Silver – 22nd March 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
321 A cased set of silver teaspoons with Tudor rose finials, Bimringham 1904 3.36ozt, 104.8g 35 40
324 A Victorian circular silver salt with embossed floral design, London 1865, 2.31ozt, 71.6g, a small glass salt with silver top and a small assortment of silver plated items 20 40
326 A selection of silver items, a micro-mosaic miniature photograph frame, a small circular carved ivory box, costume jewellery, pen knives, thimbles, button hooks, propelling pencil and other miscellaneous items 30 50
328 A silver propelling pencil and a silver Charles Horner thimble 45 55
337 A silver trumpet vase, Birmingham 1965 with loaded base together with a white metal overlaid glass bowl plus a cut glass and gilt brass table lighter 20 30
346 A silver and turquoise enamel backed five-piece dressing table set, Birmingham 1937, with additional enamelled floral detail 10 15
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