Auction Catalogue – 24th May 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
1 A Royal Doulton porcelain tea and dinner service with floral decoration (3 boxes) 40 60
2 A part tea set with blue, russet and gilt decoration to include cups, saucers, sugar bowl etc together with two Royal Doulton side plates decorated with flowers and parrots plus other items (1 box) 15 25
3 An embroidered Japanese art work of a river and bridge 50 70
4 An embroidered Japanese art work of a pagoda with river to the foreground 50 70
5 Two hand-coloured prints of Windsor Castle engraved by John Boydell 50 80
6 Joseph Kirkpatrick, ‘An October Day, Sussex’, watercolour, signed to lower right with label to verso 30 40
7 M. Strickland, watercolour, landscape depicting fields, trees and poppies 30 40
8 Military interest, Major G Redfern, a collection of Army and family related photographs depicting Major Redfern’s life in the early 20th century where he was stationed in Bermuda and other countries, mainly housed in albums 100 120
9 Fifteen Victorian opaque glass vases having painted scenes including Battle Abbey, Hastings Castle, Land’s End etc (1 box) 20 30
10 Assorted Victorian and later ceramics and glassware to include a Denby glazed teapot, jug and coffee pot, Victorian ring-neck decanters, floral patterned part tea set plus other items (2 boxes) 30 40
11 Assorted items to include framed Edwardian and later photographs, two prints in oval gilt frames plus a pair of ornate gilt brass three branch wall sconces (1 box) 20 30
12 A framed still life study of a jug with peaches, plums and cobnuts, signed and dated 20 30
13 A 19th century pastel on paper, coastal scene depicting a boy and a girl carrying a young girl in fishing nets with fishing boat and sea to background, indistinctly signed to lower left and housed in an ebonised frame 15 25
14 John Brunsdon (1933) ‘Worm’s Head’ etching with aquatint, limited edition 27/150 signed in pencil to lower margin 60.5cm x 45cm 70 100
15 A collection of assorted ceramics to include a Maling lustre bowl, an Allervale ewer, a mid-20th century leaping tiger, a boxed Carlton Ware dish and spoon plus other items (1 box) 30 50
16 Assorted silver plated items including a tea set, a toast rack and pedestal bowls (1 box) 15 20
17 Assorted ceramics to include Herend, Wedgwood coffee cups, a Dresden cup and saucer etc (1 box) 20 30
18 Miscellaneous items to include brass candlesticks, an ornate brass inkwell, a Serento ware box, Japanese red lacquer box, vintage playing cards, a wood and brass pocket watch holder plus other items (1 box) 20 40
19 A watercolour of a Victorian interior scene housed in a gilt frame 40 60
20 H.C.Sylvester, watercolour depicting coastal thatched cottages and figures, signed to lower right and dated 1909 20 30
21 Three 1950s Shell County Guides posters trimmed to frame, all in oak frames 60 80
22 A 20th century pastel depicting a male torso signed J A C and dated ’95 and housed in an ornate gilt frame 30 50
23 A quantity of blue and white ‘Onion’ pattern dinnerware by various makers (1 box) 30 40
24 A collection of items to include a JPS hip flask fitted with three flasks and four tots, a pair of marine field glasses, six cloisonne pin trays, a pewter figure group of peregrine falcons by Gilroy Roberts plus other items (1 box) 40 50
25 A box of hand-painted and transfer printed pierced porcelain plates decorated with floral sprays and fruit to include Dresden examples (1 box) 10 20
26 Assorted 19th century and later ceramic finger plates, a 1950s brass and ceramic hook bracket plus two pairs of 20th century Coronet brand glass door knobs plus one other (1 box) 10 20
27 A pair of ornate gilt brass wall sconces together with two pairs of brass candlestick table lamps. Untested and sold as spares 30 50
28 A 19th century mezzotint depicting figures outside a tavern, heightened in white, framed and glazed 15 25
29 Susan Maxwell Scott, canal scene, oil on board 20 30
30 Charles Browney, ‘Barn at Dawn, Sussex’, oil and watercolour, signed to lower right with inscription to verso 20 30
31 W Grant Murry, watercolour, figure punting on river with trees and fields to background, signed to lower left and dated 1906 20 30
32 A quantity of ‘Indian Tree’ patterned tea and dinner ware including plates, cups, saucers and jugs by various manufacturers including Coalport (1 box) 20 30
33 A Webb Corbett cut glass decanter and six matching wine glasses 30 40
34 Miscellaneous ceramics and glassware including a Whitefriars molar vase, a Victorian moon flask encrusted with flowers and leaves, two Victorian butter dishes, a Cauldon part tea set plus other items (1 box) 70 90
35 An early 20th century British oil on canvas of figures haymaking, unsigned 30 50
36 H.C.Sylvester, gouache and watercolour depicting a Venetian scene, signed to lower right and dated 1909 20 30
37 An early 20th century gouache and watercolour, winter scene depicting a cottage and figures on pathway, indistinctly signed to lower right and dated 1909 20 30
38 A set of four reproduction H. Atkin hunting prints 40 60
39 An oil on board of Tenterden, signed and dated 1966 20 40
40 Silver plated items to include a tureen, bon-bon dishes, a tray, cutlery etc (1 box) 30 50
41 Four albums of early 20th century cigarette cards 50 100
42 A mid-20th century Shelley part tea set decorated with a floral garden scene (1 box) 20 30
43 A Doulton jardiniere,  a Doulton horse, a Victorian Toby jug, Crown Ducal ‘Orange Tree’ pattern china together with other items (1 box) 30 40
44 A collection of eight signed Caithness glass paperweights to include Sundance, Cauldron, Rhythm & Blues, Starlight, Space Beacon, Pebble and two Moon Crystals plus three CG glass paperweights of various sizes (11 items) 40 60
45 A quantity of Royal Doulton ‘Tangier’ pattern tea and dinnerware to include plates, cups and saucers, bone china tea ware with transfer and gilt floral decoration, cake stands and plates decorated with flowers plus other items including cut glass vases etc (2 boxes) 20 40
46 A late 19th century engraving, over painted in watercolours, depicting huntsmen stalking a deer at the water’s edge, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
47 A Signe Kolding ceramic wall panel entitled ‘Us Two’ mounted on a wooden frame 40 60
48 June Martin, ‘Garden Court Hall’, watercolour, initialled ‘JPM’ 10 20
49 Wallace Wood,  ‘Dallington, Sussex’, watercolour depicting fields and windmill and hills to the background, signed to lower right 20 30
50 Barbie Soan,  ‘Bewl Water’, watercolour depicting boats with trees and hills to background 15 20
51 J F Marchland, watercolour, landscape with trees and house 10 20
52 John Coulson, two watercolours depicting a beach and a house nestling within hills 10 20
53 An early 20th century Continental watercolour depicting a sea wall with figures and mountains to background, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
54 Assorted ceramics to include Italian vases, storage jars and bowls, Paisley, Johnson Bros etc together with a pair of decorated tiles by H & R Johnson, a decanter and glass in the form of a kneeling African girl plus other items (3 boxes) 20 30
55 Miscellaneous items to include penknives, miniature wine and champagne bottles, a German wooden building block set, boxed, leather motorcycle gauntlets, spurs, leather wallets and purses, kitchenalia, shirt studs, two Dance Art Mix boxes decorated ‘Monkey Time’, a children’s tea set etc (2 boxes) 30 50
56 Assorted UK and Continental ceramics to include hand-painted tea ware and bowls depicting elephants and palms, 1950s kitten and Scottie dog figurines, a glazed wall plaque in the form of an angel etc (1 box) 20 30
57 A collection of assorted Bakelite items to include a string ball, castors, a hair dryer, a sewing stand, two Penn fishing reels plus other items (1 box) 40 60
58 Lennard Lewis (1826-1913), Continental harbour scene, watercolour, signed lower left and dated ’98, framed and glazed, 24cm x 53cm 30 40
59 Jacques Valmidor (b1955, Haitian), townsfolk with houses and river in distance, acrylic on canvas, unframed, 51cm x 61cm 100 150
60 Bodge ‘Garden Love’, acrylic on board. Borth artist inspired by local land and seascapes, has exhibited in Wales and England and has done many community murals 100cm x 40cm 40 60
61 A framed Ordnance Survey map showing part of Kent dated 1907 20 40
62 W H Barrow, huntsman and hounds at Battle Abbey, watercolour, signed to lower right, housed in gilt frame, 18.5cm x 30cm 70 100
63 Rowan Crew RBA, b. 1952, ‘Old Romney Across the Marsh’, acrylic, signed to lower right with label to verso, 15cm x 33cm 50 70
64 Miscellaneous items to include ‘The Watercolours of William Russell Flint’, vintage chocolate boxes and tins, a silver plated cruet, Art Deco playing cards and box plus other items (1 box) 20 30
65 A small collection of Crested ware (1 box) 20 30
66 A U.E.F.A. Champion’s League Glasgow Final 2002 cased hip flask and rare Highland 10 year single malt whisky 20 40
67 A part suite of Whitefriars ‘Glacier’ range glasses comprised of four tall glasses, four tumblers and five wine glasses, two Whitefriars ruby red small bowls both with encased bubble pattern, a pair of possibly William Wilson for Whitefriars Silver Jubilee wine glasses with conical bowls, plain stems and circular bases together with a Whitefriars green ground vase of tapering form (1 box) 20 40
68 A quantity of blue and white ceramics to include a teapot, side and dinner plates, a milk jug etc (1 box) 15 25
69 A collection of miscellaneous items to include a trench art Spitfire, vintage hip flasks, one by Mappin Brothers, vintage razors, a surveyor’s tape plus other items (1 box) 30 40
70 Assorted ceramics to include a stoneware decanter and goblets, a glazed Bavarian tea set, an Italian jug and vase, an Oriental bowl plus other items  (1 box) 20 30
71 G. Tate, pair of oil on canvas depicting rams and sheep with lakes and mountains to background, both signed to lower right 180 250
72 R. Herdman-Smith F.R.S.A., A.R.W.A., ‘Loch Lomond’, original aquatint engraving, edition limited to 150 signed artist’s proofs, signed and titled in pencil to lower margin with label to verso, 23cm x 29cm 20 40
73 Khalil Ibrahim (1934) Batik printing religious scene depicting a deity on horseback with disciples and waving figures, signed and dated ’67, 61cm x 84cm 700 1000
74 John Brunsdon (1933) ‘Little Fry Up’ etching with aquatint, artist’s proof 5/15 signed in pencil to lower margin 29.5cm x 44cm 70 100
75 A Susie Cooper ceramic tureen decorated to inside of bowl and knob with foliage, a triangular Spode ‘Barbecue’ dish, a Staffordshire part child’s tea set ‘Beatrix Potter’ design, a quantity of Midwinter fashion shaped dinnerware, two Crown Ducal cake plates and a Royal Staffordshire ‘Daisy Friendship’ plate (1 box) 30 40
76 A large 19th century ivory lidded jar together with a collection of early 20th century ivory-backed brushes 40 60
77 A set of brass and oak Postal scales, four copper measures, a pair of ornate silver plated candlesticks etc (1 box) 20 30
78 A box of assorted  ceramics to include Carlton Ware, Beswick, Port Meirion plus other items (2 boxes) 40 60
79 Assorted silver plated ware to include trays, wine coasters, tea and coffee pots, a cocktail shaker, bon-bon dishes plus other items (1 box) 60 80
80 Jacques Valmidor (b1955, Haitian), figures, animals and mythical creatures in a lush landscape, acrylic on canvas, signed, unframed, 61cm x 51cm 100 150
81 A 1970s Mercedes advertising mirror 10 20
82 A framed copy of the ‘Gough Map’, the first known map of Great Britain circa 1360. The original is held in the Bodlian Library, Oxford 20 40
