue with gold flashes, together with another similar plus seven other paperweights of conical, mushroom, apple and globular form (12 items) 60 100
21 A late 20th century Venini amber glass ‘Bullicante’ bowl of square rounded form designed by Carlo  Scarpa with three line acid stamp, 7cm high 40 60
22 A late 19th century Burmese glass vase possibly by Thomas Webb & Son, gilded with a bee in flight before flowering prunus, probably by Jules Barbe, on a fading pink ground with propeller mark to base, 16.5cm high 150 250
23 A conical art glass blue ground bowl with amber coloured rim, the silver gilt pedestal base marked B & B, London and dated 1959/60 together with a cranberry glass handkerchief vase with amber rim and footed base, both indistinctly signed by the same artist, 9cm and 13cm high 60 80
24 An early 20th century Austrian green iridescent glass vase by Pallme Knoig with waisted neck and ovoid body and applied trailing, 21cm high 30 40
25 Two Finnish Humppila glass candlesticks from the Kivi range designed by Pertti Santalghti, one in clear glass the other with green tint to lower stem and base, both 27cm high 60 80
26 A late 20th century Venini flame glass footed bowl of bell shaped form, signed to base and dated 1983, 11cm high 40 60
27 A Venini Fazzoletto handkerchief vase in pink with white lattachino, acid etched stamp to base, 7cm high 80 120
28 A Michael & Frances Higgins glass ashtray of triangular form decorated with birds, trees and sun, signed to lower rim together with a late 20th century rectangular multi-coloured bubbled dish decorated with fish and indistinctly signed 50 70
29 A Murano Pagnin & Bon studio art glass amethyst and clear glass vase of triple block waisted design with original label, 25cmH, an art glass goblet with globular bowl, knopt stem and circular base inscribed ‘The Great Eastern Open 26/6/90’ and signed to underside 14cmH together with an Italian art glass multi-coloured cased glass vase, 21cmH 40 60
30 Two Peter St Clair studio glass vases of ovoid form with narrow collar and flat rim, one with iridescent trailing on a mottled pink ground, the other with silvered spiral trailing on a light blue ground, both engraved with signature and dated 1989, 15cm and 14cm high 50 70
31 Three Strathearn glass cartwheel paperweights, two of dome form with pink, turquoise, yellow, white and red millifiori canes and white lattachino  twists, one with paper label, 7cm and 6cm in diameter, the other of star shape with red, white and yellow millifiori canes and white latticino twists 7cm diameter 50 60
32 A pair of Thomas Webb Bristol blue glass rolling pins with knop terminals and rosette prunts both of cylindrical form both 35cm long together with ten Italian glass twizzle sticks with red, white, blue and yellow striping 50 60
33 A John Ditchfield Glassform iridescent paperweight of heart shaped form decorated with white swirls on a pink ground, signed to base with label, 10.5cm wide 50 70
34 Four Whitefriars amethyst glass ‘Bark’ candle holders from the textured range, of cylindrical form, designed by Geoffrey Baxter, Pattern No 9733, each 6cm high 30 50
35 A pair of Lasihevonen of Finland overland art glass doves in mottled browns and white, both with labels to base, a frosted glass vase of ovoid form with sunken rim, with applied tonal gold crackled panels on a blue ground, an Italian ruby glass basket with gold inclusion and ring handle plus a flared rim art glass vase of cylindrical ovoid form decorated with white spiralling dots on a green ground, indistinctly signed to base 40 50
36 A David Wallace studio art glass vase of ovoid footed form with flared rim with pink and blue swag decoration on a clear and blue ground, engraved signature to base, 21cm high 30 50
37 A part suite of Whitefriars ‘Glacier’ range glasses comprised of four tall glasses, four tumblers and five wine glasses, two Whitefriars ruby red small bowls both with encased bubble pattern, a pair of possibly William Wilson for Whitefriars silver jubilee wine glasses with conical bowls, plain stems and circular bases together with a Whitefriars green ground vase of tapering form 50 70
38 Four Wedgwood amber glass hooped ‘Sheringham’ candlestick holders, designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson pattern No RSW13, tallest 16cm high 100 120
39 A Whitefriars domed crystal paperweight with pink, green, red, blue and lattachino canes, 7.5cm dia 50 70
40 A Whitefriars limited edition 198/350 lead crystal goblet to commemorate the wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips, engraved by Geoffrey Baxter, signed and numbered to base, boxed with certificate 30 50
