Pictures and Prints – 21st June 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
5 Two hand-coloured prints of Windsor Castle engraved by John Boydell 30 40
6 Circle of John Brett (1831 – 1902), coastal scene, oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated 1879, housed in gilt frame with gesso detail 29cm x 49cm 30 50
7 Michael Valestin (b.1962, Haitian), a study of a hen, acrylic on canvas, signed, framed 39.5cm x 49.5cm 50 70
12 Joseph Albert Terry, Amsterdam scene, oil on board, housed in an ornate gilt brass frame 29cm x 24.5cm 100 150
14 A watercolour of the main deck of a tall ship, indistinctly signed to lower left 24cm x 32cm 20 30
15 J.H.Powell, watercolour, estuary scene with bridge, boats and village to background, signed to lower right, approximately 26.5cm x 36.5cm 15 25
21 A 19th century mezzotint depicting figures outside a tavern, heightened in white, framed and glazed 10 20
22 W Grant Murry, watercolour, figure punting on river with trees and fields to background, signed to lower left and dated 1906 15 20
23 Three 1950s Shell County Guides posters trimmed to frame, all in oak frames 30 40
24 An early 20th century novelty colour print of a nude female exercising, possibly a bookplate 15 20
29 M. Strickland, watercolour, landscape depicting fields, trees and poppies 20 30
30 June Martin, ‘Garden Court Hall’, watercolour, initialled ‘JPM’ 10 20
31 J F Marchland, watercolour, landscape with trees and house 10 20
37 Graham Lock, ‘Arriving’, watercolour depicting the No 24 steam train arriving at Tenterden, Kent & East Sussex Railway, signed lower right, information en verso, dated ’07’ 40 60
38 A Turner, watercolour and gouache depicting a seated spaniel 10 20
40 An early 20th century Continental watercolour depicting a sea wall with figures and mountains to background, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
44 Vilmo Gibello (b. 1916) 20th century abstract Continental street scene with figures, oil on canvas signed to lower right with inscription to verso, please see, 75cm x 49.5cm 150 200
45 Framed and glazed watercolour of Hampton Court, framer’s label Alfred J Mucklow en verso 30 50
46 R. Herdman-Smith F.R.S.A., A.R.W.A., ‘Loch Lomond’, original aquatint engraving, edition limited to 150 signed artist’s proofs, signed and titled in pencil to lower margin with label to verso, 23cm x 29cm 15 20
47 A print of a Victorian scene depicting a girl on a bridge watching geese entering the stream with a village in the distance, housed in an ornate frame 20 30
54 Lennard Lewis (1826-1913), Continental harbour scene, watercolour, signed lower left and dated ’98, framed and glazed, 24cm x 53cm 20 30
55 Jacques Valmidor (b1955, Haitian), townsfolk with houses and river in distance, acrylic on canvas, unframed, 51cm x 61cm 50 60
56 Bodge ‘Garden Love’, acrylic on board. Borth artist inspired by local land and seascapes, has exhibited in Wales and England and has done many community murals 100cm x 40cm 20 30
57 A framed Ordnance Survey map showing part of Kent dated 1907 10 20
58 A S M Leese ‘Bodiam in Winter’ watercolour signed to lower left and dated 1988 30 40
59 W H Barrow, huntsman and hounds at Battle Abbey, watercolour, signed to lower right, housed in gilt frame, 18.5cm x 30cm 40 60
68 G. Tate, pair of oil on canvas depicting rams and sheep with lakes and mountains to background, both signed to lower right 150 250
69 Vilmo Gibello (b.1916) ‘The Pyramid’ abstract oil on canvas, signed to upper right with inscription to verso, unframed, please see, 38cm x 46cm 150 200
70 Khalil Ibrahim (1934) Batik printing religious scene depicting a deity on horseback with disciples and waving figures, signed and dated ’67, 61cm x 84cm 500 700
71 An early 20th century watercolour, a speaker addressing a crowd in a park under a Danish flag, signed K Brieen Holt 20 30
77 A handcoloured Louis Wain print depicting a puppy with a duckling, with onlooking ducks 15 20
78 Rowan Crew RBA, b. 1952, oil on board, landscape depicting fields with windmill and buildings to background, signed to lower right 15.5cm x 31cm 30 50
84 Michael Gilbery (1913-2000), a portrait of Mrs Rees, oil on canvas, signed lower left 91cm x 60cm, framed 200 300
90 Legh Mulhall Kilpin 1853-1919, ‘Sorrell’, unsigned, framed 37cm x 54cm 20 30
91 A framed still life study of a jug with peaches, plums and cobnuts, signed and dated 20 30
94 A Victorian/Edwardian watercolour of fisherwomen mending nets by beached boats, signed 40 60
