Silver – 26th April 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
278 A set of six Argentinian silver-mounted panel cut tot glasses, with scroll handles, stamped .800, in fitted case 50 80
279 A Victorian silver circular sugar bowl, London 1874 by Henry Holland, raised on three mask and scroll feet, 10.5cm diameter, a Georgian silver circular salt with later Victorian embossed decoration, a silver cylindrical pot, Chester 1912, a pair of silver apostle teaspoons and matching sugar nips, combined weight 8.5ozt, 264.8g 70 90
280 A set of 12 sterling silver Etruscan pattern teaspoons by Gorham, combined weight 7.93ozt, 246.7g 60 80
281 A silver lidded pedestal cup by Charles Boyton And Co Ltd, London 1936, the lid with crown finial, 16.5cm high, 3.98ozt, 123.8g, on removable ebonised plinth 40 60
282 A large 20th Century American sterling silver bowl by Gorham, with gadrooned rim, 27.75cm diameter, 16.55ozt, 514.9g 130 150
283 An Elkington and Co. silver dessert spoon and fork, cast with thread, scroll and acanthus leaf decoration, and seven assorted silver spoons and a small butter knife, combined weight, 9.38ozt, 291.4g, and four silver handled fruit knives, cased 65 85
284 A pair of silver-topped spherical cut-glass scent bottles, Birmingham 1938, 9cm high, a square cut-glass scent bottle with silver screw top and a cut-glass box with silver lid (4 items) 60 80
285 A silver card case, Birmingham 1902, a silver match book holder, Birmingham 1924, combined weight 3.17ozt, 98.6g and a large German silver-coloured metal mesh purse (3 items) 60 80
286 A pair of silver candlesticks with wooden bases, Birmingham 1915, a silver hand mirror, a silver-handled button hook, a silver egg cup, a silver thimble and a pair of silver sugar nips, weighable silver 1.61ozt, 50.2g and a pair of silver-plated sugar tongs (8 items) 30 50
287 A Victorian silver christening tankard with embossed foliate scroll decoration, London 1895, retailed by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co., 8.25cm high, 4.78ozt, 148.8g 50 70
288 A 19th century Continental cast silver seal, set with two oval porcelain plaques, hand-painted with figures from The Bible, cast pierced and stamped with scrolling acanthus leaves, with ring finial and set with paste stones and showing traces of gilt, 7cm high, 3.53ozt, 109.7g 250 300
289 A Continental silver novelty pig vesta and match strike, 5.5cm long, a Continental silver needle holder, 5.5cm long, a silver match book holder, Chester 1922, combined weight, 2.10ozt, 65.3g and a silver trumpet-shaped vase, London 1899 by William Comyns, with loaded base, 20.5cm high 60 80
290 A set of six silver pedestal egg cups, Birmingham 1921, by Adie Bros., 6cm high, 6.16ozt, 191.4g 50 70
291 Three Egyptian silver bowls and five small Egyptian silver dishes, the bowls with chased design to the interior, combined weight 19.93ozt, 620g 140 160
292 A silver three piece boat-shaped teaset with half gadrooned body, London 1916, the teapot with ebonised handle and knop, combined weight 32.99ozt, 1026.30g gross 250 300
293 A circular silver teapot, with shaped rim on three supports, London 1919, with ebonized handle and knop, 16cm high, 14.69ozt, 456.9g 100 150
294 A silver boat-shaped two handled sugar bowl, Sheffield 1910, and a circular silver pin dish, Birmingham 1910, combined weight 6.15ozt, 191.3g 50 70
295 A silver cigarette case and a pair of silver sugar nips, combined weight 4.78ozt, 148.7g, a Victorian silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knife, Sheffield 1887 and another smaller similar fruit knife 50 70
296 A silver coloured metal belt buckle, the two circular disks cast with Chinese characters in the form of Chinese coins, the clasp marked ‘HM’, 9.25cm wide, approximately 1.5ozt, 45.7g, fitted to a blue fabric belt 30 40
297 A pair of Scottish fiddle pattern silver mustard spoons, Edinburgh 1845, a set of six silver coffee spoons with black coffee bean finials, cased, a set of six silver butter knives with filled handles, cased, four silver teaspoons with shell-shaped bowls and a pair of silver sugar nips, combined weight of weighable silver 4.23ozt, 131.7g 35 45
298 An S Mordan & Co silver propelling pencil bearing inscription dated 1898, London 1897, a 19th century mother of pearl handled corkscrew and a silver condiment spoon (3 items) 40 60
299 Four items of King’s pattern silver cutlery by John Round & Son Ltd., Sheffield 1895 comprised of a dinner fork, dessert spoon and two dessert forks, combined weight 7.21ozt, 224g 50 70
300 Five French wheel engraved tot glasses by Prault-Linzeler with silver bases, 5.25cm high, sixth glass lacking but base remains 30 40