83 Elsie Hall, still life of fruit, oil on canvas, signed lower left and dated 1905, housed in gilt frame with gesso detail 33cm x 51cm 20 40
84 Legh Mulhall Kilpin 1853-1919, ‘Sorrell’, unsigned, framed 37cm x 54cm 30 50
85 Two pairs of hobnail cut decanters plus seven matching glasses 20 30
86 Assorted wooden items to include cribbage boards, mahogany plate stands, an Oriental pot stand, a 1930s vesta etc (1 box) 20 30
87 Assorted cloisonne pin dishes, bowls and pots (1 box) 40 60
87 A group of silver plated peacocks and pheasants 20 30
88 Two albums of early 19th century photographs, loose photographs, early 20th century school text books, a medical dictionary and a quantity of early 20th century postcards (1 box) 20 30
89 Assorted boxes including a Victorian workbox, an Anglo Indian cigarette box, two leather bound jewellery boxes plus other items (1 box) 20 30
89 A suite of ‘Stuart’ crystal glasses to include decanter, wine, whisky, sherry, hock glasses, sundae dishes etc (2 boxes) 50 60
90 Two brass corinthian column table lamps, a pair of candlesticks together with a brass bowl and dish and a bronze shrimp (1 box) 20 40
91 John Brunsdon (1933) ‘Gower’ etching with aquatint, limited edition 53/125 signed in pencil to lower margin 44.5cm x 59.5cm 70 100
92 Ray Highams ‘Geishas’, 20th century watercolour, signed to lower right,29cm x 19cm 20 40
93 THIS LOT HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN Dr Thomas Boswell Watson (1815-1860), Chinese junk, pen and ink 9cm x 9cm 100 150
94 THIS LOT HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN  Dr Thomas Boswell Watson (1815-1860) ‘A Small Sailing Craft’, pen and ink, with exhibition label to verso for ‘Artists of the China Coast 1994’ 9cm x 9cm 100 150
95 An oak framed triple panel decorative wall mirror, the central bevel glass panel flanked by two romantic Victorian prints 20 30
96 Cynthia Wall (1927-2012), ‘Yellow Flowers’, oil on board, signed to lower right and dated ’79 100 200
97 J.H.Powell, watercolour, estuary scene with bridge, boats and village to background, signed to lower right, approximately 26.5cm x 36.5cm 30 50
98 A Royal Doulton 1930’s hand-painted dinner service (2 boxes) 100 200
99 A quantity of watch and clock spares together with a large quantity of clock magazines and books (2 boxes) 30 40
99 Assorted ceramics to include British Anchor dinnerware decorated with poodles, Swedish ‘Red Top’ tureen and pot, a teapot fashioned as a seated dog etc (1 box) 15 25
100 THIS LOT HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN Leslie Woolaston, ‘Chalk Hill’, oil on canvas depicting a harbour scene, signed to lower left and dated ’66 with labels to verso 49cm  x 59.5cm 200 250
100 Ten 19th century small books including Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron etc 0 0
101 A Dutch portrait miniature after David Teniers, framed 50 80
101 A Turner, watercolour and gouache depicting a seated spaniel 15 25
102 Rowan Crew RBA, b. 1952, oil on board, landscape depicting fields with windmill and buildings to background, signed to lower right 15.5cm x 31cm 50 70
103 Dorothy Tustain, hand-painted map of East Sussex and Kent dated 1955 30 50
104 Two stained glass leaded windows 20 30
105 Jennie Tomsley ‘Window on a Wood, Dunwich’, limited edition 34/34, signed in pencil to lower margin 29cm x 43cm 20 40
106 A cased 19th century ivory brise fan with pierced leaves with floral lace, the guards carved with flowers and Greek Key panel 30 40
107 20th century British, cottages by lake, oil on board, unsigned, with another painting en verso of figures in a street, also unsigned, housed in gilt gesso frame, 19cm x 29cm 10 20
108 J.W.Eyton, ‘Leigh Creek’, watercolour depicting sailing ships, signed to lower right 20 30
109 Assorted ceramics to include three graduated Alfred Meakin ‘Marigold’ platters, Royal Doulton ‘Brambly Hedge’, Crown Ducal tea ware, a French sauce boat and dish together with a collection of pin dishes to include Devon Ware, Coalport, Wedgwood etc (2 boxes) 20 30
110 A Stanley RB10 plane and ‘The Potrix’ sander polisher, both in original boxes 20 30
111 Assorted plated ware to include a Liberty cruet set, mustard pot with glass liner, a Mappin & Webb tankard, ‘WMF’ cutlery, a James Dixon & Sons coffee pot, dishes etc (1 box) 30 40
112 Joseph Albert Terry, Amsterdam scene, oil on board, housed in an ornate gilt brass frame 29cm x 24.5cm 150 250
113 Graham Everden, b.1947, ‘Grasses and Poppies’, limited edition etching 287/350, signed in pencil to lower margin with labels to verso 20cm x 13cm 30 50
114 A 19th century Indian painting on silk of an elephant 90cm x 102cm 150 250
115 Circle of John Brett (1831 – 1902), coastal scene, oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated 1879, housed in gilt frame with gesso detail 29cm x 49cm 50 70
116 Michael Valestin (b.1962, Haitian), a study of a hen, acrylic on canvas, signed, framed 39.5cm x 49.5cm 150 200
117 A collection of assorted cigarette and tea cards to include Gallaher, Churchman’s, Wills, Player’s etc (1 box) 30 50
118 A late 19th century walnut stereoscope with a collection of slides including WWI interest together with a vintage cased Viewmaster complete with discs (1 box) 40 60
119 A collection of Victorian and later postcards and a school boy stamp collection 20 40
120 A collection of assorted ceramics to include a Price of Kensington teapot in the form of a Labrador, a Myott part tea set, a Poole two tone coffee pot plus other items (1 box) 20 30
121 John Mitchell Cantle (1849-1919) Australian, pair of watercolours, magpies with insect on branch and a Kookaburra on branch, both signed J.M.Cantle, both 33cm x 20 cm 50 100
122 A limited edition lithograph 2/6, modern, entitled ‘London Etching’ 1st May, signed and dated 1973 30 40
123 Glyn Uzzell ‘Sao Lorenco 1986’ etching and aquatint, limited edition 84/90 signed in pencil to lower margin 30cm x 24cm 15 25
124 A 19th century possible Dutch school oil on veneer depicting a river scene with windmill, boats and buildings to background with inscription to verso, housed in an ornate gilt frame 29cm x 34cm 100 120
125 A box of assorted glassware to include decanters, silver plated four bottle cruet dressing table items etc (1 box) 20 30
126 An Armand Marseille bisque headed doll No 390 with jointed composition body 60 100
127 A large collection of miniature liqueur bottles (4 boxes) 30 50
128 A pair of Royal Crown Derby cabinet plates with raised posy decorations and a pair of Coalport Rockingham cabinet plates with limited edition certificates 25 50
129 W R Howard, 1900-1978, watercolour, river scene with village and church to background, signed to lower left and dated 1977 17cm x 26cm 20 40
130 A watercolour of the main deck of a tall ship, indistinctly signed to lower left 24cm x 32cm 30 50
131 Stephen Bishop, oil on canvas of Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst signed and dated 40 60
132 A good pair of Art Deco clear glass decanters of bottle form complete with six shot glasses, five tall glasses and an ice bowl, each decorated with a geometric design sterling silver overlay, each stamped Sterling, decanter 27cm h 40 60
133 A collection of jewellery boxes (1 box) 20 30
134 LOT 134 IS A NO LOT 0 0
135 A brass pen tray, a brass candlestick, a trivet, a copper bed warmer and other metalware 20 30
136 A large clear glass apothecary’s jar and stopper and a smaller green glass poison bottle with cork stopper 10 15
137 A 20th century mahogany silver gilt spiral carved sunburst mirror with convex plate 135cm h x 135cm w 150 200
138 An assortment of items including a miniature chest of multiple drawers, boxes, pictures, a child’s spinning toy and a collection of hand-painted Oriental card and fabric figures (1 box) 20 40
139 An assortment of stamps, vintage greetings cards, an early 20th century paper Christmas angel and other items 10 20
140 A cut glass decanter having a silver collar, London 1934 together with a quantity of glassware 20 40
141 A 1930s circular peach and green glass bevel edged mirror 30 50
142 An oriental watercolour on silk depicting dragonflies and flowers, signed with character marks 20 30
143 Vilmo Gibello (b. 1916) 20th century abstract Continental street scene with figures, oil on canvas signed to lower right with inscription to verso (please see artist’s website) 75cm x 49.5cm 230 250
144 Two brass kettles on stands and a copper kettle 30 40
145 A Japanese eggshell porcelain tea set (1 box) 10 15
146 Three early postcard albums with mainly architectural scenes together with an album of cigarette cards to include Sunripe cigarettes, Players, Wills etc (1 box) 30 50
147 A collection of assorted Victorian-style brass wall lights with frosted and clear glass shades plus two pairs of brass bath and sink taps with enamel button tops 40 60
148 H.W. Hicks, pair of watercolours, both depicting moorland scenes with heather, hills and sheep, both signed to lower right and housed in gilt frames 13cm x 37cm 20 30
149 Vilmo Gibello (b.1916) ‘The Pyramid’ abstract oil on canvas, signed to upper right with inscription to verso, unframed (please see artist’s website) 38cm x 46cm 230 250
150 David De Costa, limited edition print 84/120, depicting Peruvian musicians 15 25
151 A 1930s/1940s four tier gilt brass lustre hung bag light 20 30
152 Assorted ceramics to include a Lladro-style figure group, a Gertz beer stein, animal figures, collector’s plates plus other items (1 box) 30 40
153 Miscellaneous items to include silver plated vases, coffee pot, cutlery etc a cut glass decanter, brassware figures plus other items (1 box) 20 40
154 Assorted items to include vintage framed company shares, a promotional Matchbox ‘Jack Daniels’ lorry, an onyx chessboard, a plaster figure of an eagle, cased weights plus other items (1 box) 20 40
155 A collection of assorted framed photographic prints depicting countryside and coastal scenes 20 30
156 An assortment of miscellaneous glassware, ceramics, treen and other items to include a cut crystal fruit bowl, a 19th century Spode meat plate, decanters, an eggshell porcelain part tea set etc (3 boxes) 15 20
157 Assorted ceramics to include a Royal Doulton vase, two Lovatt stoneware jugs, Oriental plates and bowls, a Crown Staffordshire ‘Old Willow’ pillbox etc (1 box) 20 30
158 A collection of hand-coloured 19th century engravings, framed and glazed 20 40
159 A copper coal scuttle and other copper and metalware 30 50
160 Miscellaneous vintage items including children’s toys, trays, dolls, playing cards, handbags etc (2 boxes) 20 30
161 A collection of vintage tailor’s equipment to include rules, squares, shears, brushes etc reputedly from Huntsman’s & Son, Saville Row, London together with a quantity of assorted linen and lace (1 box) 30 50
162 Assorted metalware to include a flask with bung, storage jars, a candle snuffer, ashtrays etc plus a glass and gilt metal table stand housing a lace panel with central floral motif, a gilt and glass tray with embroidered panel and a gilt metal hand-mirror with floral embroidered back panel (1 box) 15 25
163 Assorted linen and lace to include place settings, table cloths, doilies etc (2 boxes) 20 30
164 A collection of assorted items to include vintage photograph albums, Wedgwood and other collector’s plates, jasperware, an oil on canvas of a tall ship plus other items 15 20
165 Five Wedgwood jasperware trinket boxes together with a Victorian Toby jug and a collection of various porcelain dogs (1 box) 20 30
166 A collection of assorted framed photographic prints depicting countryside and coastal scenes 20 30
167 A box of assorted wooden items to include table lamps, coasters, wall brackets, musical stands, ice bucket etc (1 box) 15 20
