Metalware – 21st June 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
8 One box of assorted metal and brassware to include jugs, rose bowl, candlesticks etc 15 20
65 A bronze study of the head and shoulders of a woman and another of a seated woman and a large cast door knocker in the form of a female figurehead (3 items) 25 35
72 A Victorian copper jelly mould, ale warmer, wooden candlesticks, Aladdin oil lamp and various metalwares (1 box) 20 40
80 One box of assorted items to include a box of Staunton chess pieces, an Oriental brass tea caddy and teapot, and iron lion mask door knocker and door furniture plus other items 20 40
92 An ‘NTC’ public telephone double sided enamel sign 40 60
93 A ‘Quality De Reszke’ yellow enamel double sided sign 40 60
165 One box of assorted metalware to include oil lamps, kitchen scales, candlesticks etc 20 30
169 Assorted pewter measures and other pewter and silver plate (1 box) 20 30
170 A large stoneware jar and flagon, a 19th century cast iron boot scraper, a Victorian iron, a companion set in the form of a cat etc 20 40
187 Three early 20th century churns, together with a copper bee smoker 30 40
203 A late 19th/early 20th century copper and brass desk stand of shaped rectangular form, fitted with single pen drawer, stand 8cm h x 29cm w x 19cm d 20 40
207 A 19th century bronze figure inscribed to base ‘REX REGUM ET DOMINUS DOMINANT IVM’ and signed Jean Magrou 150 250
208 A 19th century bronze candlestick the cup decorated with goats’ heads and raised by three lions together with a bronze figural candlestick, a box of bronze miniature classical figures, a bronze Shakespeare dish and bronze plaque 70 80
223 A pair of French spelter figures ‘La Nuit’ and ‘Le Jour’ 10 20
239 A 20th century cast bronze photo frame decorated with cherubs and bouquets and surmounted with clam shell on scrolled support, the easel back inscribed ‘Saver Paris’ 25cm h 10 20
245 A pair of trench art brass shell vases engraved ‘World War Souvenir 1914’ 20 30
283 A 19th century intricately engraved brass Indian tea tray 20 30
287 An early 19th century brass and wire fire guard 15 20
293 A large North African lidded copper bowl 15 20
296 A 1930s chrome plated smoker’s companion 20 40
302 A late Victorian oval tole work tray decorated with a floral border 20 30
314 A 19th century copper log bin with stand 30 50
316 A pair of 19th century brass and iron fire dogs together with brass tongs and poker 20 30
318  A set of Averys butter scales with weights, together with a Salter letter balance 20 30
322 An Arabic brass rectangular bed warmer 15 25
328 A copper helmet shaped coal scuttle 20 30
438 An Art Deco nickle plated nude female dancer raised on a marble slate base 120 150
446 A pair of black painted wrought iron driveway gates 260cm w x 86.5cm h 10 20
462 A Victorian brass fender together with a copper fender 10 20
463 A pair of brass fenders 10 20
464 A Victorian brass and iron double bed 20 30
508 A brass coal box together with fire irons 20 30
510 A 20th century cast iron fire basket and dogs 15 20
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