95 Kennith, monochrome oil on canvas depicting a continental street scene, signed to lower right and housed in a silvered frame 20 30
105 A hand-coloured map of Sussex and another of the Cranbrook area together with a hand coloured map of Essex and Sussex 20 30
106 Dorothy Tustain, hand-painted map of East Sussex and Kent dated 1955 15 25
107 A 19th century possible Dutch school oil on veneer depicting a river scene with windmill, boats and buildings to background with inscription to verso, housed in an ornate gilt frame 29cm x 34cm 50 100
108 J Mace ‘Greta Bridge’ Barnard Castle watercolour, signed to lower right 20 30
109 A 20th century monochrome oil on canvas depicting a Venetian canal scene, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in a silvered frame 20 30
110 Richard Figg, ‘Early Morning Geese’, watercolour, signed to lower right 15 20
111 20th century British, cottages by lake, oil on board, unsigned, with another painting en verso of figures in a street, also unsigned, housed in gilt gesso frame, 19cm x 29cm 10 20
112 An oil on board depicting trees in Autumn, indistinctly signed to lower right 15 20
116 Colomer, Continental watercolour depicting a street scene with figures 15 20
117 A 20th century watercolour depicting children feeding geese with village to background, indistinctly signed 15 20
118 A 19th century Indian painting on silk of an elephant 90cm x 102cm 100 150
119 F H Nevitt, Continental watercolour depicting a female figure on stairway with flower stall to fore and buildings to background, signed to lower left 15 20
120 An ink and watercolour sketch of a seated man in robes and turban, indistinctly signed, dated 1944 20 40
125 An early 20th century gouache and watercolour, winter scene depicting a cottage and figures on pathway, indistinctly signed to lower right and dated 1909 15 20
126 A limited edition lithograph 2/6, modern, entitled ‘London Etching’ 1st May, signed and dated 1973 20 30
127 A 20th century oil on board depicting ‘Preston Hall’, Sidley, East Sussex 15 20
128 An early 20th century print depicting a semi nude reclining female housed in a gilt frame 10 20
133 Stephen Bishop, oil on canvas of Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst signed and dated 20 40
134 George Henson, ‘Rolvenden in 1932’ limited edition print 11/300 20 30
135 Three Louis Wain coloured prints together with two others possibly book plates 30 40
141 Three 20th century oil on canvas depicting figures on a path, farmland landscape and a still life with shells, each initialled ‘SMS’ together with a 20th century, unsigned, still life of fruit (4 items) 10 20
145 A modern hunting print on canvas 20 30
150 One box of 19th century and later engravings and prints 10 20
163 A collection of assorted framed photographic prints depicting countryside and coastal scenes 10 20
167 A collection of assorted watercolours all painted by Joan Searle 10 20
179 One box of assorted 19th century and later engravings watercolours, prints and photographs 15 20
185 A quantity of assorted  pictures, prints and picture frames 10 20
205 Arthur Spencer Roberts (1920- 997), watercolour and body colour, view from woods to coastline ‘Near Vancouver, British Columbia’ dated 1957 and singed on the mount (unframed) with notes to verso 60 80
219 A boxed coloured picture of a suspension bridge by Chinese artist Jin Bo Hua, signed to lower right 50 70
244 A folio of 18th century and later engravings, watercolours, sketches, bookplates and other loose illustrations 20 30
250 A collection of Victorian and later engravings to include Hastings examples 15 20
274 A Beldray Art Nouveau circular copper plaque hand embossed with the image of a fisherman with windmill in the distance, maker’s mark stamped to the verso 40 60
289 Five small Louis Wain prints depicting cats and dogs 20 40
295 Two early 20th century watercolours depicting countryside scenes, two lithographs of birds, an engraving of a poacher and hound, together with a canaletto print 15 20
310 Diane Breen ‘Silent Night’ limited edition print signed to lower margin, together with seven other prints and watercolours 15 20
331 Two Margaret W Tarrant prints ‘Do you Believe in Fairies?’ both glazed and framed 10 20
347A Cynthia Wall (1927-2012), ‘Yellow Flowers’, oil on board, signed to lower right and dated ’79 50 100
350 ‘The Finding of the Sayer in the Temple’, print 10 20
379A A ‘Father Tucks’ Panorama, Days in Catland with Louis Wain and two Victorian scrap books 20 30
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