Mirrors – 26th April 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
444 A large late 19th/early 20th century bevel edged wall mirror, the oak frame carved with an acanthus scrolling border surmounted with lions and motif pediment, 127cm h x 90cm w 30 40
445 A 19th century Dutch mahogany framed wall mirror inlaid with flowers, leaves and stems, 56cm h x 48cm w 70 100
446 An early 19th century ornate over-mantel mirror, the heavily carved framed decorated with floral scrolls, flower heads and stems 120cm h x 75cm w 180 260
447 A small mid-20th century convex mirror housed in a sunburst frame, 39cm dia 60 100
448 A 20th century mahogany silver gilt spiral carved sunburst mirror with convex plate 135cm h x 135cm w 200 300
449 A pair of ornate 18th century gilt frame cartouche shaped mirrors decorated with winged cherubs, floral scrolls and female grotesque masks, 64cm h x 34cm w 900 1000
450 A 19th century gilt wood and gesso Masonic wall mirror with broken pediment and coat of arms over a rectangular plate flanked by Corinthian ball topped pilasters, the frame applied with various Masonic symbols, 59cm h x 39cm w 60 100
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