Glassware – 21st June 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
2 Two boxes of assorted glassware to include a green glass lemonade set, a Murano vase, wine glasses, tazzas, jugs etc 15 20
41 One box of assorted glassware to include a box set of crystal champagne glasses, a brass and glass epergne, decanters etc 15 20
50 Assorted 19th century and later glassware including three frosted glass light shades (1 box) 40 60
74 A ship’s decanter and six matching brandy glasses, each engraved with sailing ships 30 40
104 Three 1960’s/70’s soda syphons to include two by Cantrell & Cochrane, the other by Rawlings 30 40
131 Two boxes of assorted glassware to include a wheel engraved and flash glass tankard and similar vase, a Wedgwood Westminster Abbey tankard, a cut crystal biscuit barrel, decanters plus other items 15 20
138A Assorted crystal and glassware to include a Dartington decanter, whiskey tumblers, wheel engraved and cut glass sundae dishes plus other items (2 boxes) 0 0
139 A large collection of assorted glass and crystal fruit and vegetables by various makers 30 50
146 Two boxes of Edwardian and later etched glasses plus other glassware 15 20
148 Assorted crystal and glassware to include fruit bowls, lemonade glasses, tumblers ( 1 box) 10 20
172 One box of assorted glassware to include a green glass water flask, decanter, vases, dishes etc 20 30
215 A Murano Seguso glass standing angel with raised palms and gilt inclusions, 26cm high together with two Finnish Humppila glass candlesticks from the Kivi range designed by Pertti Santalghti, one in clear glass the other with green tint to lower stem and base, both 27cm high 15 25
221 An Edward Hamlan champion of the world rower embossed glass tankard 30 50
334 Two 19th century opaque hand painted vases 40 60
388 An Edwardian spherical cut glass silver mounted scent bottle Birmingham 1909, two cut glass bottles, a silver photograph frame, a pair of early 19th century silver plate mounted glass jars, a Mappin & Webb silver topped bottle and a silver plated two bottle stand housing clear and flashed cranberry cut glass square section bottles 50 80
425 A Daum l’Automobile glass Art Deco car, chipped to reverse 140 180
431 A signed glass crescent-shaped side dish decorated with thistles 20 30
441 A modern Lalique glass figure of a partridge complete with box 120 150
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