Militaria – 24th may 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
8 Military interest, Major G Redfern, a collection of Army and family related photographs depicting Major Redfern’s life in the early 20th century where he was stationed in Bermuda and other countries, mainly housed in albums 100 120
255 An early 20th century leather-bound jewellery box, the lid with applied military insignia 20 40
370 Assorted silver medals, enamel badges, commemorative coins, military buttons, medallions plus other items (1 box) 40 60
385 A WWII medal group comprised of The France and German Star, the 1939-1945 Star, a Defence Medal and a War Medal 40 60
456 A collection of WWII medals comprised of The 1939-1946 Star, The Africa Star with 8th Army bar, The Italy Star, The Defence Medal, The War Medal 1939-1945, and a George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal, all suspended from ribbons mounted to a bar, a set of miniature medals of the same excluding the Territorial Efficiency medal, a Middlesex Yeomanry embroidered regimental badge and other non military medals 80 120
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