Textiles, Clothing and Luggage – 21st June 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
82 One box of assorted vintage hand embroidered table cloths, place settings etc, together with three early 20th century Christening dresses and a crochet shawl 30 40
89 One box of early 20th century and later vintage clothing accessories to include gloves, stockings, spats, collars, leather slippers, bags plus other items 30 40
158 One box of assorted early 20th century and later linen and lace to include table clothes, place setting, coasters plus other items 30 50
175 Two boxes of leather handbags together with 2 lacework table cloths 30 50
231 A mid-20th century ladies evening bag decorated with glass flowers 20 30
269 A vintage school master’s robe by Ede & Ravenscroft, Chancery Lane, London 10 20
270 A Burberrys lady’s rain mac 20 40
325 A vintage tan leather suitcase with brass locks 15 20
327 An early 20th century tan leather suitcase together with a vintage backgammon game and a masonic apron 30 40
332 An early 20th century leather bound suitcase with internal tray by John Denty of London, together with another vintage suitcase 20 40
415 Two Edwardian glass bead draw-string purses decorated with flowers and leaves together with one other beaded purse 30 40
458 A vintage wooden bound steamer trunk together with a pair of 19th century brass fire dogs 10 20
473 A square tan coloured case with brass lock, leather handle and bearing assorted travel labels 10 20
502 Two 1970’s/80’s suitcases together with a collection of 1950’s and later childs’ games 20 30
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