Rugs and Carpets – 21st June 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
379 A ‘Father Tucks’ Panorama, Days in Catland with Louis Wain 20 30
530 A Chinese woollen floral patterned carpet 40 60
531 A brown ground floral decorated rug together with a blue ground rug 10 20
532 A cream ground Turkish carpet with floral border 183cm x 119cm 15 25
533 An orange ground geometrically patterned rug 148cm x 96cm 10 20
534 A Turkoman-style carpet with multiple borders 153cm x 94cm 15 25
535 A blue ground Persian carpet 208cm x 156cm 30 50
536 An Afghan woollen Belouch prayer rug with blue ground Mirhab, 133cm x 85cm 20 30
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