Ceramics and Glass – 19th July 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
141 Assorted ceramics including Art Deco examples, a Sylvac style pottery lamp (untested and sold as spares), a blue and white ginger jar, a vintage child’s mug and bowl set, Torquay motto ware pottery items and Victorian and later pottery and porcelain (2 boxes) 20 30
147 Assorted ceramics and glassware including a tin glazed earthenware blue and white bowl, demijohns and other items (3 boxes) 15 25
150 Assorted ceramics and glass to include collectors plates, two Wedgwood vases, a hand painted Royal Worcester pin dish, a cream ground coffee set plus other items (1 box) 20 30
157 A collection of Kilner glass jars together with seven Victorian stoneware bottles 20 30
158 Miscellaneous ceramics and glass, to include Royal Doulton Dickens ware cream and milk jugs, jasperware trinket boxes, a bisque figure of Queen Victoria, two 19th century nodding figures, a Royal Worcester cornucopia shell plus other items (2 boxes) 30 50
163 Assorted glass and ceramics to include a Royal Copenhagen cockerel, decanters, Art Deco vases, bowls etc (1 box) 15 25
169 Assorted ceramics and glass to include uranium green glass bowls and trays, vases, planters etc (3 boxes) 20 30
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