301 An Edwardian silver tea caddy, London 1911, by Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co., of sarcophagus form, 11.8cm x 8.3cm x 9.2cm,  9.77 ozt, 304g 75 95
302 An Edwardian silver circular basket, Birmingham 1907, with Greek key pierced decoration, mounted on three scrolling legs and paw feet, 13.25cm diameter including handles, 4.82 ozt, 149.8g 35 45
303 A pair of Edwardian silver boat shaped trinket dishes, Birmingham 1909, with pierced decoration, 13.75cm long, combined weight 2.89ozt 90.0g 20 30
304 An Edwardian silver pear-shaped hot water jug, Sheffield 1909, mounted on four scroll legs,with ebonised handle, 20cm high, a Victorian silver cream jug and sugar bowl, Birmingham 1890 and 1891 by Hilliard & Thompson, combined weight 18.59ozt, 578.2g gross 150 200
305 A pair of silver coasters, London 1974 and 1975, with turned wood bases, 13cm diameter 40 60
306 A pair of silver sauce boats, Birmingham 1928, with shaped rims ‘C’ scroll handles and mounted on three feet, 14.5cm long, combined weight 5.94ozt, 184.7g 45 65
307 A Scottish silver toast rack, Glasgow 1910, (at fault), a pair of silver toast racks, Birmingham 1936, a pair of silver trophy egg cups, Birmingham 1938 and 1939, both with inscriptions, combined weight, 7.15ozt, 222.5g 55 65
308 An Art Deco silver framed perpetual desk calendar, Birmingham 1938, 21.5cm long x 14.5cm high 50 80
309 A silver caddy spoon, London 1923 with shell shaped bowl, 8.7cm,  a sifter spoon, London 1916, a Georgian silver ladle, London 1819, and other cutlery, combined weight 5.49ozt, 170.9g 40 50
310 An Edwardian silver card case, Birmingham 1913, with engraved leaf design and hinged lid, 1.17ozt, 36.3g and an 18 carat gold cased lady’s wrist watch, with import marks for 1928 (at fault) 35 45
311 A pair of silver mustard pots, Birmingham 1922, raised on four feet with scroll handle and two mustard spoons, another silver mustard pot (liner lacking), Birmingham 1923, a silver salt (liner lacking) and a silver pepper pot combined weight excluding liners, 9.02ozt, 280.7g 70 90
312 A 20th century silver cigarette box, Birmingham 1913, a silver handled cake knife, Sheffield 1916, a silver backed hand mirror, Birmingham 1913, an Edwardian silver topped cut glass jar, decorated with Reynold’s angels, Birmingham 1904 and another silver topped jar, London 1924 40 60
313 Six silver coloured metal bowls, each with individual heraldic embossed design to the interior, stamped .800,  two silver coloured metal napkin rings embossed with figures and two silver coloured metal egg cups, combined weight 25.1ozt, 780.1g 150 200
314 An Edwardian silver hip flask, Sheffield 1901, with engraving, 15.25cm long, 5.19ozt, 161.4g 50 80
315 A twelve place Continental .800 standard silver 84 piece cutlery set, comprised of twelve each of table spoons, dinner forks, dinner knives, dessert knives, dessert forks, entrée knives and tea spoons, cast with scrolling acanthus leaf and shell decoration, combined weight of weighable silver 118.84ozt, 3696.70g (knives not included) 1000 1500
316 A pair of Continental cast silver plates, stamped ‘900’, with shaped and reeded rims, 26.25cm diameter, combined weight 28.96ozt, 901.2 220 260
317 A Dutch .800 standard silver wine strainer, another similar Dutch silver wine strainer, and four napkin rings, many marked .800, combined weight 6.70ozt, 208.7g, a Georgian silver ‘Port’ decanter label,  London 1818, a modern silver ‘Gin’ decanter label, a pair of sugar tongs and a silver napkin ring, combined weight 2.52ozt, 78.3g 100 150
318 A quantity of silver Old English pattern cutlery, London 1938 and 1939, maker’s mark W B & S Ltd, comprised of five table forks, five dessert forks, two dessrt spoons and four serving spoons, all engraved with the initial ‘S’, combined weight 26.21ozt, 815.3g, 180 220
319 A silver coloured metal bowl, decorated with three circular embossed disks depicting two lions passant guardant, a double-headed eagle and a winged lion, raised on three hoofed feet, with inscription; ‘Presented by the Red Cross and Prisoners of War Bureau Helpers 1941-1943’, marked ‘S800’, ‘C.TH.ARGYRIDES & CO’, 18.5cm diameter, 9.68ozt, 301.3g 75 95
320 A Continental silver Brandy ladle with turned wooden handle, 38.5cm long, and a Continental circular silver dish with mirror base, 15.75cm diameter 50 60
321 A Continental silver coloured metal teapot, with engine turned decoration raised on four scroll supports with scrolling acanthus leaf spout and handle and foliate finial, 13.52ozt, 420.7g 80 120
322 A silver sugar castor, Birmingham 1931, a small silver rose bowl, Birmingham 1992,  combined weight 5.40ozt, 167.9g, and a modern silver coaster with wooden base, boxed 50 70
