Rugs and Carpets – 22nd March 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
521 A 20th century Indian carpet decorated with figures and animals, 272cm x 19cm 20 40
522 A hand knotted Bokhara rug with green ground lozenge central panel and multiple borders 187cm x 128cm 40 60
523 An Afghan woollen Belouch prayer rug with blue ground Mirhab, 133cm x 85cm 70 100
524 A Bokhara brown ground rug decorated with three rows of gul medallions with multiple borders 185cm x 128cm 60 80
525 A small modern woollen cream ground rug with floral sprays and central lozenge panel 15 25
526 A red ground hand knotted woollen rug, originally a wide runner and cut down 40 60
527 A mid 20th century Chinese silk carpet decorated with blue floral sprays 322cm x 248cm 30 50
529 A mid 20th century Chinese silk rug decorated with floral sprays and insects 148cm x 78cm 20 40
530 An Afghan prayer mat with blue ground 80 120
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