Toys – 21st June 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
518 A box of assorted tools 25 45
18 An early boxed Pelham puppet kit, a Norah Welllings sailor, a pre-1950s panda and a plush monkey glove puppet 40 60
49 A collection of reference books on dolls, a bisque headed doll and doll parts 30 40
67 One box of assorted vintage scrap books and games to include ‘The Mammoth Cock of the North’ LNER railway jigsaw, table croquet, GWR ‘King Arthur on Dartmoor’ jigsaw, playing cards, table games etc 40 60
85 A collection of vintage die cast cars, boats and figures to include a Triang Queen Mary, a Britains Royal Yacht, a Lesney ‘Evening News’ van, lead policeman, signs plus other items 30 40
153 A collection of early Sindy dolls, associtated furniture and accessories 20 30
229 A tin plated clockwork steam roller 15 25
230 A post 1950’s straw filled teddy bear with jointed limbs 30 40
259 A vintage leather hat case fitted with brass lock together with a collection of soft toys 10 20
301 Large vintage Dean’s teddy bear with growler 40 60
340 Two Laura Grant designed plush Teddy bears both wearing tartan caps, scarves, trousers, and green wax jackets 15 25
376 A pair of hand painted Thai puppets 100 150
377 One box of miscellaneous items to include a horn and brass cribbage board, carved wooden chess set, cased set of weights, plated items etc 20 40
416 A mid-20th century black and red painted lead chess set 20 40
497 A box of assorted board games plus other items 10 20
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