168 An Oriental four section ceramic lazy Susan with central bowl decorated with figures, trees, blossom and rocks together with assorted collector’s plates (1 box) 20 40
169 Assorted glassware to include art glass bowls, vases, cut glass fruit bowl etc (1 box) 15 25
170 Miscellaneous items to include a green metal vanity case housing glass bottles with brass handle and clasp, ceramics, Art Deco wooden bookends, bellows, fans etc (1 box) 10 20
171 A collection of assorted watercolours all painted by Joan Searle 20 30
172 A Praktika camera ‘Super TL’, a Soligor telescopic lens, a video camera and a cine camera and accessories (1 box) 20 30
173 Assorted ceramics and glass to include a Hornsea art vase, a Poole Pottery part tea set, a Royal Winton lustre bowl, whisky advertising jugs plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
174 Assorted pewter measures and other pewter and silver plate (1 box) 40 60
175 A collection of miscellaneous items to include leather cases, a wicker wine holder, kitchenalia etc (1 box) 20 30
176 A bamboo-framed wall hung mirror together with a pair of contemporary watercolours of Oriental women, framed and glazed 10 20
177 Assorted glass and ceramics to include T.G.Goode ‘Copelands’ saucers, a Royal Standard ‘Gaiety’ pattern tea set, Paragon ‘Nosegay’ pattern tea ware, a 1950s string dispenser in the form of a cat’s head, glass flowers, Lone Ranger decorated tumblers, Cranberry tumblers etc plus a 1930s frosted glass lamp shade showing fir cones (2 boxes) 20 30
178 A Royal Cauldon blue and white dragon pattern dinner service (1 box) 15 25
179 A ceramic cabbage leaf casserole pot and ladle, a terracotta casserole pot, a Carlton Ware posy vase, a studio pottery meat plate, signed Marchland plus other items (1 box) 20 30
180 Assorted pictures, prints and photographs to include a ‘Spy’ print, oils etc (1 box) 10 20
181 A copper preserve pan, a copper planter, a swan door stop, a jelly mould, a duck doorstop and a brass pheasant trivet (1 box) 50 70
182 A collection of Victorian and later glassware to include a French lustre lampshade, a Murano glass vase, a dressing table set etc 15 20
183 A crocodile skin handbag, a black beaded purse and other handbags and purses (1 box) 20 40
184 A large collection of 18th century and later engravings and prints to include ‘Hall Place Kent’, a hunting scene, landscapes, signed etchings plus others 20 30
185 Assorted glassware to include a boxed set of Thomas Webb cut glass decanters, a small scent bottle with silver collar, an amethyst glass bowl, a multi-coloured vase, decanters plus other items (1 box) 20 30
186 Miscellaneous items to include wood carving chisels, a bowler hat, an early 20th century puzzle, a cuckoo clock, a metronome etc (1 box) 25 35
187 Assorted ceramics and glassware to include a Radford vase, cut-glass bowls, water jugs, dishes, French ashtrays etc (2 boxes) 10 20
188 An early 20th century gilt brass hall lantern, decorated with scrolling swags and cherub masks 50 60
189 A pair of 20th century prints depicting birds among roses and leaves 10 20
190 An assortment of mounted black and white photographs depicting various scenes and a collection of theatre programmes (1 box) 15 25
191 A collection of miscellaneous items to include tinplate toys, a French Art Glass vase, a ceramic figure of a spaniel, a musical inlaid box plus other items 20 30
192 Miscellaneous items including a Japanese flask, coloured enamel dishes, a child’s writing slate, a small guillotine, vintage tins, Continental ceramics etc (2 boxes) 15 25
193 Assorted linen and lace (1 box) 20 30
194 A pair of early 20th century oval frames, a watercolour of a river scene and other pictures 10 20
195 A Mason’s bowl and a graduated set of pottery ducks, a Victorian loving cup, a 19th century chamber pot decorated with hunting scenes plus other ceramics (1 box) 20 30
196 A collection of 1950s and later dolls, clothes and accessories to include an early Sindy doll (1 box) 20 30
197 A collection of 1950s and later football magazines and programmes (2 boxes) 15 25
198 Two boxes of floral and gilt part tea sets (2 boxes) 20 30
199 A box of assorted prints to include 19th century French fashion prints, military and shipping prints etc 20 30
200 Assorted ceramics to include a 1930s Tuscan china coffee set, Maling lustre ware bowls, two Oriental vases, Royal Doulton ‘Countess’ pattern cups and saucers plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
201 Assorted glassware to include a boxed set of ‘Abbey’ cut crystal brandy bowls, champagne flutes, wine glasses, sherry glasses etc (2 boxes) 20 30
202 A Portmeirion ‘Meridian’ pattern brown glazed dinner and coffee service (2 boxes) 15 25
203 A mid-20th century chequer strung cigar box, the lid inlaid with figures, shield and crest, the interior stamped ‘Royal Jamaica Cigars’, Jamaica Tobacco Co Ltd, 13cm h x 43cm w x 21cm d 40 60
204 A David Sharp, Rye Pottery owl, 29cm h 40 60
205 A pair of famille verte vases, circle mark to base 50 100
206 An early 20th century ceramic figure of a semi-nude female with flowers, signed to base Bistone Poole, 31cm h 40 50
207 A smoky glass vase and a large spiral vase (2 items) 20 30
208 A David Sharp, Rye Pottery otter, 30cm h 30 40
209 A David Sharp, Rye Pottery rhino, 54cm long 40 60
210 A David Sharp, Rye Pottery Suffolk Punch horse, 26cm h 30 50
211 A large Danish vase of ovoid form decorated with roses, buds and leaves with Crown mark to base 15 25
212 A David Sharp, Rye Pottery ram, 20cm h 30 50
213 A hand-painted white glass panel decorated with finches, signed ‘Irene’ 20 30
214 An Oriental brass vase decorated with dragons with seal and character marks to base 30 50
215 A pair of David Sharp Rye Pottery vases, 55cm h 20 40
216 A 19th century Cantonese famille rose charger decorated with figural panels, pheasants and butterflies and Greek Key borders 80 120
217 A Whitefriars limited edition 198/350 lead crystal goblet to commemorate the wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips, engraved by Geoffrey Baxter, signed and numbered to base, boxed with certificate, a Whitefriars limited edition 59/150 lead crystal commemorative goblet marked Charles Prince of Wales, 1st July 1967, engraved by Peter Dreiser, signed and numbered to base, with original receipt of purchase dated 3rd July 1969 plus a Whitefriars lead crystal goblet to commemorate the investiture of Prince Charles dated 1969, signed to base W.J.Wilson 1170, together with a boxed Whitefriars lead crystal tankard 30 50
218 A Whitefriars bubble glass lemonade jug and one other 20 30
219 An Oriental Satsuma bowl painted with figures and an oriental blue and white vase with figures of deer in a landscape 30 50
220 A pair of 19th century tortoise coasters 60 100
221 A chrome aneroid barometer by Camerer Cuss & Co Oxford Street 15 25
222 A late 19th/early 20th century bronze figure of an Indonesian deity 30 40
223 A Wedgwood coffee can and saucer, hand-painted with grapes and vines together with a Wedgwood cake plate and dinner plate each decorated with flower stem repeat decoration, all manufactured for James Powell & Sons, Whitefriars Glass Work, with impressed and printed marks to base 20 40
224 A Murano Seguso glass standing angel with raised palms and gilt inclusions, 26cm high together with two Finnish Humppila glass candlesticks from the Kivi range designed by Pertti Santalghti, one in clear glass the other with green tint to lower stem and base, both 27cm high 30 40
225 Two large 20th century cut glass pedestal vases, engraved with fruit and berries 15 25
226 A Royal Worcester twin-handled blush ivory and gilt vase of ovoid form decorated with floral sprays, restored, 43cm h 150 250
227 A late 19th/early 20th century bronze figure of a kneeling cherub holding a captured duck with fleece over one knee next to stylized reeds, mounted on a later circular mahogany base, 23cm h 100 150
228 A 19th century Ernst Bohne & Sohne porcelain pot-pourri lidded twin-handled vase with applied wing cherubs and encrusted with floral bouquets and leaves with blue anchor mark to base, together with another similar, both 21cm high 50 70
229 A late 19th/early 20th century copper and brass desk stand of shaped rectangular form, fitted with single pen drawer, stand 8cm h x 29cm w x 19cm d 50 60
230 A large amethyst coloured cut glass scent bottle and a large clear glass scent bottle 30 50
231 A collection of Wedgwood glass candlestick holders to include three smoked glass and one clear glass ‘Brancaster’ examples together with a clear glass hooped ‘Sheringham’ example, each designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson plus a Lynn ‘Brancaster’ style clear glass holder, tallest 21cm high plus a pair of boxed Wedgwood clear glass ‘Brancaster’ candlestick holders designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson pattern No RSW15, 14cm high and a Wedgwood glass shade 30 40
232 A garniture of three Victorian twin-handled floral encrusted vases each decorated with panels depicting castles and cottages, tallest 31cm 100 150
233 An Art Deco marble based double and single picture frame 20 40
234 An Oriental watercolour of an owl perched on a bough, character marks to right hand side 20 30
235 A boxed coloured picture of a suspension bridge by Chinese artist Jin Bo Hua, signed to lower right 100 120
236 Signe Kolding, small bowl together with a plaque entitled ‘Rockface’ (2 items) 20 30
237 An ESL live steam model engine 15 20
238 An early 20th century Steiff-style mohair monkey with glass eyes, felt face, hands and feet, riding a metal framed trundle cart with rear air box and wooden wheels 21cm h x 22cm w 30 50
239 Four Wedgwood amber glass hooped ‘Sheringham’ candlestick holders, designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson pattern No RSW13, tallest 16cm high plus three Wedgwood ‘Sandringham’ candlestick holders in green, amber and smoked glass and a blue and amber ‘Brancaster’ pattern candlestick holders each designed by Ronald Stennett-Wilson, tallest 26cm high 50 70
240 A 1930s oak cigarette and cigar box, the top with two hinged compartments and handle, the sides with drawers for matches, Registration No 22563 to base 40 60
241 A rare 19th century Minton pierced cabinet plate painted by Antonin Boullemier depicting a young girl in a blue floral robe with fan and butterfly beside a tree with pagoda to background, signed lower left, impressed Minton mark to base with date cypher for 1873, 13cmDia 100 150
242 A ‘Woodford’ brass carriage timepiece, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and bevelled glass viewing panels 30 50
243 A heavily chased silver plated casket decorated with Medieval scenes, with cushioned silk interior raised on bracket feet, stamped ‘A B Paris’ to base 40 60
244 A bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1980, Pauillac, 75cl, fill level 3cm below cork 40 60
245 A large glass dome on a circular base, and a smaller similar, both containing flower displays. 70 90
246 A brass and oak cased desk calendar 20 30
247 A Bohemian carved wooden caricature of a tradesman and two others, a novelty corkscrew holder and a carved painted nut cracker (5 items) 50 60
248 A Brannam Pottery green glazed three handled vase signed Brannam, Barnstable No 254 20 30
249 A 20th century cast bronze photo frame decorated with cherubs and bouquets and surmounted with clam shell on scrolled support, the easel back inscribed ‘Saver Paris’ 25cm h 20 40
250 A collection of approximately 50 glass photographic negatives dating from the early 1920s, each depicting birds or nests with eggs, each housed in numbered envelopes stating season, month, subject, where photographed and exposure time, all housed in an Ensign wooden box 60 100
