Metalware – 22nd March 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
76 A pair of 20th century bronze Indian figural candle holders 15 20
95 A large pair of WWI Trench Art shell vases of crimped waisted form embossed with ivy 30 50
179 An early 20th century Arts and Crafts hammered pewter three piece tea set together with a collection of silver plated and pewter items to include a teapot, a cocktail shaker, a tray, goblets, chamber sticks etc (1 box) 25 55
234 Assorted metalware to include a hammered pewter water jug, brass candlesticks, vintage tins, silver plated items etc (1 box) 15 20
241 Pewter tankards, a pair of V & A pewter candlesticks, a hammered pewter pepper pot, a mustard pot with glass liner and tray, a set of silver painted cast iron kitchen scales and weights, brass candlesticks, a cased set of silver plated cake forks etc (2 boxes) 20 30
242 A brass pen tray, a brass candlestick, a trivet, a copper bed warmer and other metalware 30 40
245 A set of brass kitchen scales, door handles, a Masterpiece fire extinguisher etc 20 30
248 Assorted early 20th century advertising tins to include Jacobs Cream Crackers, Bourneville Coca, Peck’s Paste, Benson & Hedges etc (1 box) 20 30
259 Assorted metalware including a silver plated teapot on stand, a brass model of a horse and carriage etc and a bedpan 40 60
282 Assorted metalware to include copper plates, a brass candle holder, a brass galleon, a pair of brass dragon candle holders, a large pewter plate, an oil lamp base, decorated brass pots and dishes etc, some with maker’s mark to base (2 boxes) 30 40
287 A two-handled brass pitcher, two brass lanterns and an oil lamp base plus two oak cased barometers 10 20
303 A collection of craftsman made pewter items comprised of a coffee pot, jugs, cigarette box and sugar bowl (5 items) 15 20
333 Six professional ‘Shun Steel’ chef’s knives 15 20
362 A large 19th century copper cauldron together with a large 19th century copper ladle (2 items) 25 35
381 Two 19th century copper saucepans, a brass embossed Indian bowl, a copper platter and a copper fender 20 30
382 A 20th century copper coal scuttle stamped 1954 H.S. to base 15 20
384 A 19th century copper helmet-shaped coal scuttle 30 50
399 A vintage tin lined copper urn with tap together with a Victorian copper kettle 25 35
403 A cast iron gate post figure in the form of a bull’s head 20 40
406 A set of 20th century brass plant holders in the form of balance scales 10 20
410 A collection of early Victorian and later brass fire irons 25 35
417 A cast iron bread oven door by Young and Marten of Stratford 20 25
425 A brass fireside log basket with carrying handle 15 25
427 Cast iron fire irons together with a pair of fire dogs with gilt ball and claw decoration (5 items) 20 30
449 A brass five branch candle holder 15 25
461 A 19th century cast iron fire surround together with three marble panels. 30 40
464 Two early 20th century riveted galvanised baths 30 50
472 A metal nine drawer slimline filing cabinet 10 20
482 A galvanised twin-handled bath and watering can 30 40
483 An early 20th century iron Portcullis style fire basket and dogs 40 50
485 A 20th century iron fire basket with urn decorated fire back 30 50
491 A large early 20th century metal dome top steamer trunk with brass lock 10 20
499 A Victorian brass pierced fender together with a metal deed box for ‘The Old Rye School’ 20 30
506 A pair of brass fenders 10 20
507 A Victorian brass and iron double bed 80 100
508 A Victorian brass fender together with a copper fender 10 20
518 An Art Deco aluminium electric fire ‘The Caton’ of geometric form together with a 1950s HMV ‘The Salisbury’ electric fire, both untested and sold as spares 30 50
520 Two wrought iron fire guards together with an early 19th century pot hanger 20 30
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