323 A set of six silver coffee spoons with coffee bean finials, Birmingham 1933, cased a silver handled cake knife, boxed with matching butter and cheese knives, also boxed, and two other items 25 35
324 A mother of pearl and silver mounted butter dish, Birmingham 2001, a silver ‘Brandy’ decanter label and a small Sterling mounted glass pepperette 25 35
325 A pair of silver engine turned napkin rings, Birmingham 1960, boxed, another pair of napkin rings and a single napkin ring, combined weight 3.15ozt, 98g 25 35
326 A silver pepperette and salt, Birmingham 1919, two salt spoons and one other silver salt, combined weight 4.41ozt, 137.4g 35 45
327 A pair of small Doric column candlesticks on square bases, Sheffield 2002, 14.5cm high and a pair of squat silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1960, 8cm high, both with weighted bases 50 70
328 An Indian silver coloured metal vase on pedestal foot, all-over decorated with embossed foliate scroll and acanthus leaf decoration, 19.5cm high, 5.51ozt, 171.6g 40 45
329 A 20th Century silver coloured metal three piece teaset, the bases stamped ‘Sterling 950’, the teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl on pedestal bases with gadrooned foot and rim, combined weight 28.29ozt, 879.6g 220 280
330 A collection of miniature Indian silver insects and animals including a snake, frog, lizards, butterfly and scorpions (12) 100 150
331 A collection of Edwardian and later silver items comprised of a match book holder, three cigarette cases, a notebook holder with fitted silver propelling pencil and a silver stamp holder in the form of an envelope, 15.3ozt, 476.8g, and two silver plated match book holders 150 200
332 A pair of Russian silver sugar tongs, 0.75ozt, 23.3g and a silver cigarette case with inscription dated 1932, 5.63ozt, 175.1g 40 60
334 An Edwardian silver three piece boat-shaped teaset with half gadrooned body, the teapot with ebonized handle, London 1908, combined weight 13.94ozt, 433.50g, housed in fitted case with teaspoons and sugar nips lacking 100 140
335 A silver teapot, Birmingham 1922, with ebonized handle and knop, 11.89ozt, 368.5g 80 120
336 A silver Mappin and Webb lidded muffin dish, Sheffield 1935, 19.24ozt, 598.4g, 19.75g 150 180
337 Assorted early 20th century silver items comprised of a rectangular silver cigarette case, a silver coaster and two silver napkin rings, combined weight 6.02ozt, 187.3g 45 55
338 An Edwardian silver christening spoon and fork, London 1905, cased, three George III silver Old English pattern silver table spoons, London 1819, and a single silver christening fork, combined weight 7.54ozt, 234.7g 60 80
339 Ten pieces of silver Old English pattern cutlery, London 1933, by JW & Co., comprised of five dessert forks and five dessert spoons, all engraved with the initial ‘O’, combined weight 12.49ozt, 388.4g 80 120
340 A silver pedestal bowl, with scroll and shell cast shaped rim, Birmingham 1935, 23.75cm diameter, 9.45ozt, 295g 70 80
341 A silver teapot, London 1930, raised on ball feet with box wood handle and knop, 23.09ozt, 718.5g gross 180 220
342 Assorted Continental silver cutlery comprised of a set of 10 teaspoons stamped’800′, a sifter spoon, cake slice (ivory handle at fault) and seven various spoons, possibly Austrian, combined weight 17.02ozt, 529.10 gross 120 180
343 A Victorian silver mounted claret jug, London 1895, by John Grinsell & Sons, the mount cast with scrolling vine, fruit and mask decoration, the finial in the form of a lion with a shield, the spout in the form of a mask of a bearded man, with scroll handle, 27cm high 250 350
344 A set of five Victorian silver shell-shaped sweet dishes, the large dish with pierced and embossed design on three ball feet, 28.25cm long, and four matching smaller dishes, 12.25cm long, combined weight, 17.18ozt, 534.5g 120 180
345 A George III silver tankard of plain tapering cylindrical form with ‘S’ scroll handle and flared foot, London 1772, 12.25cm high, 10.77ozt, 334.8g 150 200
346 A pair of Art Deco silver four-section toast racks, Sheffield 1932, 7.75cm long, combined weight 3.64ozt, 113.3g 30 40
347 A pair of small silver pedestal trinket dishes, retailed by Harrods, Birmingham 1937, 9.75cm diameter and a Victorian pierced silver pedestal bon bon dish, London1892, 12cm diameter, combined weight 6.71ozt, 208.8g 65 85
348 An Edwardian rectangular silver mounted pocket watch stand, Birmingham 1907, 8.5cm x 7.5cm, containing a chrome plated pocket watch 20 30
349 An assortment of small silver items comprised of a rectangular cigarette box, a christening tankard, a small specimen vase, an egg cup, four napkin rings, and a silver backed hair brush, combined weight of weighable silver, 7.82ozt, 243.1g 70 90
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