251 A pair of Art Nouveau Eichwald tall vases 30 40
252 An early 20th century Gorman & Co brass three light table lamp on paw feet.  Untested and sold as spares 40 60
253 A collection of paperweights including Mdina and Caithness examples (9 items) 30 40
254 A 20th century brass cased French carriage clock with enamelled dial and Roman numerals and bevelled glass viewing panels 30 40
255 An early 20th century leather-bound jewellery box, the lid with applied military insignia 20 40
256 A walking stick with gilt collar and inscription presented by the postmen of Chorley, November 13th 1903 together with another cane with Royal Artillery embossed silver plated handle (2 items) 30 50
257 Three 20th century oil on canvas depicting figures on a path, farmland landscape and a still life with shells, each initialled ‘SMS’ together with a 20th century, unsigned, still life of fruit (4 items) 20 40
258 Arthur H Enock, horse and cart, watercolour, signed, O’Dowell, church, watercolour, signed, P.W.Cole, figures beneath archway, watercolour, signed and other pictures 30 40
259 A 19th century gilt wood and gesso Masonic wall mirror with broken pediment and coat of arms over a rectangular plate flanked by Corinthian ball topped pilasters, the frame applied with various Masonic symbols, 59cm h x 39cm w 30 50
260 An ornate rectangular gilt frame mirror 30 40
261 A mid-20th century wooden framed Georgian-style doll’s house 20 30
262 A pair of 19th century prints of semi-nude women entitled ‘Odalisque’ and ‘Epanouissement’ together with two framed prints of church scenes signed by the artist F.Robson (4 items) 20 30
263 A 20th century wrought iron pot hanger decorated with chickens 20 40
264 A late 19th century giltwood rectangular mirror, the frame carved with scrolling leaves and stems 80 120
265 A triple aspect dressing table mirror 20 30
266 A Harrods retailed gilt brass standard lamp, electrolier and wall lights with funnel-shaped frosted bulbous glass shades. Untested and sold as spares 150 250
267 An Edwardian mahogany wall cupboard with mirror panelled doors 30 40
268 A set of four Edwardian hunting prints 40 60
269 An ornate brass and marble two tier side table 20 30
270 A 19th century slate and marble mantel clock with brass finial over an enamel dial with Arabic numerals, raised on brass paw feet 70 100
271 A cased set of precision scales by Baird & Tatlock Ltd 20 40
272 An oak cased ‘His Master’s Voice’ gramophone together with assorted records 50 70
273 An American wall clock with painted face and transfer painted glass panel beneath 30 50
274 A vintage school master’s robe by Ede & Ravenscroft, Chancery Lane, London 20 30
275 A Burberrys lady’s rain mac 40 60
276 A modern Chinese four-fold screen with stork decoration on a gold background 50 70
277 A Victorian mahogany framed American wall clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals over a glazed transfer printed panel depicting ‘The Merchant’s Exchange, Philadelphia’ opening to reveal a maker’s label for Brewster & Ingrahams 30 50
278 An early 20th century oval gilt framed bevel edged mirror with ribbon bow decoration 30 40
279 An early 20th century butterfly wing picture 30 50
280 A 1963 Williams ‘Big Daddy’ pin ball machine 120 150
281 An Art Deco Belling cast iron  and enamel electric heater. Untested and sold as spares 20 40
282 A 1930s chrome plated smoker’s companion 40 60
283 Two onyx vase-shaped table lamps together with an onyx column table lamp. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
284 A large North African lidded copper bowl 15 20
285 A 19th century hollow cast bronze depicting Christ on a cross. 20 40
286 A Herbert Terry & Sons mid-20th century anglepoise lamp. Untested and sold as spares 30 50
287 A modern Steiff plush boxer dog together with a Steiff ‘Petsy’ teddy bear, and a Steiff ‘Lumpi’ Labrador, each with buttons and labels to ears. 40 50
288 A large 20th century Oriental floor vase decorated with floral panels on blue and turquoise ground, 83cm h 20 40
289 A mid-20th century Famos chrome oil lamp with decorative milk glass shade 20 40
290 An E.K. Cole ‘Thermovent’ Bakelite space heater. Untested and sold as spares 20 40
291 An early 20th century inlaid walnut butterfly wing tray 40 60
292 A dome topped mantle clock with silvered dial and Arabic numerals 10 15
293 A vintage bronze saucepan, the handle embossed ‘Warner 5p’ 15 20
294 A 20th century cast iron house bell surmounted with a pig 20 40
295 A vintage Oriental cane canary cage in the form of a pagoda 15 25
296 A mid-20th century Pye walnut cased radio model 690240. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
297 A Victorian mahogany swing mirror, the rectangular plate on scrolling supports over two cushion-fronted drawers and raised on turned supports 20 30
298 A Syrian coffee pot, pestle and mortar together with a tribal drum 20 30
299 Six early 20th century Pall Mall cigarette coloured advertising prints 30 50
300 A pair of early 20th century onyx urn-shaped table lamps. Untested and sold as spares 20 40
301 A set of vintage brass and mahogany ‘Arnold’ precision scales Redhill, Surrey with weights together with a cased set of chrome weights 20 30
302 A pair of large 20th century Satsuma vases each decorated with panelled interior scenes depicting deities with female assistants and Adriatic pheasants with mountains and trees to background, both raised on lacquered hardwood stands, 88cm h 120 150
303 An early 20th century brass four section stick stand 20 30
304 A pair of 20th century plaster sculptures of eyes and brow 10 20
305 Assorted pictures, prints and photographs including a French watercolour depicting boats together with a board for the game ‘Totopoly’ (1 box) 10 20
306 An early 19th century brass and wire fire guard 20 30
307 A pair of urn-shaped milk glass table lamps, another milk glass table lamp together with an Italian alabaster column-shaped table lamp, all untested and sold as spares 30 40
308 A coopered oak Royal Vinicola port spirit barrel together with a 19th century salt glazed spirit barrel 30 50
309 A pine dome top dressing mirror 10 20
310 An Arabic brass rectangular bed warmer 30 50
311 A mid-20th century ‘Kingsbury’ four section green painted filing cabinet 30 50
312 An early 20th century campaign bed 15 25
313 An early 20th century African carved face mask 20 30
314 Four floral decorated glass light shades 30 40
315 A late 19th century Gothic-style hall lantern of octagonal form with arched panels and amber glass inserts, 45cm h 120 150
316 A Victorian leather top hat box, two small leather cases plus one other (4 items) 30 50
317 A mounted 20th century free form sculpture on wooden mount together with a wooden wall plaque for Hastings, an Anglo Indian picture frame and one other (4 items) 20 30
318 A pair of double twist brass table lamps. Untested and sold as spares 15 20
319 A pair of early 20th century leather camels 20 30
320 A 20th century miniature apprentice piece pine dresser 40 50
321 An Art Deco oak geometrically shaped fire screen with woolwork panel depicting the United Kingdom with Royal Crest, 89cm h x 74cm w 20 40
322 A 1930s/1940s bamboo and cast iron stickstand 20 30
323 A ‘Boyds Patent’ copper food warmer 10 20
324 A carved hardwood African mask together with two carved African figures 15 25
325 An oak framed easel back mirror 20 30
326 A gilt brass column table lamp together with a blanc de chine corinthian column table lamp with eagle and swag decoration. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
327 A large ceramic Arabic style floor vase together with an Italian floral decorated vase (2 items) 20 30
328 A reclaimed pine four shelf corner unit 20 30
329 A vintage Decca ‘Salon’ blue cased gramophone together with a collection of 78 rpm records 30 50
330 Two Merrythought plush Teddy bears one of Sherlock Holmes and the other possibly Mrs Hudson, both made exclusively for Harrods, together with a Merrythought Hedgehog. 20 30
331 A pair of 19th century Imari patterned lidded vases of ovoid form decorated with floral panels, the lids with dogs of Fo finial, 43cm h 50 70
332 A pair of late 18th/early 19th century oak panels carved in relief depicting dragons 80 120
333 A collection of 1960s/1970s fashion patterns (1 box) 10 20
334 A hand-crafted leather saddle by the ‘Ideal’ saddle company 30 50
335 A North African style mirror door with floral carved border 40 60
336 A 20th century Black Forest cuckoo clock decorated with stag head, pheasant and rabbit and rifles 80 100
337 A mid-20th century mahogany framed mirror with bevelled plate 20 30
338 A 20th century faux turtle shell scrimshaw depicting Abraham Lincoln and George Washington bearing the motto ‘We Owe Allegiance to no Crown’, ‘Under my Wings Everything Prospers’ 15 20
339 A mid-20th century ‘Smiths’ eight day gilt sunburst wall clock 40 60
340 Two French wicker shopping baskets, a wicker hamper and a small suitcase (4 items) 10 20
341 Two Laura Grant designed plush Teddy bears both wearing tartan caps, scarves, trousers, and green wax jackets 20 30
342 An early 20th century eight day Seneca strike oak cased bracket clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and gilt brass bezel, the movement inscribed Ansonia Clock Co., New York, with maker’s label to door, 40cm h 30 50
343 An early 20th century tailor’s sleeve stamped Bristol 10 20
344 An oak Arts & Crafts dinner gong 30 50
345 A modern rectangular gilt framed dressing mirror 10 15
346 An Indonesian hardwood carved fertility figure 40 60
347 A 20th century bamboo three-fold screen 20 30
348 A brass five branch electrolier, untested and sold as spares 15 25
349 A 1950s EKCO walnut cased radio Model A147.  Untested and sold as spares 10 15
350 An Arabic wall plaque in the form of a door 10 20
351 ‘The Finding of the Sayer in the Temple’, print 10 20
352 A pair of early 20th century gilt brass two branch wall sconces with ribbon bow and floral decoration 60 100
353 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century mahogany oval photo frames, the borders carved with grapes and vines 50 60
354 An anglepoise-style lamp by ‘Luxo’ of Denmark. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
355 An Olympus IS-1000 35mm camera with 200mm lens complete with case and batteries 20 30
356 A Bakelite cased Bush radio 40 60
356 A Graham Clarke print, possibly depicting Hastings, unsigned 10 20
357 A mid-20th century brass framed bevel edged mirror surmounted with floral scrolls 20 30
358 A four point deer skull mounted on a mahogany plaque 56cm h. From the Anthony Wilson collection.  Anthony turned his hobby of stalking into his profession and has over 40 years’ experience in the sport.  During trips to Africa in 1996 and 2003, Anthony stalked and shot a wide range of the game available to licence holders.  Each trophy has been expertly mounted by Derek Robinson in South Africa before being exported to the UK.  Other examples in his collection are from his deer stalking in the British Isles.  Paperwork regarding African examples with office 40 60
359 An ornate gilt framed bevelled edge mirror 20 30
360 A reclaimed pine four shelf wall unit 20 30
361 A Fallow Buck skull, 68cm h. From the Anthony Wilson collection.  Anthony turned his hobby of stalking into his profession and has over 40 years’ experience in the sport.  During trips to Africa in 1996 and 2003, Anthony stalked and shot a wide range of the game available to licence holders.  Each trophy has been expertly mounted by Derek Robinson in South Africa before being exported to the UK.  Other examples in his collection are from his deer stalking in the British Isles.  Paperwork regarding African examples with office 100 150
