Oriental – 26th April 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
61 A 19th century Japanese bronze koro, of hexagonal form decorated in relief with panels of birds and foliage, with scrolling handles, raised on four supports, on hexagonal base, 36cm high 100 150
62 An early 20th century Oriental blue and white vase of ovoid form decorated with Adriatic pheasants amongst blossoms, unmarked, 15cm h 40 60
63 A pair of large 20th century Satsuma vases each decorated with panelled interior scenes depicting deities with female assistants and Adriatic pheasants with mountains and trees to background, both raised on lacquered hardwood stands, 88cm h 200 300
64 Two small Imari porcelain dishes, an Imari vase and a Chinese porcelain bowl (4 items) 60 100
65 A small black Oriental lacquered shelf painted with chrysanthemums and butterflies, a similar magazine holder and a tea caddy with metal liners (3 items, 1 box) 20 40
66 A large 20th century Oriental floor vase decorated with floral panels on blue and turquoise ground, 83cm h 35 55
67 A late 19th century Japanese colour print of a female with infant showing reflection in bowl, signed with character marks to lower right, 35.5cm h 25.5cm w 40 60
68 The Hatcher Collection, a small Chinese blue and white footed bowl, painted with graduating circles, circa 1640, salvaged by Captain M. Hatcher from the South China Seas H & H 1983 and sold at Christie’s Amsterdam 1984/85, with certificate, 12cm dia 30 50
69 Two Oriental cinnabar lacquered lidded boxes both decorated with deities and disciples amongst rocks and trees with mountains to backgrounds, one having Greek key border and both having incised diamond patterned sides together with a similar matchbox holder 4.5cm h x 14cm w x 9.5cm d and 4.5cm h x 14.5cm w x 9.5cm d 80 120
70 An Oriental cinnabar lacquered rectangular tray decorated with figures amongst trees and rocks with mountains to background, the borders decorated with stylized lotus flowers 4cm h x 31cm w x 22cm d together with a later lacquered plate decorated with a dragon amidst blossoms 25cm dia 50 60
71 An Oriental cinnabar lacquered lidded box of rectangular form, the corner with a scene of figures with sage amongst trees and rocks, the sides decorated with stylised lotus flowers, raised on bracket feet 8.5cm h x 16cm w x 11cm d 60 80
72 An Oriental cinnabar lacquered lidded box of square form, the lid decorated in relief with blossoms, stems and leaves together with another carved in relief with sages, storks and pagodas amongst rocks and trees 6cm h x 24cm w x 23cm d and 6.5cm h x 18.5cm w x 14cm d 80 120
73 A late 19th century Oriental papier mache lacquered tray on stand, the central panel decorated with birds amongst blossoms and branches 49.5cm x 34cm 60 80
74 Two late 19th century/early 20th century hand-coloured Oriental prints one depicting battling Samurais with boats to background, the other of a ceremonial scene with sages, Samurais and flowers, both signed with character marks 34.5cm h x 24cm w and 36cm h x 25cm w 60 100
75 A late 19th century Oriental woolwork panel depicting a balcony scene with sages with hand inscribed paper backing a/f, 74cm x 64cm 20 30
76 A Chinese Ming dynasty sancai glazed roof tile in the form of a phoenix on later carved pine stand, 25cm h x 28cm l 100 120
77 Four 19th century and later Oriental woodblock coloured prints depicting geisha, warrior and court scenes each signed with character marks, largest 37cm x 25.5cm 80 120
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