41 A boxed set of six Whitefriars liqueur glasses with crest motif together with a Caithness limited edition 11/50 bulbous cordial glass with wheel engraved swallow and cloud design, by Denis Mann, signed and numbered to base 30 50
42 A Whitefriars limited edition 27/100 lead crystal goblet to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill, 30th November 1874-1974, engraved by Geoffrey Baxter, signed and numbered to base, boxed with certificate 30 50
43 A 20th century studio art glass slab of rectangular form with moulded nail head decoration on a Kingfisher blue ground, possibly by Whitefriars, 28cmh x 15cmw x 2cmd 70 100
44 A Whitefriars lead crystal goblet to commemorate the investiture of Prince Charles dated 1969, signed to base W.J.Wilson 1170, together with a boxed Whitefriars lead crystal tankard commemorating Queen Elizabeth II silver jubilee 30 50
45 A Whitefriars limited edition 59/150 lead crystal commemorative goblet marked Charles Prince of Wales, 1st July 1967, engraved by Peter Dreiser, signed and numbered to base, with original receipt of purchase dated 3rd July 1969 30 50
46 An Isle of Wight art glass vase of ovoid form with flared rim decorated with turquoise crackled incisions on a blue ground, designed by Michael Rayner and engraved ‘Totland Bay, October 1977 Michael Rayner’ 40 50
47 A pair of boxed Wedgwood clear glass ‘Brancaster’ candlestick holders designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson pattern No RSW15, 14cm high plus a Wedgwood glass shade 30 50
48 A 20th century art glass twin handled vase of ovoid form and flared rim with gold leaf inclusion on an amber ground, 29cm high together with an Italian twin handled lip shaped green glass vase of flared wavy form with cased bubble decoration, 16cm high 40 60
49 Three Wedgwood ‘Sandringham’ candlestick holders in green, amber and smoked glass together with blue and amber ‘Brancaster’ pattern candlestick holders each designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson, tallest 26cm high 70 100
50 A collection of Wedgwood glass candlestick holders to include three smoked glass and one clear glass ‘Brancaster’ examples together with a clear glass hooped ‘Sheringham’ example, each designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson plus a Lynn ‘Brancaster’ style clear glass holder, tallest 21cm high 60 80
51 A 20th century Italian hand-blown blue ground art glass vase 10 20
52 A set of 16 19th century panel cut glass champagne flutes (one ground down) 80 100
53 Two 19th century gilt glass rummers and a green glass vase raised on a gilt metal intertwined twig-like base (3 items) 50 60
54 An early 20th century panel cut cocktail shaker with silver plated collar complete with six matching panel cut stemmed glasses 40 60
56 Four 20th century Italian art glass ashtrays 60 80
57 A green Bohemian glass vase applied with a hand painted oval portrait miniature on white glass 30 50
58 Two large 20th century cut glass pedestal vases, engraved with fruit and berries 20 40
74 A 20th century Murano style mottled amber glass chicken 20 30
96 A Whitefriars lead crystal yard of ale, complete with box and label 30 40
108 Two cut glass atomisers and two cut glass scent bottles, three with silver mounts (4 items) 30 40
131 Assorted glassware to include Italian paperweights, a Holmegaard paperweight and two art glass bowls (9 items, 1 box) 20 30
149 A pair of 19th century ring necked decanters and two matching glasses, two cut glass rose bowls, wheel engraved brandy balloons plus other glassware (2 boxes) 40 60
162 Assorted glassware including a pair of 19th century rinsers plus six blue flashed glass side dishes, two cut glass jugs, tumblers etc (1 box) 50 80
175 A boxed set of eight coloured contemporary shot glasses on clear squat stems with blue, green, brown and amethyst coloured bowls 10 20
177 A large clear glass apothecary’s jar and stopper and a smaller green glass poison bottle with cork stopper 10 15
186 Fifteen Victorian opaque glass vases having painted scenes including Battle Abbey, Hastings Castle, Land’s End etc (1 box) 30 50
188 A large Cranberry glass bell, ruby glass items, two decanters, a large wheel engraved glass pedestal bowl, a cut glass bon-bon pedestal bowl with lid and a small glass light shade (1 box) 50 60
239 Assorted glassware to include boxed sets of glasses, cut glass, fruit bowl etc 15 25
302 Assorted  glassware to include cut crystal wine glasses, decanters, jugs, Edwardian etched glasses, sundae dishes plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
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