362 A boxed Zenith STM-1 x 20 stereoscopic microscope 20 30
362 A Persian wall tile ‘Rajah of Persia’ (c 1900), 31.5cm x 23.5cm 120 150
363 Assorted oils, prints and pictures including a hand-coloured print of a dog and a rabbit 10 15
364 LOT 364 – 366 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
367 A horn cane and a briarwood cane 40 60
368 A gentleman’s tippling cane with gold plated mounts, internal glass flask and glass, 85.5 cm long 120 180
369 LOT 369 IS A NO LOT 0 0
370 Assorted silver medals, enamel badges, commemorative coins, military buttons, medallions plus other items (1 box) 40 60
371 Assorted items to include compacts, lighters, a fan, an enamel decorated notepad, an enamelled match cover, a miniature silver plated photograph frame, a pocket watch, a pendulum watch plus other items 30 50
372 A box of miscellaneous items to include vintage coins of the World, a ladies Rotary wristwatch, mother of pearl pen knives, RAF badges, a carved shell, a desk bell, napkin rings plus other items (1 box) 40 60
373 A collection of British and Continental coins 10 20
374 Assorted vintage and modern costume jewellery to include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, buckles, watches etc (1 box) 40 60
375 Miscellaneous items to include a cased Goliath pocket watch, a hip flask, a silver plated twin-handled cup, a Smiths ‘Empire’ cased pocket watch, ceramic pin dolls, costume jewellery plus other items (1 box) 20 40
376 A mid-20th century black and red painted lead chess set 40 60
377 A Georgian circular gold,  garnet and seed pearl brooch, a pair of amber stud earrings, a horn bead necklace, silver earrings plus a collection of costume jewellery 40 60
378 Two Edwardian glass bead draw-string purses decorated with flowers and leaves together with one other beaded purse 50 70
379 A 19th century Sikes Hydrometer in fitted case 15 25
380 A small Victorian crystoleum, after William Strutt, ‘Peace’, 9cm x 14cm 60 100
381 A collection of assorted bank notes of the World to include military currency, a Safe Conduct pass plus other items 40 50
382 Assorted Victorian and later costume jewellery, silver jewellery and other items including decanter labels, a small gold and turquoise set propelling pencil, a micro mosaic pin, butterfly wing jewellery, a silver coloured metal and turquoise set posy holder, a cased set of dress studs and other items, all housed in a jewellery box 50 70
383 A collection of assorted costume jewellery to include necklaces, a silver bangle, brooches, earrings etc 20 30
384 A pair of Norweigian silver clip on earrings by S Christian Fogh, a pair of rectangular silver mounted wooden cuff links stamped ‘MV’ in a cartouche, mother of pearls counters and a large assortment of beads, beaded necklaces, watches, oval plaster relief moulded miniature plaques depicting classical scenes, costume jewellery and other items (1 box) 30 40
385 A WWII medal group comprised of The France and German Star, the 1939-1945 Star, a Defence Medal and a War Medal 40 60
386 A large silver matchbox holder, Birmingham 1876, engraved ‘Ruby’, 7.5cm x 5cm x 2.75cm, 1.6ozt, 49.7g 15 25
387 Four silver Concord wine decanter labels and other British Airways items 80 100
388 A quantity of mainly 20th century costume jewellery housed in a ‘Blue Bird’ vintage biscuit tin 30 40
389 A pair of Edwardian squat silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1908, on circular loaded bases, 7.5cm high 20 30
390 Assorted costume jewellery including brooches, faux amber, silver rings, a silver necklace plus other items 20 30
391 Two gentlemen’s wristwatches, ‘Head’ and ‘Zeitner Commando’, both boxed with accompanying paperwork 20 40
392 A set of 12 silver-handled table knives each stamped Sterling 25 35
393 Assorted costume jewellery including brooches, beads and bangles (1 box) 30 40
394 A pair of Continental circular bisque porcelain plaques entitled ‘Ernest’ 20 30
395 A Beswick pig, an owl and a Beswick Beneagles Loch Ness Monster decanter (3 items) 20 30
396 A large ceramic Beswick owl number 1046 20 30
397 A Beswick golden eagle decanter, a Beswick buzzard decanter with contents plus a Royal Doulton merlin (3 items) 30 50
398 A good collection of vintage enamel and other badges to include The Odeon Mickey Mouse Club, Shirley Temple League, I am a Cococub, Teddy Tail League, Butlins Beaver Club plus others 40 60
399 A small collection of costume jewellery to include a rolled gold ladies choker, Scottish silver brooches, cuff-links, bangles plus other items 15 20
400 Assorted costume jewellery to include silver items, faux amber beads, a lady’s Rotary wristwatch plus other items 20 30
401 LOTS 401 – 402 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
401 A clarified amber necklace, an agate necklace, a white metal flower brooch plus a collection of commemorative coins 10 20
403 A 19th century walking cane with ivory knop handle in the form of a parrot with glass eye, 90cm h 50 60
404 A vintage unmarked split cane fishing rod and a wood and split cane fishing rod together with two spare tips and mid section, Hardy’s bag plus one other 50 60
405 A collection of silver plated and silver handled cutlery (1 box) 20 30
406 A vintage British Rail Southern Region colour car ferries poster 10 20
407 A collection of assorted coin and bank notes of the World 20 30
408 A cased set of fruit servers with hammered finish 10 20
409 A collection of 19th century and later assorted buckles 10 20
410 A 19th century Chinese ivory card case and cover, carved in relief with figures, trees and village scenes 8.5cm x 4.5cm 80 120
411 Two 19th century Chinese ivory figures of a squirrel and rabbit  together with a Victorian bone-handled corkscrew (lacking brush) 30 50
412 A 19th century ivory figure of Lakshmi seated on a five headed cobra, mounted on later plinth 8.5cm high 50 70
413 A 19th century circular horn lidded box, the lid centrally set with faceted rock crystal panel, the base and lid each with heat impressed decoration which when viewed through the rock crystal and held up to the light provides a repeating optical effect, 5.75cm diameter, together with a 19th century Chinese ivory needle case heavily carved with dragons, birds and foliage, 13cm long, lid lacking 50 70
414 Six small carved hardstone cups, each raised on a circular foot, and one other, a carved soapstone ashtray, a pierced and carved cushion-shaped mother of pearl lidded box, a brass box with hinged lid inset with carved and pierced hardstone panel and a carved banded hardstone figure of a seated cat (10 items) 50 80
415 A gentleman’s 18 carat gold cased Swiss chronograph wristwatch, with leather strap 100 150
416 A yellow metal sapphire and diamond carved half hoop three stone ring, the round brilliant old cut diamond approximately 0.35 carats, set between two round mixed cut sapphires flanked by two rose cut diamond points, shank stamped 18CT, 4.6g 130 150
417 A Chinese yellow metal dragon brooch, stamped ’20’ and ‘LW’, 6g, 5cm long 50 70
418 An oval portrait miniature on ivory of an 18th century lady housed in a 19th century ornate gilt metal frame with label to verso inscribed ‘Marie Antoinette’, 6.5cm x 5cm 50 70
419 A Continental silver Brandy ladle with turned wooden handle, 38.5cm long, and a Continental circular silver dish with mirror base, 15.75cm diameter 30 50
420 A 20th century sapphire and diamond oval cluster ring, the oval mixed cut dark sapphire claw set within 16 round brilliant cut diamond surround, each stone approximately 0.05 carats, the yellow metal shank stamped ‘750’, 7.4g gross, boxed 400 500
421 An early 20th century string of individually knotted cultured pearls with sapphire and diamond clasp, the central circular sapphire cabochon in rub-over setting set within openwork diamond set lozenge shaped surround, the six old round brilliant cut and eight cut diamonds combined weight approximately 0.30 carats, the necklace 83.5cm long 220 250
422 A modern yellow metal baroque pearl and diamond pendant, the pearl with blue hue surmounted by a diamond set foliate mount, the  seven round brilliant cut diamonds each approximately 0.02 carats, 3.5cm long.  With valuation dated 2002 130 150
423 A modern 18 carat gold star ruby and diamond ring, the oval star ruby cabochon rub-over set, each shoulder housing an arrangement of nine round brilliant cut diamonds, combined weight approximately 0.18 carats, 13.1g gross, boxed 180 220
424 A yellow metal turquoise set eternity ring, the thirteen circular turquoise cabochons each four claw set (one stone lacking), the interior of the ring stamped ’14K’, 3.1g gross 50 70
425 A Victorian turquoise and baroque pearl gold bar brooch stamped ‘9CT’, 2.1g gross and a single opal set gold pin brooch stamped ’15CT’, 3.1g gross 30 50
426 Two yellow metal wishbone rings set with baguette cut rubies and emerald and round brilliant cut diamonds, combined diamond weight approximately 0.12 carats, combined weight 3.9g gross 120 150
427 A modern sapphire, diamond, emerald and ruby yellow metal floral spray brooch, the fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds combined weight approximately 0.22 carats, unmarked, 5.75cm long, 6.8g gross 250 300
428 An Italian commemorative gold coin issued by the Cassa Di Risparmio Delle Provincie (Milan based Savings Bank of Lombardy Provinces), inscribed Casa Serena, decorated with bees and chickens and dated 1971, stamped  ‘917’, 28mm diameter, 10.5g 120 150
429 Five French wheel-engraved tot glasses by Prault-Linzeler with silver bases, 5.25cm high, sixth glass lacking but base remains 30 40
430 A moonstone and diamond three-row necklace with white metal  mounts and clasp, retailed by H Stern, the three rows of faceted moonstone disks gathered with diamond set links, with diamond set clasp stamped ‘.750’, the fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds each approximately 0.01 carats, individually box set, with original case and box 100 150
431 A collection of silver and costume jewellery and other items including a Victorian pinchbeck swivel locket set with shell carved cameo, Siam silver coloured metal and enamelled bracelets, an Art Deco paste set belt buckle, a Charles Horner silver thimble, a flat silver coloured metal bracelet, a One Pound note, a silver handled button hook and other items (1 box) 30 40
432 Assorted beaded necklaces and a collection of earrings and other jewellery, all 20th century (3 boxes) 25 35
433 A graduated coral necklace each bead a sliced cross-section of coral interspersed with gold-plated beads, a small coral fringe necklace and a pair of coral earrings 40 60
434 A set of six silver plated cocktail sticks in the form of arrows, boxed 10 20
435 A pair of Norwegian silver and enamel clip on earrings in the form of leaves by Aksel Holmsen, a butterfly wing brooch and ring, a 15 carat gold heart-shaped padlock clasp, 2.9g, a very fine gold band, 0.4g, watches and other items housed in a red Moroccan leather jewellery box 40 60
436 A silver and amethyst two stone pendant, a yellow metal bar brooch stamped ‘9C’, paste set jewellery, an enamelled guardsman sweetheart brooch, a gold cased ladies bracelet watch and other items 40 60
437 Two pairs of garnet set silver coloured metal drop earrings and a leather cased set of six graduated tot cups with gilt interiors 20 30
438 A gold mounted claw pendant, a silver mounted flint arrowhead pendant, a pair of Victorian gilt metal drop earrings, a polished steel buckle, an intaglio carved spinning seal and other items including a geometrically inlaid Indian lidded box (1 box) 50 100
