Clocks, Barometer and Scientific Instruments – 24th May 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
99 A quantity of watch and clock spares together with a large quantity of clock magazines and books (2 boxes) 30 40
221 A chrome aneroid barometer by Camerer Cuss & Co Oxford Street 15 25
242 A ‘Woodford’ brass carriage timepiece, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and bevelled glass viewing panels 30 50
254 A 20th century brass cased French carriage clock with enamelled dial and Roman numerals and bevelled glass viewing panels 30 40
270 A 19th century slate and marble mantel clock with brass finial over an enamel dial with Arabic numerals, raised on brass paw feet 70 100
271 A cased set of precision scales by Baird & Tatlock Ltd 20 40
273 An American wall clock with painted face and transfer painted glass panel beneath 30 50
277 A Victorian mahogany framed American wall clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals over a glazed transfer printed panel depicting ‘The Merchant’s Exchange, Philadelphia’ opening to reveal a maker’s label for Brewster & Ingrahams 30 50
292 A dome topped mantle clock with silvered dial and Arabic numerals 10 15
336 A 20th century Black Forest cuckoo clock decorated with stag head, pheasant and rabbit and rifles 80 100
339 A mid-20th century ‘Smiths’ eight day gilt sunburst wall clock 40 60
342 An early 20th century eight day Seneca strike oak cased bracket clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and gilt brass bezel, the movement inscribed Ansonia Clock Co., New York, with maker’s label to door, 40cm h 30 50
362 A boxed Zenith STM-1 x 20 stereoscopic microscope 20 30
379 A 19th century Sikes Hydrometer in fitted case 15 25
465 A 1930’s Bayard enamel and gilt brass circular wind up alarm clock, a polished steel cased keyless pocket watch and a small quantity of costume jewellery including lapel clips and bangles 20 30
597 A 20th century French fruitwood longcase clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and hand-painted with flowers and fruit 120 150
717 An early 19th century oak cased 30 hour longcase clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals inscribed ‘Whitmore, Northampton’, the surround with hand-painted flowers and fruit, the striking movement marked Whitmore 1836, 226cm h 200 300
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