Toys – 26th April 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
125 A collection of five Armand Marseille bisque porcelain doll’s heads, numbered 990, 518, 390, 996, and 390 20 40
126 Two Heubach bisque headed dolls No 300 and 250 with composition bodies plus one other together with a collection of Victorian and later doll parts and accessories to include body parts, eyes, wigs, clothing, shoes etc (3 boxes) 50 100
127 An early 20th century Steiff-style mohair monkey with glass eyes, felt face, hands and feet, riding a metal framed trundle cart with rear air box and wooden wheels 21cm h x 22cm w 60 100
128 A ‘War Relief Toy Works’ Noah’s Ark circa 1920s, hand-painted with transfer printed motif and hinged roof complete with Noah and wife, two elephants, two giraffe, two sheep, two bears, two bison, two kangaroos, two ostriches, two camels, two cows, two deer, two goats, two leopards, two pigs, two horses,  two other deer plus a single polar bear, zebra, penguin, lion, tiger, rhino, cat, bird, duck and another cat  37cm h x 66cm w x 19cm d 250 350
129 A 1963 Williams ‘Big Daddy’ pin ball machine 200 300
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