439 Two graduated Japanese shibyama circular lidded boxes depicting seated ladies 100 150
440 A quantity of Victorian and later jewellery and costume jewellery and other items including silver medals, a watch key, Georgian split rings and paste set buttons, the jewellery to include a moonstone bracelet, amber pendant, bracelet charms and other items housed in a leather jewellery box 30 50
441 Assorted silver and other jewellery including bracelet charms, earrings, pendants and rings, loose stones, silver and other clasps, links, jump rings, chains, lockets etc and a large quantity of packets of small diamante (2 boxes) 25 35
442 Various items of 20th century silver and silver coloured metal jewellery comprised of pendants and chains, rings and earrings, including gem set examples (1 box) 40 60
443 20th century silver and silver coloured metal jewellery including bracelet charms, a hinged bangle, earrings, brooches, rings, necklaces and cuff links, including enamelled and gem set items (1 box) 40 60
444 Miscellaneous items including a Victorian mother of pearl and silver-mounted card case, a silver mounted glass vase, coins, two Penny Red stamps with their original letters, antique keys, decanter labels, watch faces, sovereign scales, thimbles and other items, housed in a biscuit tin 30 50
445 A six piece silver coloured metal mounted manicure vanity set comprised of a nail buffer, nail file, button hook, shoe horn, nail cleanser and glass jar with silver coloured metal lid, in original fitted box all items stamped ‘G.Silver’ 30 40
446 Two pairs of silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1823 and 1860 combined weight, 2.64ozt, 82.1g 20 30
447 Four various silver napkin rings with engine turned decoration, combined weight 3.14ozt, 97.7g 30 40
448 A cased set of six 20th century silver teaspoons, Birmingham and two sets of six ‘Old English’ pattern silver coffee spoons, combined weight 5.2ozt, 161.7g 45 55
449 A late Victorian pierced and chased silver belt buckle, London 1898, maker’s mark ‘WC JL’, 11.5cm x 6.25cm, 1.65ozt, 51.3g 40 60
450 A set of six Australian novelty coffee spoons, each with a different finial in the form of a kookaburra, a koala, a kangaroo, an ostrich, a boomerang and the outline of Australia, each stamped ‘STD SIL’, housed in a box inscribed ‘Saunders Ltd, Sydney’s leading jewellers’, combined weight 1.31ozt, 40.9g 20 30
451 A 9ct gold dolphin pendant, a yellow metal chain stamped ‘375’, a 9ct gold ring and a 9ct gold tie pin with duck finial, combined weight 5.7g, other assorted gold, yellow metal and gold plated items and four old cut unmounted diamonds, combined weight approx 0.40 carats (mountings within the lot) 60 80
452 A string of individually knotted simulated ‘Royale by Lotus’ pearls with gilt clasp stamped ‘925’, boxed, a string of graduated individually knotted cultured pearls by Kimuna with yellow metal clasp, stamped ‘9K’, boxed, and a cultured pearl brooch in the form of vine leaf and fruit, stamped ‘Sterling’, boxed 20 40
453 A yellow metal blue synthetic spinel set single stone ring, stamped ’10K’, 2.2g gross, a pair of oval silver cuff links with engine turned decoration, boxed, a silver coloured metal and amethyst set ring and assorted silver plated teaspoons 25 35
454 A collection of hardstone beaded necklaces including two tiger’s eye examples, one with matching earrings, a cultured pearl necklace with ball clasp stamped ‘9CT’, a cultured pearl and malachite necklace, a carnelian and gilt wire necklace, an agate and other hardstone bracelet stamped ‘SILVER’ and a serpentine bangle 50 80
455 A late 19th century/early 20th century carved Indian ivory figure of a Buddah in robes standing before a vase, with gilt detail to the base of the vase, the figure 15cm high (at fault), and an ivory carving of an Indian elephant from the same period, 5cm high, on a rectangular plinth (at fault) (2 items) 40 60
456 A collection of WWII medals comprised of The 1939-1946 Star, The Africa Star with 8th Army bar, The Italy Star, The Defence Medal, The War Medal 1939-1945, and a George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal, all suspended from ribbons mounted to a bar, a set of miniature medals of the same excluding the Territorial Efficiency medal, a Middlesex Yeomanry embroidered regimental badge and other non military medals 80 120
457 A pair of silver Georg Jensen screw back circular earrings and a silver bookmark with frog finial, London 1996, boxed 25 35
458 An early 20th century gold and baguette cut sapphire ring, the edges with chased decoration, 2.5g, a yellow metal and synthetic blue spinel set ring stamped ‘9K’, 2.5g and a pair of simulated pearl clip on earrings 40 50
459 A large quantity of jet and jet stimulants including an ornate beaded fringe, bracelet links, beads and buttons and assorted other loose stones and beads 40 60
460 An Art Deco silver gilt and enamel cigarette case by Mappin and Webb, Birmingham 1938, the front decorated with caramel coloured guilloche enamel, the back with engine turned decoration, with gilt interior, 6.5cm x 8.25cm, 3.04ozt, 94.4g 50 60
461 An Art Deco silver circular compact, Birmingham 1948, with engine turned decoration and inscribed with the initials ‘N B’, 6.75cm diameter, 1.96ozt, 61g gross, and a circular silver photograph frame, Birmingham 1915, 8cm diameter 30 40
462 A 9 carat gold vesta case, Chester 1913, by Asprey and Co., with engine turned decoration, 5.25cm x 5cm, 26.9g, and a 9 carat gold cigarette case, engraved with initials ‘GHB’, marks rubbed, 8cm x 6cm, 46.7g 120 180
463 A French early 20th century beaded evening bag, two gold plated Stratton compacts, an Art Deco gold plated rectangular cigarette holder and a Victorian gilt metal mounted photograph frame (5 items) 20 30
464 A French gold tie pin with finial in the form of a rearing horse, 7.5cm long, 6.3g, housed in fitted case inscribed ‘London & Ryder, Goldsmiths, New Bond St’ 80 120
465 A 1930’s Bayard enamel and gilt brass circular wind up alarm clock, a polished steel cased keyless pocket watch and a small quantity of costume jewellery including lapel clips and bangles 20 30
466 A carved coquilla nut and bone nutmeg grater, 5cm long 30 40
467 A string of individually knotted graduated unclarified amber pebble beads, 31.9g gross 40 60
468 A Shelley ‘Tall Trees and Sunset’ tea set comprised of a teapot and stand, three graduated meat plates, seven cups, seven saucers, seven side plates, one cake plate, a milk jug and sugar bowl 500 700
469 A tooled leather bound and gilt ormolu mounted alluminated volume by William Strang & Sons, Belfast presented to Mr Peter Redfern, Professor of Anatomy & Psychology, Queen’s College, Belfast on his retirement, with hand-written script dated 1894 together with a leather-bound edition of Debretts dated 1916 (2 items) 30 50
470 A vintage wooden bound steamer trunk together with a pair of 19th century brass fire dogs 20 30
471 A 20th century painted garden bench with scrolling cast metal supports 30 50
472 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table raised on turned supports, (a/f) 15 25
473 An Edwardian mahogany and crossbanded drop-leaf table raised on turned column supports and four outswept legs and brass castors 10 20
474 A 20th century walnut drop-leaf tea trolley with undertier and square supports and castors 10 20
475 A 19th century oak club fender on barley twist supports 30 40
476 A Victorian mahogany framed dressing mirror, formerly a cheval mirror 20 30
477 A 1930s elm desk chair with shaped top rail and scrolling arms and circular padded seat raised on four outswept supports and castors (a/f) 15 25
478 Two wrought iron fire guards together with an early 19th century pot hanger 15 25
479 Two boxes of Denby two-tone teaware 15 25
480 A Victorian brass and iron double bed 40 60
481 A set of four Victorian walnut balloon back chairs with carved top rail, overstuffed serpentine seats and raised on cabriole supports 10 20
482 Assorted antique books and catalogues (3 boxes) 10 20
483 Two early 19th century side chairs plus another pair similar and one other (5 items) 15 25
484 A Victorian brass fender together with a copper fender 10 20
485 A 20th century mahogany four poster bed with arched top and turned and carved supports 30 50
486 A pair of brass fenders 10 20
487 An oak drop-leaf table together with an oak cupboard 20 30
488 A Record adjustable carpenter’s vice together with a heavy duty G.P.O. cast iron pulley 20 30
489 A vintage Belling ‘Champion’ electric water heater. Untested and sold as spares 15 25
490 A collection of assorted garden tools to include rakes, lawn edgers, shears, hoes etc 15 20
491 An oak barleytwist standard lamp together with a metal framed occasional table 10 20
492 An oak rectangular table with cross-stretcher 30 40
493 A rattan three tier demi-lune table, a G-Plan style mirror together with a gilt framed wall mirror 10 20
494 A small square pedestal table 20 30
495 A pair of wine racks 10 20
496 A small square pedestal table 20 30
497 Assorted tools to include spanners, trowels, hammers, a vice, socket sets etc ( 2 boxes) 30 40
498 An oak square section table on a shaped pedestal base 20 30
499 A 750 watt electric chop saw together with an electric grinder. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
500 Vintage jeweller’s tools together with a large bow saw (1 box) 30 50
501 Assorted antique books to include Miller’s Guides, Lyle, jewellery etc (1 box) 10 20
502 A pair of green painted floor standing bookshelves 20 30
503 A vintage wooden bound steamer trunk 20 30
504 Five elm kitchen chairs comprised of two wheelbacks, two stickbacks and one bar back 20 30
505 A Lloyd Loom linen basket together with an oak drop leaf table 15 20
506 An Edwardian open armchair with spindle back and arms and four other bedroom chairs 10 20
507 A mahogany occasional table together with an oak circular table 15 20
508 A Victorian walnut commode chair with cane back and seat, scrolling arms and shaped apron raised on turned supports 40 60
509 An elm tub-shaped stick back chair 20 40
510 A 1940s oak square section two tier occasional table 10 20
511 Two white painted six section graduated pot racks 50 70
512 A carved tub-shaped chair 10 20
513 A 20th century Canadian glass topped coffee table and two matching side tables, all with brass mounts 20 30
514 An early 20th century mahogany framed bergere style armchair 20 30
515 A Victorian bow fronted mahogany cross banded commode chair 10 20
516 Two pine children’s chairs together with an oak side chair 20 30
517 Four cast iron rain water hoppers 20 40
518 A 19th century mahogany Pembroke table, the rectangular top over a single drawer with opposing dummy drawer raised on turned reeded supports 20 40
518 Assorted early 20th century advertising tins to include Jacobs Cream Crackers, Bourneville Coca, Peck’s Paste, Benson & Hedges etc (1 box) 15 20
519 A modern pine farmhouse kitchen table together with four matching chairs 30 40
520 A pine coffee table with marble top 10 20
521 An elm seat stickback kitchen chair and one other chair (2 items) 10 20
522 A modern square pine coffee table on turned supports 10 20
523 A vintage Rotoscillo sewing machine 10 20
524 Assorted fishing rods and old golf clubs 10 20
525 A Ferguson reel-to-reel player, a Reported reel-to-reel player and a Fennograph reel-to-reel player (3 items). Untested and sold as spares 25 35
526 A collection of assorted vintage tools to include a seed planter, a potato fork, a potato planter plus other items 20 40
527 A pair of white painted stone ladies 40 60
528 A stone scallop shell bird bath 30 40
529 A pair of reconstituted stone pillars and a gnome (3 items) 20 30
