Silver – 24th May 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
386 A large silver matchbox holder, Birmingham 1876, engraved ‘Ruby’, 7.5cm x 5cm x 2.75cm, 1.6ozt, 49.7g 15 25
387 Four silver Concord wine decanter labels and other British Airways items 80 100
389 A pair of Edwardian squat silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1908, on circular loaded bases, 7.5cm high 20 30
392 A set of 12 silver-handled table knives each stamped Sterling 25 35
419 A Continental silver Brandy ladle with turned wooden handle, 38.5cm long, and a Continental circular silver dish with mirror base, 15.75cm diameter 30 50
429 Five French wheel-engraved tot glasses by Prault-Linzeler with silver bases, 5.25cm high, sixth glass lacking but base remains 30 40
445 A six piece silver coloured metal mounted manicure vanity set comprised of a nail buffer, nail file, button hook, shoe horn, nail cleanser and glass jar with silver coloured metal lid, in original fitted box all items stamped ‘G.Silver’ 30 40
446 Two pairs of silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1823 and 1860 combined weight, 2.64ozt, 82.1g 20 30
447 Four various silver napkin rings with engine turned decoration, combined weight 3.14ozt, 97.7g 30 40
448 A cased set of six 20th century silver teaspoons, Birmingham and two sets of six ‘Old English’ pattern silver coffee spoons, combined weight 5.2ozt, 161.7g 45 55
449 A late Victorian pierced and chased silver belt buckle, London 1898, maker’s mark ‘WC JL’, 11.5cm x 6.25cm, 1.65ozt, 51.3g 40 60
450 A set of six Australian novelty coffee spoons, each with a different finial in the form of a kookaburra, a koala, a kangaroo, an ostrich, a boomerang and the outline of Australia, each stamped ‘STD SIL’, housed in a box inscribed ‘Saunders Ltd, Sydney’s leading jewellers’, combined weight 1.31ozt, 40.9g 20 30
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