Oriental – 21st June 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
428 A 19th century mother of pearl card case with white metal inlaid panel 15 25
3 An embroidered Japanese art work of a river and bridge 30 50
4 An embroidered Japanese art work of a pagoda with river to the foreground 30 50
13 An Oriental watercolour on silk depicting dragonflies and flowers, signed with character marks 10 20
63 An early 20th century Chinese vase decorated in imari palette with famille vert panels, a Japanese Satsuma vase, tea bowls and saucers, and assorted carved wooden stands 20 30
98 One box of assorted 19th century and later Oriental ceramics to include teapots, bowls, cups etc 20 40
102 One box of assorted Oriental lacquered boxes together with an inlaid music box 20 30
195 A 19th century Oriental vase decorated with cockerels and flowers 100 150
200 An Oriental brass vase decorated with dragons with seal and character marks to base 20 30
246 A 20th century oriental blue and white lidded vase decorated with pergodas, trees and figures 20 30
252 A large 20th century Oriental lidded vase, decorated with deities, followers, mountains and surrounded by cranes 40 60
315 An early 20th century Chinese gong embossed with pheasants and dragon, together with a pine cross 20 30
346 A pair of large 20th century Satsuma vases each decorated with panelled interior scenes depicting deities with female assistants and Adriatic pheasants with mountains and trees to background, both raised on lacquered hardwood stands, 88cm h 70 100
380 A pair of 19th century floral decorated Oriental chargers 100 150
382 A 19th century Oriental imari style platter together with a similar scalloped shaped plate 50 70
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