Clocks, Barometers and Scientific Insruments – 19th July 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
70 A collection of vintage optical equipment to include a brass monocular R Field and Son microscope (1 box) 20 30
88 A 19th century French hanging wall clock by Georges Bauch, Clemency 30 40
115 A microscope by Bresser and accessories 20 30
175 One box of assorted Old Hall stainless steel tea ware, a Westclox ‘Big Ben’ alarm clock, a mahogany cased barometer plus other items 10 20
183 Assorted clock parts and a metronome (1 box) 20 30
196 A 20th century Garrard and Co Ltd of London walnut cased mantel clock with silvered dial and marked I A Elliott 40 60
266 A mid 20th century Smiths of Enfield Bakelite mantel clock 10 20
276 An Admiral Fitzroy barometer, housed in a Gothic oak case 150 250
277 A 20th century brass cased marine stick barometer, the face inscribed JJBLM 16A 22 R N Desterro, Lisbon 100 150
278 A Rudolf Wennberg of Stockholm 8-day wall clock striking on a bell, housed in ornate scrolling carved gilt case 50 70
279 A walnut cased regulator style wall clock with enamel dial and Roman numberals 40 60
280 A 1930’s oak cased regulator style wall clock, with silvered dial and Arabic numerals 30 40
307 A 19th century marble and slate mantel clock, the enamel and brass dial with Arabic numerals 50 70
319 A mid 20th century oak cased grandmother clock with silvered dial and Arabic numerals 40 50
320 A late 19th century mahogany bracket clock, the ummarked brass and silvered dial with Arabic numerals flanked by carved columns and foliage with brass German movement 60 100
323 A Victorian slate ormolu mounted architectural mantel clock 40 60
338 An early 20th century oak cased mantle clock, the brass and silvered dial with roman numerals, unsigned 30 50
357 A 20th century wall clock with Roman numerals, octagonal surround and drop dial 40 60
388 A 1930’s Bayard enamel and gilt brass circular wind up alarm clock, a polished steel cased keyless pocket watch and a small quantity of costume jewellery including lapel clips and bangles 10 20
429 An Oskar Emil wrist watch, boxed 25 35
512 A surveyors’ theodolite and stand 25 35
519 A 1930’s oak wall clock case, together with a large wicker basket. 10 20
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