530 A white painted stone figure, a white painted stone figural group and one other (3 items) 30 40
531 A late 19th/early 20th century marble mortar 20 30
532 Assorted metalware to include aluminium and copper stock pots, an enamelled jug, kitchenware, cutlery etc (2 boxes) 20 30
533 A large late 19th/early 20th marble mortar 30 40
534 A pine kitchen chair with spindle back and a pine armchair 20 40
535 A Tiger ‘Butterscotch Pony’ battery controlled life size foal 30 50
536 Two vintage deckchairs 20 30
537 A pair of black painted wrought iron driveway gates 260cm w x 86.5cm h 20 30
538 A mahogany serpentine shaped double headboard. 10 15
539 A boxed croquet set 40 60
540 A 1960’s/1970s teak circular work table with sliding top 10 20
541 A vintage oak and iron sack barrow 20 40
542 A 1930s Royal Doulton sink 15 20
543 A vintage French wrought iron 200 bottle wine rack with double locking doors, the handle possibly marked ‘Fer Rigide’ 111cm h x 102cm w x 57cm d 100 120
544 A circular marble topped table on black painted pedestal base 20 40
545 A garden bench and table 20 30
546 A painted bedside cupboard , a painted corner cupboard together with a painted two-door wall cupboard and mirror (4 items) 15 20
547 A 1920s oak bobbin turned stool plus another similar (2 items) 15 20
548 A reconstituted stone urn with cherub and grapevine detail 64cm h x 65cm w 100 150
549 A reconstituted stone wicker planter 68cm h x 39cm w 60 80
550 A reconstituted stone planter with Gothic detailing 88.5cm h x 65.5cm w 200 250
551 A reconstituted stone planter with swag detail 68cm h x 70cm w 225 280
552 A reconstituted stone planter with feet 62cm, h x 54cm w 100 150
553 A reconstituted stone birdbath with egg and dart detailing to bowl 74cm h x 42.5cm w 40 60
554 A reconstituted stone sundial stand including sun dial plate 70.5cm h x 28.5cm w 50 70
555 A reconstituted stone steadle 65cm h x 45cm w 80 120
556 A reconstituted stone bird bath in the form of a clam shell on a cornucopia support and scrolling base 50cm h x 56cm w x 54cm d 50 70
557 LOT 557 IS A NO LOT 0 0
558 A 20th century floral decorated Persian carpet 303cm x 197cm 60 80
559 A cream ground Turkoman pattern carpet 158cm x 122cm 30 50
560 A yellow ground floral decorated Persian carpet 198cm x 123cm 20 30
561 A brown ground Turkoman-style carpet 192cm x 120cm 30 40
561 A cream ground Turkish carpet with floral border 183cm x 119cm 30 40
562 A blue ground floral decorated Persian runner 330cm x 83cm 40 60
563 A cream ground Turkish carpet with floral border 183cm x 119cm 30 40
564 An orange ground geometrically patterned rug 148cm x 96cm 20 30
565 A Turkoman-style carpet with multiple borders 153cm x 94cm 25 45
566 A red ground Turkoman pattern carpet 167cm x 127cm 30 40
567 A red ground Turkish carpet decorated with Adriatic pheasants, flowers and trees 220cm x 157cm 50 70
568 A red ground Turkoman carpet 180cm x 122cm 30 40
569 A brown ground Persian floral decorated carpet 184cm x 122cm 50 60
570 A cream ground wool carpet with floral border 230cm x 170cm 30 50
571 A blue ground Turkoman-style rug 191cm x 123cm 20 30
572 A brown ground Persian floral decorated carpet 184cm x 122cm 50 60
573 An Afghan woollen Belouch prayer rug with blue ground Mirhab, 133cm x 85cm 40 60
574 Assorted framed reproduction film poster prints (1 box) 30 50
574 A Dutch children’s printed table game sheet entitled ‘Het aloude ganzenspel’ or ‘The Game of Goose’ 10 20
575 A modern sheepskin rug 20 30
576 A ‘Jamboree’ acoustic guitar 20 30
577 A 20th century viola complete with bow and case 20 30
578 A pair of tonic shot silk long drop curtains decorated with diamond pattern 20 30
579 Two Frittenden hop pockets, one stamped F.M. Richens the other stamped P.H.Hope, 1964 20 40
580 A collection of 19th century and later assorted line and coloured lithographs, famous figures, coaching scenes, novelty and boating scenes (1 folio) 20 30
581 A tub-shaped leather armchair 50 70
582 An early 20th century open armchair, the carved top rail with acanthus carved scrolling arms over an overstuffed serpentine seat raised on cabriole supports 30 50
583 A pair of Art Deco floral upholstered cloud-shaped armchairs 30 50
584 A Victorian Chesterfield sofa 50 80
585 A late 19th/early 20th century wingback armchair with tapestry upholstery raised on bun feet and castors 30 40
586 A 20th century pine church chair, the back carved with grapes and vines, the centre panel with monogrammed IISJ in relief over a solid seat and floral carved shaped arms and raised on cross-frame supports, 92cm h x 63cm w x 56cm d 40 60
587 A late 19th/early 20th century oak open armchair with floral carved top, scrolling arms and turned supports 20 40
588 An 18th century oak Yorkshire settle, the five panelled moulded back with scrolling arms, slatted seat and long cushion raised on pole supports and pad feet, 104cm h x 184cm w x 63cm d 120 140
589 A Victorian walnut framed spoon back armchair with button back, scrolling arms and serpentine seat, raised on carved cabriole style supports 20 40
590 A tub-shaped leather armchair 50 70
591 A tub-shaped leather armchair 50 70
592 A George III-style open armchair with shaped top rail and pierced splat over scrolling arms and padded seat, raised on square tapering supports 10 20
593 An early 19th century mahogany side chair, the carved shaped top rail and pierced vase-shaped splat and blind fretwork supports over a tapestry upholstered seat, raised on square carved supports 15 25
594 A Victorian low overstuffed chair on turned front supports and castors 20 40
595 An Art Deco walnut framed Bergere style two seater sofa and two matching armchairs 80 120
596 A synthetic leather 1930s club-style armchair 60 80
597 A 20th century French fruitwood longcase clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and hand-painted with flowers and fruit 120 150
598 A mahogany crossbanded inlaid bureau bookcase, the top with moulded cornice over a pair of glazed doors enclosing three glass shelves above three short drawers, the base with arched fall opening to reveal drawers and pigeon holes and tooled leather insert above two long drawers, raised on slender square supports and spade feet 152cm h x 60cm w x 35cm d 200 250
599 A red deer five-point skull, unmounted, 70cm h. From the Anthony Wilson collection.  Anthony turned his hobby of stalking into his profession and has over 40 years’ experience in the sport.  During trips to Africa in 1996 and 2003, Anthony stalked and shot a wide range of the game available to licence holders.  Each trophy has been expertly mounted by Derek Robinson in South Africa before being exported to the UK.  Other examples in his collection are from his deer stalking in the British Isles.  Paperwork regarding African examples with office 50 100
600 An 18th century oak dresser, the two shelf rack with moulded cornice, plain frieze and shaped supports, the base with rectangular moulded top and pigeon holed back, over six cockbeeded drawers each with brass swing handles and shaped back plates, the arched apron above an eleven planked under-tier and turned supports, raised on block feet, 180cm h x136cm w x 45cm d 1500 2000
601 An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet with arched pediment 60 100
602 An early 19th century oak chest, the planked top over two short and three long drawers with turned bun handles and raised on bracket feet 150 200
603 A 19th century painted pine wardrobe, the shaped pediment with plain frieze over a single mirrored door flanked by urn decorated panels above a single long drawer raised on a plinth base 50 70
604 A mid-19th century mahogany wall hanging corner cabinet with swan’s neck pediment over a single astragal glazed door enclosing three shelves 80 120
605 A Victorian walnut chest of two short over three long graduated drawers with turned bun handles raised on a plinth base 40 60
606 An Edwardian line inlaid mahogany small corner cupboard 40 60
607 An early 19th century mahogany corner cupboard, the moulded cornice and arcaded frieze above a pair of panelled doors enclosing three shaped shelves over a single panelled door and raised on a plinth base 100 120
608 A single 19th century elm dining chair 10 15
609 A late 18th century oak circular tilt-top table on outswept supports 30 50
610 A 1930s walnut circular three tier cake stand 40 50
611 An 18th century George III oak and elm circular tilt-top table on a vase-shaped support and raised on three outswept cabriole shaped feet 66cm h x 71cm dia 120 140
612 A 20th century ‘Rackstraw’ oak refectory table on turned supports and cross-stretcher 150 250
613 A 19th century circular tripod occasional table 20 30
614 A 19th century pine meat safe 30 40
615 A 20th century extending oak dining table and four matching ladderback chairs 20 30
616 A Victorian mahogany dressing chest, the top fitted with mirror and vanity drawers over two short and two long drawers raised on a plinth base 80 120
617 An early 19th century oak corner cupboard 20 30
618 A mahogany glazed front music cabinet 25 35
619 Three assorted 19th century dining chairs 25 35
620 An early 20th century oak three panel coffer 20 40
621 A Victorian pine chest of drawers 40 60
622 A 19th century oak bureau, the sloping fall enclosing drawers and pigeon holes over two short and four long graduated drawers with ornate pressed brass swing handles raised on bracket feet, 102cm h x 102cm w x 53.5cm d 130 150
623 A mahogany pedestal bedside cupboard with replacement top 10 20
624 A circular white painted lamp table 40 60
625 A Victorian marble top washstand with three quarter gallery, bobbin turned supports and undertier 60 100
626 A pine kitchen table on turned supports 40 60
627 A set of five 19th century ladderback chairs with rush upholstered seats 80 120
628 An early 19th century circular mahogany tilt-top table on tripod base 30 40
629 A 19th century crossbanded and line inlaid mahogany purdonium fitted with brass swing handles on square tapering supports and castors 20 30
630 A painted pine chest of three long drawers with ribbon bow decoration raised on bracket feet 40 60
631 An 18th century-style oak trestle end table with two plank top 30 50
632 A nest of three mahogany occasional tables on spindle turned supports 30 50
633 A small painted beech box on bun feet 40 60
634 An 18th century-style oak trestle end table with two plank top 30 50
635 A harlequin set of six late 19th/early 20th century elm ladderback chairs to include one carver, each with rush upholstered seats 20 40
636 An 18th century-style oak trestle end table with two plank top 30 50
637 A late 19th century oak Gothic-style four tread set of library steps 80 120
638 An Art Deco occasional table, the circular burr walnut top raised on three ebonised arched supports, 60cm h x 59cm dia 100 150
639 An early 20th century oak stool with tapestry top and cabriole supports 10 20
640 A pair of 19th century mahogany shield back hall chairs 100 120
641 An early 19th century inlaid mahogany chest of two short over three long graduated cockbeeded drawers with ornate pressed brass handles flanked by reeded pilasters and raised on bracket feet 50 60
642 An early 19th century walnut open armchair, the shaped top rail above a pierced carved splat and overstuffed seat with shaped scrolling arms and raised on square supports and cross-stretcher 15 25
643 A 1930s/1940s oak oval gateleg table 20 30
644 A George III mahogany drop leaf table, the rectangular top with rounded corners raised on pole supports and pad feet 20 30
645 A 20th century hand built oak two door cupboard fitted with a pair of brass handles and single drawer 20 30
646 A mahogany framed open armchair with leatherette seat and back 20 30
