Toys – 24th May 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
126 An Armand Marseille bisque headed doll No 390 with jointed composition body 60 100
196 A collection of 1950s and later dolls, clothes and accessories to include an early Sindy doll (1 box) 20 30
237 An ESL live steam model engine 15 20
238 An early 20th century Steiff-style mohair monkey with glass eyes, felt face, hands and feet, riding a metal framed trundle cart with rear air box and wooden wheels 21cm h x 22cm w 30 50
261 A mid-20th century wooden framed Georgian-style doll’s house 20 30
287 A modern Steiff plush boxer dog together with a Steiff ‘Petsy’ teddy bear, and a Steiff ‘Lumpi’ Labrador, each with buttons and labels to ears. 40 50
330 Two Merrythought plush Teddy bears one of Sherlock Holmes and the other possibly Mrs Hudson, both made exclusively for Harrods, together with a Merrythought Hedgehog. 20 30
341 Two Laura Grant designed plush Teddy bears both wearing tartan caps, scarves, trousers, and green wax jackets 20 30
376 A mid-20th century black and red painted lead chess set 40 60
535 A Tiger ‘Butterscotch Pony’ battery controlled life size foal 30 50
574 A Dutch children’s printed table game sheet entitled ‘Het aloude ganzenspel’ or ‘The Game of Goose’ 10 20
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