647 A small Edwardian square section chequer strung revolving bookcase, 76cm h x 38cm w x 38cm d 50 100
648 A five shelf waterfall bookcase 40 50
649 A Victorian pine extending dining table extra leaf holder, the rectangular top on four turned column supports and bun feet 20 30
650 A late 18th century oak oval gate leg table 30 50
651 An early 20th century oak circular wine table on a turned column support and outswept feet 30 50
652 A late 19th century chest of two short and two long drawers 30 50
653 A hand-painted chest of two short and three long drawers 80 100
654 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short over three long cockbeeded drawers on plinth base 50 60
655 A pine tool chest with iron carrying handles 50 80
656 A child’s wheelback chair and two stools (3 items) 15 20
657 A mahogany demi-lune side table on tapering square supports with line inlay (originally part of a dining table) 20 40
658 A nest of three teak graduated garden tables 10 20
659 A 19th century Regency style crossbanded mahogany breakfront sideboard fitted with a single central drawer over an arched apron flanked by a pair of deep fitted bowed corner drawers each with ornate pressed brass flowerhead ring drop handles and raised on square tapering supports and spade end feet, 93cm h x 148cm w x 66cm d 120 150
660 A pair of early 20th century inlaid satinwood bedroom chairs 40 60
661 A square mahogany commode with original bowl 50 70
662 An Art Deco rosewood and walnut side-by-side bureau bookcase, the fall front enclosing pigeon holes and single drawer over three long graduated drawers flanked by a band of sunburst beaded glazed bookcases, raised on square supports 114cm h x 138cm w x 42cm d 50 70
663 A 19th century black lacquered and mother of pearl inlaid papier mache occasional table, the pie-crust top over a turned column support and scallop base 100 150
664 A Victorian mahogany D-shaped side table with inlaid frieze, raised on square chamfered supports, 72cm h x 123cm w x 60cm d 50 100
665 A late 18th century walnut side chair, the back with rail and vase shaped splat over a rounded padded seat raised on cabriole shaped supports, 101cm h x 49.5cm w x 50cm d 20 40
666 An early 19th century joynted oak side table, the two plank top over an arcaded carved frieze and raised on turned cup and cover supports, 68cm h x 123cm w x 47.5cm d 50 70
667 A late 18th century oak gate leg table, the oval top with rounded edge, above a single drawer, raised on baluster turned supports and double bun feet, 71cm h x 127cm w x 104.5cm d when open 60 80
668 An Italian stained pine dining room table together with eight chairs including two carvers 50 80
669 A Victorian mahogany chest of three long graduated cockbeeded drawers with turned bun handles and raised on bracket feet 50 60
670 A mahogany duet stool with upholstered hinged seat and raised on cabriole supports 30 40
671 A mid-20th century mahogany towel rail 15 20
672 An Edwardian mahogany Sutherland-style drop leaf table raised on slender outswept supports 10 20
673 A 20th century painted side table, the top with canted corners over a single drawer and raised on reeded supports and undertier 10 20
674 A white and cream painted chest of drawers with ceramic bun handles 30 40
675 A 19th century wind-out dining table, the moulded top with canted corners and raised on ring-turned supports and castors with extra leaf, winder lacking 20 30
676 A pair of 19th century rosewood balloon back chairs 20 30
677 A Victorian mahogany bedroom chair with urn carved splat over an overstuffed seat and raised on  turned supports and castors 10 20
678 A Georgian mahogany bureau, the chequer-strung fall enclosing a series of drawers and pigeon holes over four inlaid graduated drawers with brass swing handles and embossed oval plates, raised on moulded plinth and squat bracket feet, 104cm h x 111cm w x 58cm d 80 120
679 A Regency mahogany chest of four graduated drawers fitted with brass swing handles and oval escutcheon, above a shaped apron and raised on bracket feet, 98.5cm h x 91cm w x 46cm d 50 70
680 An 18th century-style oak trestle end table with two plank top 30 50
681 An oak spinning chair, the back carved with a dragon and shield over a heart shaped seat and bobbin turned supports 40 50
682 A 19th century mahogany breakfast table, the circular top with moulded edge and beaded frieze above a tapering circular column support, the trefoil base raised on lion’s paw feet and castors, 72cm x 103cm dia 40 60
683 A set of eight 20th century mahogany Chippendale-style dining chairs, the shaped top rail over a lyre pierced splat with drop-in seats raised on fretwork brackets and square supports 93cm h x 44cm w x 42cm d 100 150
684 An early 19th century walnut occasional table, the oval top inlaid with flowerhead panel above a single frieze drawer and raised on a tapering ring-turned acanthus carved support and trefoil base 68.5cm h x 47cm w x 31.5cm d 40 60
685 An early 19th century mahogany D-end dining table with three additional leaves 300 400
686 An 18th century mahogany demi-lune card table, the folding top revealing a red baize over a boxwood and rosewood inlaid frieze, raised on tapering supports and spade end feet, 74cm h x 90cm w x 88cm d 30 50
687 An early 18th century elm dough bin, the hand dug bin raised on arched brackets and pole supports, 64cm h x 134cm w x 55cm d 120 150
688 A Fallow buck skull, unmounted, 62cm h. From the Anthony Wilson collection.  Anthony turned his hobby of stalking into his profession and has over 40 years’ experience in the sport.  During trips to Africa in 1996 and 2003, Anthony stalked and shot a wide range of the game available to licence holders.  Each trophy has been expertly mounted by Derek Robinson in South Africa before being exported to the UK.  Other examples in his collection are from his deer stalking in the British Isles.  Paperwork regarding African examples with office 50 100
689 An early 19th century walnut bureau, the shell and chequer strung fall opening to reveal an arrangement of drawers and pigeon holes over four graduated cockbeeded drawers with ornate brass swing handles and ivory escutcheons and raised on bracket feet, 100cm h x 103cm w x 50cm d 120 150
690 A 19th century mahogany tea table, the folding rectangular rotating top with rounded corners above a plain frieze, raised on turned supports and brass castors, 76cm h x 102cm w x 94cm d 50 70
691 Four Art Deco walnut framed dining chairs with leatherette backs and seats 20 30
692 A Regency mahogany folding card table, the inlaid top with rounded corners opening to reveal a green baize panel above a chequer-strung and geometrically inlaid frieze, raised on tapering ring-turned supports, 74.5cm h x 91cm w x 90cm d when open 220 250
693 A 19th century mahogany jardiniere holder, the gradoon top over carved panel side, raised on floral carved supports and claw and ball feet 30 50
694 A Regency mahogany tea table, the folding cross-banded top with chamfered corners and line inlaid edge, above a plain frieze with central inlaid panel, raised on tapering inlaid supports, 71cm h x 92cm w x 91cm d 50 70
695 A set of four Art Nouveau bedroom chairs 40 60
696 A pair of bow fronted wrought iron two tier bedside cabinets 30 40
697 A 20th century nest of three mahogany tables 30 40
698 An Italian circular marble topped table, the centre hand-painted with globes and compasses, the border with Zodiac signs and scripted panels, raised on brass splayed supports and lion’s paw feet, 75cm h x 121 cm dia 120 150
699 A 19th century converted Dutch marquetry commode, the inlaid top decorated with flowers, basket and scrolling leaves, with similarly decorated sides, door and drawer, raised on tapering fluted supports and spade feet, 68cm h x 65cm w x 41cm d 200 300
700 An 18th century oak Bible box, the two-plank top with moulded edge over a plain body with iron lock and chip carved corner, raised on a later baluster turned stand 54cm h x 65.5cm w x 42cm d 200 250
701 An early 19th century mahogany bow-fronted chest of two short and three long drawers with brass ring handles, resting on turned supports, 104cm h x 105cm w x 53cm d 80 120
702 A pair of 19th century and later painted pine single bed ends decorated with acanthus leaf and scrolling foliage 20 40
703 A 19th century mahogany wall-mounted bookcase fitted with four graduated shelves on scrolling supports, 107cm h x 84cm w x 17cm d 50 70
704 An early 20th century adjustable doctor’s examination table by John Bell & Croyden of Wigmore Street London, the simulated top above a central cupboard & slide, flanked by six graduated drawers, raised on square supports, 74cm h x 58.5cm w x 178cm d. 200 300
705 Assorted dining chairs including three carvers 100 150
706 A Victorian mahogany bow fronted desk with black leather insert over two short and two deep drawers raised on reeded tapering supports 40 60
707 A 20th century mahogany wine table together with an ornate carved jardiniere stand 40 60
708 An Art Nouveau mahogany three tier corner shelf 30 50
709 A 19th century Japanese shibyama two-fold screen, the two double-sided shibyama panels decorated with carved ivory, bone, mother of pearl and stained ivory birds amongst foliage and finches amongst falling leaves, the hardwood surround with relief carved base panel depicting dogs of fo amongst foliage.  Hardwood side and top to one section lacking. 77.5cm H x 62cm W 150 200
710 A large Victorian mahogany linen press 250 350
711 An early 19th century pine corner cupboard, the moulded dentil cornice over four panelled doors with arcaded carved central frieze, raised on a plinth base 201cm h x 101cm w x 57cm d 130 150
712 An 18th century and later carved oak dresser, the top with moulded cornice over a two shelf rack flanked by a pair of floral carved panelled doors and inscribed 1596 C.K.E. 1896′, the base fitted with three short drawers over a pair of cupboard doors, all carved with scrolling leaves and flower panels and raised on bracket feet, 186cm h  x 138cm w x 57cm d 200 300
713 An Edwardian mahogany mirrored door wardrobe with single drawer base 40 50
714 An early 19th century mahogany secretaire bookcase the top with arched pediment with applied lozenge panel over a pair of astragal glazed doors enclosing a pair of shelves, the base with secretaire drawers fitted with pigeon holes and drawers over three graduated cockbeeded drawers and turned bun handles, raised on bracket feet 219cm h x 90cm w x 51.5cm d 200 300
715 A late 18th/early 19th century mahogany bow front chest-on-chest with arched inlaid pediment, the top section fitted with two short over three long graduated cockbeeded drawers, the base with three long graduated cockbeeded drawers, each fitted with brass flowerhead ring handles and raised on bracket feet, 201cm h x 106cm w x 52cm d 500 600
716 A Victorian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the moulded cornice over a plain frieze above a pair of flame-figured panelled doors enclosing two shelves, the secretaire base fitted with a series of inlaid drawers and pigeon holes above three graduated, cockbeeded drawers with turned bun handles, raised on bracket feet, 206cm h x 96cm w x 49cm d 250 300
717 An early 19th century oak cased 30 hour longcase clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals inscribed ‘Whitmore, Northampton’, the surround with hand-painted flowers and fruit, the striking movement marked Whitmore 1836, 226cm h 200 300
718 Four oak Art Nouveau dining chairs 30 40
719 A 19th century mahogany dresser back with moulded cornice and shaped apron over a four shelf rack 60 100
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